10 Numbers You Don’t Want To See In Your Girlfriend’s Phone

10 Numbers You Don’t Want To See In Your Girlfriend’s Phone

Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. With that being said, you never really know whether everything is perfect in your relationship, or if your girlfriend is keeping something from you. Even though snooping through her phone is not something you really want to be doing, sometimes it can be seen as a necessary evil. Thanks to social networking sites and everyone having a phone on them at all times, cheating is easier than it ever has been before. There are even plenty of mobile aps that help cheaters cover their tracks to make it even harder to be discovered.

If you still don’t think that your girl might cheat on you, check out the facts. Recently there were millions of cheating husbands, boyfriends, wives, and girlfriends who were found to have used Ashley Madison before it was breached. Hopefully everything is cool and you won’t find any odd or interesting phone numbers in her contacts. If your girl isn’t smart enough to disguise any phone numbers that might raise questions, that may be another problem in itself. Seeing any of these numbers listed in her phone might raise suspicions and could cause serious problems.

10. Her Ex


Lots of people claim that they can be friends with their ex, but it’s actually pretty rare to be able to pull that off. You can give her the benefit of the doubt, especially if they have some unfinished business together. If your girlfriend and her ex have kids together, that is a different story. They need to coordinate schedules about getting the kids back and forth, but that should be about the only reason they still talk. Maybe she just never got around to deleting that number, but either way it still makes you feel insecure and you will likely start to question your relationship.

9. Your Ex


It is bad enough if your girlfriend still has her ex’s phone number stored, but why on Earth would she have the number of your ex in her phone? Something fishy is going on here. If they were friends in the first place that is your fault for making a bad decision to date your ex’s friend. If they weren’t already friends, that could be even worse. How did these two become friends and what do they talk about besides you? You have to wonder how she even got her number, oh wait she probably saw it in your phone!

8. Ray’s Pizza


You know something is a little off when she has the phone number to Ray’s Pizza in her phone. First of all she doesn’t even like pizza, and on top of that you haven’t ever heard of this place before. Storing someone’s phone number with a fake name is an old school trick to make sure nobody knows who you are talking to. Sometimes in movies of TV shows you see a spy or law enforcement official take a call from somewhere like Ray’s Pizza, but they hardly ever call them first. Unless she really likes pizza this is certainly a phone number you don’t want to see.

7. Psychiatrist



This is one that could be good or bad. There is certainly nothing wrong with seeing a psychiatrist and trying to stay in shape mentally as well as physically. Maybe she had some bad experiences in her childhood that she is working through, but hopefully your girl is not totally crazy. If you see this phone number you might want to play it safe and check her medicine cabinet. If you don’t see anything bothersome there you are probably safe, unless she is seeing her psychiatrist on the side. Hopefully if she has any ongoing issues she can feel free to be open and discuss them with you rather than keep secrets from you.

6. Your Parents


There is nothing wrong with your girl being very friendly with your parents at family functions and get togethers, but why would she need to call them on the phone? If there is anything she needs to ask them or loose that ends she needs to put together for the holidays she should just relay that information to you so you can give them a call and ask them yourself. You really don’t want your mother talking to her for too long and sharing any embarrassing stories or secrets you’d be better off keeping to yourself. Once you get married things may change, but for now she doesn’t need this number in her phone.

5. 555 Numbers


This one is just bizarre. If you have watched any movies or TV shows in the past century, you know that all of those phone numbers always start with the area code 555. You know your girlfriend can be a bit strange sometimes, but finding a bunch of 555 numbers means she must be living in a parallel universe. Maybe she is just practicing for her acting career, or there could be some type of problem with her phone. You probably don’t even want to ask her about this because it might confirm your suspicions that something is seriously off with her.

4. Your roommate


Why in the world would your girlfriend want or need to have your roommate’s phone number saved? As far as you know they only see each other in passing when she comes over to your place. This one will really make you start questioning your life and wondering what exactly is going on. If you have ever watched Seinfeld, thoughts of the roommate switch might occupy your mind. If that isn’t bad enough, that switch ended up in a ménage a trois, and just the thought of doing that with your roommate is enough to make you move out immediately.

3. Your best friend


This one could go either way, but if it goes the wrong way it can be terrible. If your best friend happened to be a female, things are likely fine, although having those two gossip about you is probably not the best thing in the world. Maybe your girlfriend is planning a surprise party for you, but don’t count on that fact because your birthday isn’t for quite some time. This one could end up getting pretty messy, and confronting either one of these people could turn out bad. You don’t want to have to choose between your best friend and your girlfriend, but in this case you might lose both.

2. Your brother



Having your parents number in her phone can be pretty innocent and isn’t too big of a deal, but having your brother’s number is a bit strange. If she had your sister’s number you wouldn’t start thinking horrible thoughts, but that is not the case. She really has no reason to talk to him besides at the typical family functions. Thoughts might start running through your head of the worst case scenario that she would rather date your brother than be with you. Unless she is trying to find out what you really want for your birthday, something is just not quite right about this one.

1. Your boss



Honestly there is really no logical reason why your girlfriend would have your boss’ phone number stored in her smartphone. Unless you met her at work and she has the same boss as you, this one is just plain strange. Maybe she is surprising you and applied to work at your company, but that is not likely to be the case. If you actually find out that your girlfriend called your boss just to talk about you, whether it was positive or negative, that is automatic grounds for a breakup. Even if she just wants to help you get a promotion, this girl is clearly crazy and should be avoided at all costs.


10 Numbers You Don’t Want To See In Your Girlfriend’s Phone

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