10 Movie Remakes You Didn’t Know Were Coming In 2019


At one point or another, Hollywood is going to remake every single popular property to light up a theatre. While we’ve already seen a wealth of franchises remade and rebooted over the years, studios are ramping up production on more than ever before right now, with everything from The Matrix to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (no, really) set for remakes at some point in the future.

However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. When the craze truly kicked off in the 2000s, remakes were mostly lazy cash-ins that added absolutely nothing to the original, but now things are starting to change. Directors are now showing the world that you can remake a movie without simply rehashing what came before, instead presenting familiar material in new, original ways that can rival the older version.

Of course that doesn’t happen every time, but there are plenty of exciting remakes currently in production and eyeing up a 2019 release date that you probably didn’t even know about. While they might turn out to be another Cabin Fever or Psycho, they undoubtedly have the potential to come out of nowhere and give audiences something they never knew they needed.


10. Jacob’s Ladder

TriStar Pictures

A bona-fide cult classic, the original Jacob’s Ladder is one of the best horror movies of the ’90s, a gloriously insane trip into hell surreal enough to make David Lynch himself a little jealous.

David M. Rosenthal’s upcoming remake doesn’t have an all-star cast or any major names attached behind the scenes, but it’s clear the director and writers are attempting to stay true to the war-torn original while presenting a new narrative that’s more inline with today’s existential climate.

Like this year’s Suspiria, Jacob’s Ladder is instead taking the general feel and themes of the source material to explore how warfare in particular can take its toll on the mind. There’s still going to be plenty nightmarish sequences of course, and the movie could be the first breakout horror hit when it drops on February 1st.


9. Labyrinth

TriStar Pictures

Even if you haven’t actually seen the film, it’s impossible to not feel a little content when seeing even a still from Labyrinth. The classic musical fantasy film is balls-to-the-wall insane, with an electric performance by David Bowie as the Goblin King that became as synonymous with the actor and singer as any of his musical creations.

Weird as all hell, the movie didn’t receive great reviews at the time, but has since become something of a cult phenomenon, with its brand of strangeness thought to be untouchable. Of course, nothing is untouchable in Hollywood, and Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez has been brought in to write and direct a remake/follow-up to the initial flick.

If anything, the appointment of a director rooted in nasty horror like Alvarez is exciting, and his skills should bring something interesting to the project. That said, a Bowie-less Labyrinth does seem like a project destined to fail, but as long as nobody attempts to ape what the actor did all those years ago it could avoid being overshadowed by his legacy.


8. An American Werewolf In London


The original American Werewolf in London is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, not only setting a bar which hasn’t been topped by any other werewolf film, but establishing the formula that every horror-comedy has followed since. In a way, it’s surprising that it’s taken Hollywood so long to remake it.

Fortunately, the filmmaker finally picked for the job is another interesting appointment, as it’s Max Landis who has been brought in to write the screenplay and adapt the original for a modern audience. Of course, it was the writer’s father who actually helmed the iconic horror film in the first place, and Landis has joked multiple times that living up to his expectations has made him strive to create the best script possible.

While the original is seminal, it’s a rather threadbare movie (to its benefit), getting straight into the action and bowing out before the audience has a chance to get bored. The younger Landis seemingly has two options with the movie, then: either try to capture that same pacy nature or take a step back and explore the plot threads the first film purposefully pushed to the side.

7. Logan’s Run


Dystopian fiction is one of the most popular genres across pretty much every medium at the moment, with audiences responding to dark, near-future tales that bring societal problems directly to the forefront. It makes sense, then, that Hollywood has been trying to get a remake of Logan’s Run off the ground for years.

The original movie had an admittedly cool premise, with the hedonistic society of the 23rd Century passing a law that no human should survive past the age of 30, with the titular Logan being an executioner who essentially pushed the button on getting rid of these undesirables.

A remake is currently in the hands of director Simon Kinberg and writer Peter Craig, the latter of which crafted the screenplay for the final two Hunger Games flicks, a series which was funnily enough inspired in part by Logan’s Run.

The movie will go one of two ways: either it embraces the darker, weirder elements of the original movie and takes the same approach of something like Brazil or The Handmaid’s Tale, or it will be a sanitary, young-adult take on the material. The former would no doubt be more interesting, but no matter how it ends up, a premise like this is hard to completely mess up.

6. Highlander


A reboot of the Highlander series has been talked about since as early as 2009, but every time the project seemed to be gearing up, it was just as quickly torn down. It’s gone through multiple iterations since which have barely grabbed a headline, but finally, after all this time, the remake is finally going to happen.

John Wick 2’s Chad Stahelski is on directing duties, with Lionsgate apparently looking to spin a franchise out of the initial movie. Although Highlander certainly is a beloved property for people who saw it at the time, that adoration hasn’t exactly trickled down to new generations, so it’s not entirely clear why Lionsgate have been so adamant about pushing ahead with a remake.

In fact, though there is a reverence for the first and best flick, there have actually been more bad Highlander films than good, and without the original cast on board, it’s unclear who this movie is for. Still, the talent on board is pretty solid, and they could make something that surprises everyone next year.

5. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Columbia Pictures

When it comes to the pantheon of horror greats, the words “I Know What You Did Last Summer” do not immediately spring to mind. A forgettable ’90s slasher which was memorable more for the Scary Movie parodies it spawned rather than its own series, the flick isn’t exactly a lost classic desperate to be remade, but an interesting spin could be put on the movie with the right director.

Fortunately, Hollywood thought the same thing, and has put Mike Flanagan, of Hush, Oculus and Gerald’s Game fame in charge of writing and directing the revival. The director is quickly proving himself as one of the most exciting names working in the genre today, able to create real mainstream hits that don’t resort to cheap jump-scares or cliches.

Consequently, if there’s one man capable of taking the cliche-ridden foundations of the original movie and spinning them on their heads, it’s him.

4. Big Trouble In Little China


At this point, just about every movie John Carpenter has ever worked on is being primed for a big-budget remake. Halloween (which is technically a sequel, but is clearly paying homage to beats from the original) is set to drop this October, while the likes of Escape From New York and, of course, Big Trouble in Little China are also in the works.

It’s the latter that’s perhaps the most interesting though. In development for a while now, Dwayne Johnson is both producing and starring in the movie, with a script by Ashely Miller and Zack Stentz already being written. Though the team onboard is impressive, however, John Carpenter’s input sadly hasn’t been courted.

Likewise, while they haven’t exactly been the most faithful to the source material, Dwayne Johnson has a pretty good track record at reinventing franchises with him at the helm (with Jumanji in particular making megabucks last year), so he might actually be able to pull off the monumental task of reinventing this cult classic.

3. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels/The Hustle


1988’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was already partly a remake of the Marlon Brando and David Niven comedy Bedtime Stories, but now it’s set to be retold again in 2019’s The Hustle.

Following the same basic premise of two cons concocting a get-rich-quick scheme by way of ripping off a rich heiress, the upcoming remake is not only set to update the story in a modern setting, but also gender swap the characters.

As a result, both Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are taking over the roles of the two cons, while Alex Sharp will be the tech billionaire they’re trying to steal from. To make the project even weirder, it’s also the directorial debut of Chris Addison, best known for his role of Ollie in The Thick of It.

Of course, gender-swapped remakes like Oceans 8 and Ghostbusters have been a source of contention, but they have been successful, with the former in particular being a pretty damn solid continuation of an old franchise (which also weirdly enough starred an outstanding Anne Hathaway).

2. Nosferatu

Film Arts Guild

Even though most people have probably never sat down and watched the entirety of the silent film, Nosferatu remains one of the most iconic movies in the horror genre, with its imagery continuing to inspire just about every movie monster today.

Perhaps it’s because of just how iconic (and old) the movie is that it’s taken Hollywood so long to remake it, but Robert Eggers is finally currently at work on crafting a remake.

Although Eggers’ only film so far is 2016’s The Witch, it was an impressive debut, filled with the same period-setting horror that a Nosferatu would require. It’s an inspired choice, and if the director can maintain the striking visuals of the original while coming up with a narrative that works for a modern audience, he could create a new definitive version of the character.

1. Shaft

Warner Bros.

Shaft, or Son of Shaft, is easily the most WTF remake on this list, and perhaps of all time. The blacksploitation series has already been rebooted once in 2000 with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role, but the latest reimagining is actually set to merge every incarnation of the character, bringing together three generations of Shaft in one movie. That’s right, by the end of 2019 we’ll have a Shaft cinematic universe.

Unfortunately, while that sounds hot-damn amazing, there’s a good chance the flick’s great premise is probably going to be squandered. The director doesn’t have the best track record, helming the original two Fantastic Four movies as well as Ride Along and Think Like a Man. Consequently, Son of Shaft (or whatever it’s going to be called) will probably be yet another middle-of-the-road mainstream comedy.

But my god will everyone see it.


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