To make sure I wasn’t the only one, I decided to consult an experienced male collective about the most prevalent mistakes made in the bedroom by women. These established gentlemen I speak of are a group of millennial companions I like to call my friends, and, when presented with enough beer, become a fountain of sexual knowledge that oftentimes reveal profound insights about sex and our relationships from a male’s perspective. Below are 10 mistakes women make in bed, as decided by a group of men, and not just me.

1. She Doesn’t Communicate
How is a man supposed to be privy to what turns a woman on when she doesn’t let him know? For starters, we can all agree the vagina is much more complicated than a penis regarding stimulation, so when we’re doing something right, let us know! We’re like puppies in that sense; we like to be told we’re “good boys” when it’s warranted.

2. She Doesn’t Initiate
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Guys don’t want to direct the production all the time. By initiating sex, switching positions or trying something new, women demonstrate their attraction — which is something us guys like to see every now and then. A woman’s spontaneity will also turn us on, so it’s a win-win. Although sex is all kinds of wonderful, it can get stale rather quickly if you don’t switch things up now and then — kind of like eating the same bland oatmeal day in and day out. Do you want to have gummy, microwavable oatmeal sex? No. No you don’t.

3. She Fakes It
Faking an orgasm is lying to your partner. It’s blunt, but true. While a woman does so to save our feelings, she’s only doing us and herself a disservice. Because by faking, she’s telling us that whatever it is that we’re doing is getting her off when it isn’t, which in turns means we’ll continue to perform these ineffective techniques.

4. She Lacks Confidence
A lack of confidence can hinder a couple’s sex lives in many ways. Whether it leads to sex with the lights out, clothes being left on, refusing to perform certain tasks because she doesn’t feel sexy, or refusing to have sex at all, the bottom line to this conundrum is that we want to have sex with her! We think she’s beautiful, sexy and a prime candidate for coitus. Isn’t that enough to solidify her image as a regulation hottie? Because it should be. Just let her know she is.

5. She Gets Too Influenced By Porn
Sometimes a woman may act like a porn star, as she believes this is a way to come across as experienced. An experienced man, on the other hand, knows an authentic woman when he’s with one, and a woman who turns sex into a Broadway spectacle is anything but authentic, and makes sex awkward, and at times, offensive. Like, I get it: I’m good, but I’m not that good.

6. She Refuses To Have Sex During Her Period
Is period sex bad sex? Not at all. Is it different? Maybe a little, but definitely not enough to avoid having it. So put down a damn towel (opt for dark) and get sexy! There are many great things about period sex that you shouldn’t miss out on because of a little blood.

7. She Makes Him Do All The Work
The best way to show a man she’s bad in bed is to do nothing. Just lay there as we feverishly hump away at her lady parts as if it’s no different than bedding a sex doll, a Fleshlight or a Twerking Butt device. Actually, it’s worse — at least these toys have a vibration setting! By doing nothing, she displays a laziness in an almost “I’m better than you” way, which are two very unattractive qualities.

8. She Assumes We Want To Have Sex When She Does
Despite what you’ve been told in every sitcom that’s ever been broadcasted, we don’t want sex whenever she does. To believe so is just plain ignorant.

9. She Goes For The Butt Without Permission
While yes, a man’s G-Spot is located inside his butt, this doesn’t mean we wants you going down there unannounced. Just as she don’t appreciate us poking at her backend without permission, we don’t appreciate an unwelcomed finger. All you have to do is ask. Some guys are into it, others aren’t.

10. She’s Only About The Penis
Ladies: there’s more to us than our wieners! Believe it or not, some men actually require more than vaginal penetration to orgasm, so please, get innovative with your man and venture beyond that swinging appendage between our legs.



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