10 Items You REALLY Got From Vintage Comic Book Ads

Have you actually purchased anything from a comic book ad before?


2 replies on “10 Items You REALLY Got From Vintage Comic Book Ads”

Okay! Anybody out there beside be fall for those x-ray specs?

I always wanted a pair, but never pulled the trigger. I didn’t live in the USA so I wasn’t eligible. One day I actually saw them in a store and realised what they were and was disappointed.

The only thing I ever bought on this list was the sea monkeys from a novelty store. It worked OK, but wasn’t impressive.

The item I saw in an ad that I wanted most was a slingshot rifle. They showed an actual photo and it was one of those tubular band slingshots on a wooden rifle stock with a crossbow style trigger release. I never had the money to buy one, but in later years I made one and holy sh*t, it was lethal using lead balls.

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