10 Monsters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Fauna of Mirrors – China

According to ancient Chinese legend your reflection isn’t you. In fact it’s an evil creature mimicking you, learning, and waiting so that it can one day eat you and replace you. More info… http://www.travelcreepster.com/mirrors

Kamaitachi – Japan

The Kamaitachi are a small pack of three weasels with sickles for paws. They ride on the dust storms and snow drifts slicing childrens feet off at the ankles. More info…. http://yokai.com/kamaitachi

The Dullahan – Ireland

The original headless horseman from Irish folklore. There is no way to stop them, no silver bullet, no garlic, etc. They’ll ride by you and dump blood on you to mark you as their next target. More info… http://www.dullahan.com

Yeth Hounds and the Huntsman – England

Yeth Hounds or Hell Hounds hunt you down and tear you open so the Huntsman can reach inside and tear out your soul… debt collection at its finest. http://www.travelcreepster.com/yeth-hounds

Ropen – Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea even in modern days these things aren’t myth. The locals believe they are very real creatures, just another part of the wildlife. http://www.ropens.com

Aswang – Philippines

A meat eating shape shifter seen in the tree tops of the Filipino jungle; it’s favourite meal is the human foetus torn from a woman’s belly. More info… http://www.travelcreepster.com/aswang

Laestrygonians – Greece

Unfriendly. Cannibal. Giants. Not something you want to meet in a dark alley. More info… http://www.maicar.com/GML/Laestrygonians.html


Whats more bad-ass than a werewolf? A weretiger. The Chinese believed that there was a clan of ancient sorcerers who could place the curse upon your family. More info… http://www.omgfacts.com/lists/11977/Many-Asian-cultures-have-weretigers-instead-of-werewolves

Bubak – Czech Republic

The Czech bogeyman. The bubak looks like a scarecrow and makes sounds like a crying baby to lure victims and then he eats you or does some other terrifying shit. More info… http://cryptozoology.wikia.com/wiki/Bogeyman

Ro-lang – Tibet

Best for last… 3000 year old description of zombies. Tibetans believed in a type of walking dead that is almost an exact match to our modern zombies. More info… http://www.travelcreepster.com/ro-lang


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