10 News Anchors Who Totally Lost It


An “emergency defecation situation” sends a reporter into hysterics


In February 2016, the report of an “emergency defecation situation” was too much for New Zealand newscaster Hilary Barry, who continued to laugh through to the next report on the Paul Henry breakfast show.

The show featured a story on a disgraced Malaysian diplomat who defecated outside a woman’s home before indecently assaulting her. Barry wiped away tears of laughter as she read the story and then struggled to report on the news that followed —  a tragedy involving a man who was sucked out of a plane to his death in Mogadishu, Somalia. Between gasps, Barry assured viewers, “I’m not laughing at this.”


A news team loses it during an interview with an Olympian


Before Dancing With The Stars, before the controversy in Brazil, and before winning all those medals in the 2016 Summer Olympics, Ryan Lochte was promoting his reality show, What Would Ryan Do? During one stop, Ryan spoke with the cast of Good Day Philadelphia about the show. However, he forgot to study his cue cards, and he’s certainly not known for his improv skills.

The interview starts off with anchor Sheinelle Jones wrestling with Lochte’s awkward answers, and her co-anchor, Mike Jerrick, trying to hold back his disdain for the Olympic swimmer. As you can see below, they can only keep it together for so long.


A national news anchor has a giggle fit live on air


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has been known to lose it on occasion, especially during his signature “RidicuList” segment. He dedicated a section of his show to Dyngus Day, a Polish-American tradition that celebrates the end of Lent. Cooper went into hysterics after he replayed a news clip explaining particular Dyngus Day traditions. Watch below:



A reporter who can’t stop laughing at a disabled pig’s name


Chris P. Bacon — you may remember him from yesterday’s Oddee article 10 Adorable Animals in Wheelchairs. WPSD’s Robert Bradfield covered his story in 2014, but lost it when he discovered the disabled pig’s name.

Bradfield later said he was a little concerned that he might be in trouble with station management, but everyone laughed it off. The broadcast has since been viewed millions of times around the world, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive with people thanking the newscaster for brightening their day.


A news team loses it after a weatherman points out the obvious


It’s raining men! New Zealand meteorologist Sam Wallace was reporting about a waterspout when he made an astute observation involving the funnel-shaped cloud. He asked, “When you take a step back, is there anything else you see in this picture?”

“You didn’t have to say that,” replied his co-anchor. “It’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer, mate.”

Hilarity ensued.


The news anchor who lost it after discovering what a “furry” was


During a segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in 2014, Mika Brzezinski was reading a headline about a gas incident at a convention in Illinois when she came across a term she wasn’t familiar with — furries. “What’s a furry?” co-host Joe Scarborough echoed in apparent bafflement.

Anchor Willie Geist ultimately took over as Brzezinski and Scarborough broke out into laughter — realizing what exactly the convention had been for — and the segment ended with Brzezinski running for the door.


A story about a pig upends a news broadcast


Sometime during the Clinton administration, WTRF 7 (Wheeling,WV) anchors completely lost their composure when faced with a swine named Goliath. The file footage of the beast was shot from behind, perfectly framing his enormous pig balls right in the center of the screen. When the camera cuts back to the studio, the anchors attempt to run through the rest of the day’s top stories, but that ends pretty disastrously.


A cat video and double entendre are comedy gold on an Australian morning show


A cute cat video led to a spectacular Freudian slip on Australia’s Today show which left co-host Karl Stefanovic crying with laughter.

News anchor Deb Knight narrated a YouTube clip of kittens peering out from inside the leg of a pair of pants, and remarked, “pussy, get out of my pants.” That was all she wrote, and Stefanovic was soon in hysterics.


The floating suitcase that derailed a newscaster


Former Global television anchor Leslie Roberts was covering a news story about a strange floatation device when, after seeing it, he went into hysterics. Strangely enough so did we — look for the suitcase giving the thumbs up!


The news anchors who cracked up during a robbery story

The news anchors who cracked up during a robbery story

We can’t imagine it was fun for the people inside a DeKalb, Illinois bank that was being robbed, but WLS-TV anchor Stacey Baca was telling viewers about the robbery suspect who held up the bank — while wearing a wolf mask and red cap — and went into hysterics. That left her co-anchor, Ben Bradley, to cope with the next story.


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