10 People Who Party Harder Than You Ever Could


You probably think you party pretty hard, right? You throw down drinks, blast music, hook up, get wild? Sit down, junior. Your party skills might be impressive, but they don’t even measure up against the people in this article. We’re about to introduce you to the brains behind some of the craziest ragers of all time. These party potentates push fun to the limit, usually run into trouble with the law in the process, and in general have more fun than you could ever imagine.

Corey Delaney



One of the most legendary dudes of all time is Australian Corey Delaney, who threw an event at his parents’ house in 2008 that made headlines all over the world. Delaney’s mom and dad went away for the weekend and he invited 500 of his closest MySpace friends over for a shindig that quickly went out of control. Neighbors called the police because kids were jumping on cars, smashing mailboxes and throwing bricks through windows. The total cost for police response was $20,000, not including damages. He cemented his position as a party God by going on national TV shirtless and refusing to apologize for the party or take his sunglasses off.

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah


Berpacar' Ceremony In The Throne Chamber For The Royal Weeding Of Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee And Dayangku Sarah in Bandar Seri Bagawan, Brunei Darussalam on September 08, 2004.

When money is no object, you can buy a lot of objects. The Sultan of Brunei is one of the world’s richest people, with a net worth in the billions, and when he turned 50 years old in 1996 he decided to drop some serious coin on a party. The event lasted two straight weeks, with a guest list of global elites including Prince Charles. Guest of honor Michael Jackson was paid $16 million to perform in a trio of concerts for the Sultan, and every attendee was given a solid gold medal as a party favor. The estimated cost of the party in total was $27 million, but considering the Sultan reportedly pays his badminton coach $2 million a year, we don’t think he sweated it much. Lord knows what he’ll do for his 100th birthday.

Rachel Lenhardt



It’s hard to grow up and realize that your partying days are behind you. But Georgia mom Rachel Lenhardt probably should have learned that lesson before she threw a booze-soaked naked Twister party for her daughter’s friends. The event happened in April of 2016 when her daughter asked her mom if she could bring some people home. Things quickly got out of control and Lenhardt ended up banging her daughter’s boyfriend in the bathroom and then diddling herself in front of the aghast guests. After she confessed to her AA group later in the week, they quite naturally called the cops. The best part of her defense is she claimed that she had sex with the boyfriend because his unit was too big for her daughter. Parent of the year here, folks.

Brett Barna



It’s a well-known fact that hedge fund bros have way too much money and way too little common sense. But Brett Barna pushed both of those truths to the wall. When he rented a $20 million mansion in Bridgehampton for the 4th of July, the owners were told that he was holding a small fundraiser for animal welfare, with a guest list of 50 people. Instead, Barna threw “#Sprayathon,” a massive out of control rager featuring midgets dressed like Uncle Sam spraying champagne out of water guns into people’s mouths, inflatable swans in the pool, and so much casual sex that the owners found used condoms in every nook and cranny of the house. Barna was fired from Moore Capital Management after the party hit the press.

Nelson Hidalgo



Having a booming sound system can turn an ordinary party into a legendary rager. But when cops arrested Nelson Hidalgo outside of Citi Field in New York, they discovered a stereo that broke all the rules. Hidalgo was playing music during a Mets game using a massive array of 80 speakers that he’d built into the back of his van. The sound could be heard inside the stadium, and Hidalgo drew a good-sized crowd of dancers to his impromptu block party. When the cops arrived to shut him down, he allegedly told them “I know it’s illegal, but it’s the weekend.” That one goes in the all-time great party excuses.

Dan Bilzerian


Toyota Owners 400 - Qualifying

What’s the point of having a party in the modern age if you don’t document it on social media? Dan Bilzerian, son of a Wall Street corporate raider, has no compunctions using his enormous trust fund to throw some of the most insane ragers Instagram has ever seen. A typical Bilzerian party includes a bevy of bikini babes, tons of champagne, lots of high-powered firearms and usually a few zoo animals for good measure. Needless to say, things often get out of control, but Dan has the cash to make most problems go away. Sometimes they get out to the media, though, like when in 2014, Bilzerian threw porn actress Janice Griffiths off his roof during a photo shoot, breaking her foot.

Mike Busey



To be the guy who runs the “party house” is to undertake a tremendous burden that most mere mortals could not shoulder. You abandon the traditional comforts of home in exchange for constant access to booze, drugs and loose women. Perhaps the greatest and craziest party house landlord in the world is Mike Busey, the owner of the Sausage Castle in Osceola County, Florida. Busey’s parties are legendary for their all-inclusive depravity, with midget strippers, firebreathers, and fish tanks full of dildos. Things get wild there, and Busey doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Admiral Edward Russell



It’s easy to think that advances in party technology make the present day the peak for ragers, but Admiral Edward Russell might have a bone to pick with that. In 1694, Russell threw one of the most insane celebrations in the record books. While stationed in Cadiz, he wanted to keep his fleet happy, so he set up a Christmas Day event for the sailors that featured a fountain filled with over 750 gallons of potent alcoholic punch. Bartenders paddled around in canoes to serve it, taking breaks every 15 minutes so they wouldn’t faint from the boozy fumes. It took the assembled 5,000 guests a reported eight days to drink it all.

Prince Aziz al Saud



If you’re going to be a worthless layabout, it helps to be rich. Prince Aziz al Saud is one of the heirs to the Saudi Arabian royal family, who have become bloated and wealthy on their country’s massive oil reserves. He has absolutely no problem funneling that money into throwing insane ragers with no regard for consequences. In 2015, the Prince rented a $100,000 a month house in the Hollywood Hills and proceeded to completely obliterate it with the help of 800 guests and a ton of coke and weed. $86,000 in damages were done over the course of the shindig, and it took three months to repair. Neighbors also reported seeing both a caged lion and an elephant at the Prince’s party.

James Taylor



Throwing a big party in the city is no big deal. But attracting over 2,000 guests to a wild rager in rural Michigan is an accomplishment. James Taylor made news in 2014 when the impromptu going-away party he hosted at his family farmhouse drew massive crowds of drunken revelers. Taylor only started inviting people at 4Pm the day of the event, but word traveled quickly, with some people driving from as far away as Florida to get their groove on. He had DJs, fire breathers and strippers doing their thing. The 100 year old farmhouse was so crowded people couldn’t move from room to room, and although ambulances took away at least six people who overdosed on drugs, Taylor offered to let every single guest stay and sober up so they wouldn’t drive home drunk.


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