10 Mischievous Things 4chan Has Done In Its Lifetime

10 Mischievous Things 4chan Has Done In Its Lifetime –

Rigged a voting contest to determine the next location for Justin Bieber’s tour. The winning destination: North Korea.

Trolled Mountain Dew’s “Dub The Dew” contest, resulting in the top 5 entries to be less-than-acceptable names for the new beverage.

Helped a school for the deaf win (by a landslide) a contest for a personal visit and performance by Taylor Swift.

Trolled a contest that ended up ranking Kim Jong Un as Time’s Person Of the Year for 2012.

They also rigged Time’s “Most Influential Person Of the Year” contest resulting in 4Chan’s founder “Moot” winning the title.

Tricked an unknown number of people into ruining their cellphones by attempting to charge them using a microwave…

Rigged a contest that resulted in an Alaskan WalMart being the venue for a Pitbull concert. Pitbull delivered anyway.

Successfully hoaxed Steve Jobs’ death and caused Apple’s stocks to plummet by 10%.

Helped a random middle aged man (who just wanted to smell Taylor Swift’s hair) win the “Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan” contest.

Trolled a “Kinder Chocolate” contest resulting in a MEME winning the contest and becoming the next Kinder Kid.

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