10 Musicians Who Wish YouTube Didn’t Exist

10 Musicians Wish YouTube

If any aspect of the entertainment industry deserves a televised awards show these days, it’s the live musical performance. I mean, have you been to a concert recently? And no, that bar band you stumbled upon last Saturday who let you take the stage and belt out “Badlands” doesn’t count.

We’re talking large-scale, light and laser-laden live shows – you know, the kind that would crumble with a crew of less than 300 people and costs you a week’s worth of wages to attend? That kind of concert. Given the music industry’s current climate, these spectacles are integral to the financial success of an artist and the fat cats who made them – why shouldn’t they be celebrated?

Well, the time has come – the very first edition of the Live Nation Music Awards aired on TNT/TBS this Thursday, October 1, giving the finest moments in live music this year their due.

While we enjoy a killer concert as much as the next guy, we’re partial to musical moments that totally missed the mark – if we can watch them on a loop in the comfort of our own home, all the better. For those of you who feel similarly, here are 10 cringe-worthy concert clips that must make musicians wish YouTube didn’t exist.

10. Kiss Freaks Out At Guy With A Laser

Is it just me, or does Kiss seems like the kinda band that’d be willing to put up with some serious shenanigans during a live show? Surprisingly, the makeup clad rockers, famous for barfing up blood and spitting fire for crowds in concert, can dish out way more than they can take. The proof? In 2007, the band brought their show to a screeching halt after some guy started pointing a laser pen in their general vicinity. Instead of simply telling him to cut it out and moving on, singer Paul Stanley spent a good two or three minutes ripping him a new one – not only did he call the fan (who likely paid a pretty penny to attend the event) a “loser”, he also threatened to shove the toy where the sun don’t shine. Is that any way to treat a card-carrying member of the Kiss Army?  Bonus: A similar situation went down two years later and the group reacted just as poorly. Guys, camera phones – they’re a thing.

9. Katy Perry Can’t Play The Recorder

Before I get into the physical blunder captured in this clip, I think we should all take a moment to acknowledge Katy Perry’s first mistake in covering Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” which is, of course, that she’s a cheesy white pop star covering “Big Pimpin”. Unless done impeccably (which, TBH, is basically impossible), it’s just not a good look. Anyway, for one reason or another, Perry thought it’d be super cute to try her hand this little ditty, belting out the lyrics in typical pop diva fashion. As previously discussed, not very flattering, but fine. As an extra little flourish, Perry pulls out a recorder to play part of the classic instrumental hook (you know the one) and the crowd goes wild – she’s killing it. Upon the third or fourth repetition, Perry misses her cue and the humiliating truth is revealed – she was flute-syncing this whole time. And for future reference, that thing’s not actually called a flute.

8. Iggy Azalea Falls Off Stage

It’s 2015 and, in case you hadn’t noticed, everyone is over the whole Iggy Azalea thing – even Iggy Azalea is over the Iggy Azalea thing. At this point, it’s barely even fun to rag on her – no matter how hilarious the snarky remark, we’ve almost certainly heard it before. That being said, it’s still sosatisfying to watch her take a tumble during this MTV VMAs pre-show performance, it’s insane. It’s far funnier than that WTF-did-she-just-say freestyle from the Splash Festival two years back. It’ll make you laugh loads more than seeing her photo pasted on a poster for White Chicks. This clip is the king of all Iggy memes, hands down. The best part is, you can’t even feel all that bad for finding it funny – not only did Azalea push through the fall and finish up “Fancy” like a pro, the rapper made a half-assed attempt at laughing it off on Twitter. That officially makes it fair game for the rest of us, right?

7. Marilyn Manson Collapses In Saskatoon

Remember the good old days when the mere possibility of Marilyn Manson coming to town could send an entire city into a frenzy? I remember it like it was yesterday. Family-focused folks would warn neighbors to keep an ear on their children’s music-consumption habits and watch out any mildly Satanic imagery in their mode of dress or choice of bedroom décor in fear that the evil Manson (not, like, the concretely evil one from their youth but that other guy who dressed funny) had seduced them into his wicked world already. These concerned adults claimed the singer sacrificed puppies at his shows and performed lewd sex acts on stage. The horror! The horror! I’m sure these good Samaritans didn’t expect Manson to continue touring for another 20 years, slowly transforming into a (relatively) normal middle aged person, just like them. I’m sure Manson himself never dreamed he’d be caught on camera collapsing onstage and barfing by accident. Much to this “monster’s” dismay, his “I’m too old for this sh*t” moment will live on YouTube forever.

6. Beyonce Lip Syncs National Anthem

On a surface level, this clip seems A-OK, right guys? Beyonce, Queen of Pop Culture and All Other Things, does an incredible rendition of “Star-Spangled Banner” during Obama’s second inauguration ceremony in 2013, moving everyone and their mother to tears. Commentators mention something about technical issues, but it sure doesn’t sound like it – her voice is beyond impeccable. Given the quality of this performance, you’re probably wondering about its inclusion on this list – what exactly is the issue here? Well, if you’ll recall, days after the performance the Internet was all a-Twitter about the possibility of Ms. Knowles pulling the wool over our eyes and karaoke-ing this magical moment. Shortly after these speculations arose online, the singer ‘fessed up – she was undoubtedly, 100%, most certainly lip syncing and not at all singing. That’s kind of a big deal. Every time this clip comes to her attention, she surely shrinks up in embarrassment. Wouldn’t you?

5. Green Day Break Down At iHeartRadio Festival

Out of all the clips on this list, this one may be may be the most insensitive to include – this being the case, a little disclaimer seems appropriate. Here it goes: Please note that, since this appearance at the 2012 iHeartRadio festival, Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong has sought help for substance abuse issues and, as a result of rehab, has become significantly less of an asshole. Drugs are bad. Stay in school. The end. Back to business – while Armstrong’s overly-aggro reaction to his band’s set being sliced in half at iHeartRadio can largely be blamed on drugs and alcohol, there’s still part of you that thinks, “Wow, this old dude sure feels entitled, doesn’t he?” It’s one thing to rant, rave and smash guitars (y’know, rock ‘n’ roll, etc), but it’s quite another to rage against other artists for simply being, well, more relevant than you – it’s just so ugly. You clearly still have a slew of “genius” fans who “get it” and don’t buy into “Music Inc.” or whatever – after a few decades in the business, can you really ask for much more?

4. Harry Styles Gets Sacked On Stage

First thing’s first – don’t you dare pretend you don’t know who Harry Styles is, even for one second. Ugh, fine — for those of you insecure enough to waste my time by being like “Huh? Who?” he’s the long haired, dreamy dude in One Direction. Oh, you’re more of a Niall guy? Well, to each their own, I guess. No matter which member of the group you find most aesthetically pleasing (you know, if you had to choose), it’s always fun to see a powerful pop culture figure fall – especially if said superstar happens to belong to a boy band. Back in February of 2013, some Glaswegian Directioner grabbed 1D’s attention by throwing a shoe on stage. Mistaking their confusion for encouragement, the fan proceeded to chuck the second sneaker, which wound up whizzing by the audience and sacking Styles so hard, he toppled over. “Hilarious” is a humongous understatement.

3. Ashlee Simpson Booed Off Stage At Orange Bowl

Oh, Ashlee Simpson – that whole music career thing wasn’t easy for you, was it? As if having to live in your older, blonder and much more marketable sister’s shadow wasn’t hard enough already, you were faced with so many additional hurdles during your time in the spotlight – all of which, of course, were heavily documented and will haunt you forever. First there was the incredibly awkward and embarrassing-as-all-hell eponymous reality show. Mere months later, you hoedowned your way off stage after that epic lip synch fail on SNL. After taking a little breather, you’re asked to play the Orange Bowl in 2005. Could redemption be imminent? Could football fans, America’s most gentle and forgiving beasts, be your ticket out of this mess? With all the passion you can muster, you belt out “La La”, your latest sexually charged, yet totally radio friendly, hit. Exhausted, you punctuate the ending with one of your signature yelps. You pause – did it work? Is this your big comeback moment? Uh… no. Not in the least bit.

2. Pink Falls Off Stage

Say what you will about her music, Pink’s always been an incredibly impressive and astoundingly athletic live performer. While her musical repertoire is mostly made up of middle-of-the-road radio hits, her stage show is a completely different story – the singer’s definitely got a bit of circus freak in her and insists on incorporating things like pyrotechnics and acrobatics in her touring act. In this day and age, when musicians can barely make ends meet off of album sales alone, a crazy, complicated concert set up like Pink’s is a smart move – until one of the many moving parts malfunctions and something goes terribly, terribly wrong, of course. Such was the case during this performance in Germany, memorialized on film for our enjoyment and Pink’s embarrassment. After assistants start strapping the singer in for some kind of high flying stunt, something clearly goes awry – we hear Pink scream “No, no, no!” before she’s flung into the concrete pit in front of the stage. Predictably, expletives ensue.

1. Billy Joel Goes Crazy In Concert

Did you know that boring ol’ Billy Joel was actually a bit of a mad man back in the day? That’s right – New York’s finest was once famous for going off the rails from time to time, and this clip captures the Piano Man at his worst (in terms of live performances, anyway). Never have you seen a balladeer rage so hard – it’s actually kinda breathtaking. Simply put, Joel was charged the f*ck up during this Moscow show in 1987. While it’s unclear what happened just prior to his performance, one thing’s certain – he did not want his audience lit. Why? Who knows! But the lighting guy’s inability to follow simple instructions inspired the singer to do some serious damage. He straight up flips over his piano, shows an innocent mic stand no mercy and thrashes around the set while interspersing his surprisingly chill singing with fits of yelling and screaming. Show those inanimate objects who’s boss, BJ!


10 Musicians Who Wish YouTube Didn’t Exist

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Katie Perry with the recorder – apparently that happened at all of the gigs, it was done as a joke (I suspect it started as an in-joke with the sound engineer)

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