10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts

10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts

People love a good boycott nowadays, whether it be burning your Nikes or kicking off about a sausage roll… Here are some of our favourites in 10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts!

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I laugh at people that try to boycott gas stations when prices per gallon go up. “Don’t buy any gas anywhere on Wednesday the 13th!” First, individual gas stations don’t set the price of gas. Second, one day of slightly lower sales isn’t going to lower national gas prices. Third, what you don’t buy one day, you’ll have to buy later.

Right on JCLV !
Especially the third one. You should fill it up when the prices are the lowest you see. Then while you watch the needle descend towards fill up time again, you can follow the prices and top it off when you feel like the prices are still low. Regardless, it is like food, it is something you’re going to buy anyways. A boycott of your local fill up station is a waste of time.

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