10 Needle-Sharp Roasts That Deserve Your Respect

10 Needle-Sharp Roasts That Deserve Your Respect

1. Just like your life, so close, yet so far away

via Btp2000

2. Sing the song! Sing the song!

via Ummmmmm_Ok

3. Practice what you preach!

via cvmphotos

4. Also I know it’s not, but top left shelf looks like Campbell’s soup

via kazoolhu

5. This picture roasts itself

via Artistically-Complex

6. But hey c’mon don’t they are national treasures

via Meekswel

7. It’s like if the two kids inside a trenchcoat were a real person!

via bdog7171

8. Yo bro can I play Goldeneye on your nose real quick

via Nevermore1221

9. You’re not allowed into Starbucks without one

via Hangytangy

10. If only she could express to us an answer

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