10 Naughty Celebrity Instagrams You Don’t Want Your Kids To Follow

10 Naughty Celebrity Instagrams You Don’t Want Your Kids To Follow

The Internet is everywhere and its easy access and undeniable usability has posed new problems for everyone, most of all, for parents. Thanks to social media, everyone’s out there to post statuses, photos and videos that most of us, would rather not have our children see.

Sometimes, and this happens mostly with celebrities, the race to get the most number of people excited about what has been shared gets a little nutty. Celebrities go to just about any lengths to get attention; after all, any kind of publicity is good publicity. Celebrity social media channels, especially Instagram, are full of celebrities in various states of undress and indulging in various unsavory activities; including, but not limited to, doing drugs, dope and smoking. Here is a list of some celebrities whose Instagram activities should rather be left out of your children’s lives.

10) Selena Gomez

Singing sensation, Selena Gomez’s Instagram may seem extremely docile and harmless once you have gone through the complete list, but for someone who has a lot of teenaged fans, she sure shows a lot less responsibility than she ought to, on her social media. Selena recently got into a controversy over her ‘artistic’ naked picture behind a curtain. Though nudity is not her regular thing, cryptic posts, partying photos and moody selfies definitely are. Unless you want your child thinking that public outbursts on every little life detail are mandatory to remain, ‘cool’ and ‘popular’, you might want to keep this one on your ‘filter out’ list.

9) Madonna

Madonna’s Instagram photo showing off her hairy armpits recently went viral. The picture was shared with the caption, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove”. This is not the first of Madonna’s Instagram faux pas, for she has previously indulged in racially discriminating captions and photos of her minor son holding liquor bottles. If that is not already enough to put this Instagram handle on the taboo list, scroll through some of her nude photos and other ill-captioned photos that only bring BDSM to mind.

8) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her, ‘Hannah Montana’ days and it seems that with her breadcrumb trail all eaten up, there is just no way for the girl to find her way back now. Talk about digressed; this girl sure has taken up the RiRi banner, ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ to heart. Her Instagram shares can make even the most modern parents blush. She has the perfect blend of nudity, crass photos that lack taste, bad selfies, oddly placed tattoos and vulgar poses on her Instagram. Despite a lot of backlash on some of her posts, Miley it seems just can’t be bothered to evaluate herself. Now, that’s one heck of an influence she wields.

7) Kim Kardashian

Kim’s Instagram has all the right elements of unsavory. There are naked photos of her pre and post pregnancy bodies, pre and post cosmetic surgery photos, as well as pre and post Photoshop photos. Unless you want to turn your kid into a shopaholic, or want to make him or her link self-esteem with body type, you might want to keep your child off Kim’s Instagram handle.

6) Lady Gaga

If there ever was a positively demented Instagram handle, it would definitely be the one belonging to Lady Gaga. Initially, her Instagram shares all related to extremely bizarre hairstyles and weird costumes but off late, the singer has been posting rather disturbing photos. Some of her shared photos here are so disconcerting that Instagram authorities actually had to email her about trying to get help for herself. This is one Instagram that might leave lasting scars on the mind of an impressionable child.

5) Nicki Minaj

Participating in the celebrity race to out-do each other in terms of nudity and absurdity, rapper Nicki Minaj recently posted a picture of herself with just star shaped pasties covering her breasts. This is not a once off either, for there are precisely two things that feature throughout her Instagram shares – her butt and her boobs, in various states of cleavage shows. To top it, the rapper doesn’t come up with intellectual captions either. For example, she just asks questions such as, “Should I add pasties to the Spring collection (of her K -Mart clothing line)?”

4) Justin Bieber

There is otherwise nothing wrong with Justin Bieber’s Instagram, from the point of view of this article, other than the fact that he has made putting up a self-portrait, at least once a day, something of a daily habit. He is undeniably, the undisputed king of selfies. The reason that Justin’s Instagram made it to this list is because he seems to be dishing out a new set of values. Seeking gratification in the form of public approval and setting a link between body buff and self image are what made him qualify for this list. You may of course choose to disagree, but this is still one of those accounts, I’d rather not have my kids follow.

3) Candice Swanepoel

Victoria’s Secret angel and supermodel, Candice Swanepoel has more than 2.8 million Instagram followers. On her handle, she not only shares pictures of herself, but also shares pictures of others that she finds to be interesting or artistic. It is no surprise that her Instagram is filled with half-naked pictures of herself in exotic lingerie, but what is surprising, are some of the poses she prefers to share. There is something inherently sexual about the poses she chooses to share and as you scroll down her Instagram shares, they do feel a little uncomfortable. In fact, Candice recently started a controversy over a picture that she had shared, containing a cat held between a woman’s legs! Unless you want your kids objectifying the female body, this is another Instagram you would rather they give a miss.

2) Rihanna

Rihanna is absolutely the original Instagram bad girl. Her Instagram shares contain drinks, dope, strippers, marijuana, gun shaped tooth grills and photos in various vulgar poses. Not to mention, her images are practically all in shocking states of undress. Rihanna has certainly upped the ante when it comes to going topless or showing off her bottom in x-rated thongs. There is no silver lining on this one. All we can say is that Rihanna’s Instagram handle is very aptly named ‘BadGalRiri’!

1) Dan Bilzerian

If we were to crown one undisputed king of appalling and scandalous Instagram shares, it would have to be poker king, Dan Bilzerian. His Instagram stinks of money, decadent existence and extravagant playboy lifestyle. His Instagram handle is full of photos of near naked ladies in unabashed poses (even those mimicking sexual poses), expensive cars and boats, guns and stacks and stacks of cash. This is one Instagram account you would never want any kid to see, lest he get it in his head that this is what is called ‘the high life’!


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