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10 People Who Snapchatted Their Own Deaths


10 People Who Snapchatted Their Own Deaths

The popular social media app Snapchat is used every day by millions of people around the world to share videos and photographs of their daily lives. However, sometimes Snapchat users unintentionally capture extremely dark events, with the worst of them sometimes even including people’s deaths or last moments. These Snapchat tragedies involve reckless behavior, stunts gone wrong – and even murder.

Snapchat deaths can be extremely sobering reminders of the fragility of life. People who have died while using Snapchat, or similar apps, were often in the midst of an average day, until a seemingly happy moment was cut short by an unexpected tragedy. Snapchat deaths show just how social media can sometimes accidentally capture life’s most horrific moments.


Teen In Singapore Dies During Snapchat Stunt

In February of 2017, tragedy struck in Singapore when 17-year-old Jonathan Chow jumped over a railing at a local mall. He had planned to land safely on a ledge just below as part of a Snapchat stunt. Tragically, the ledge was not as solid as it appeared to be and broke instantly, with Chow falling four floors to his death. The friend Chow asked to film him can be heard screaming in horror as he falls.

Russian Woman Snapchats Fatal Bus Crash

A woman identified by the Russian media as Sitora B was live streaming her morning commute with her phone propped up against her dashboard. As she was happily singing along to the radio, she kept glancing at her phone rather than keep her eyes on the road. This proved to be a fatal mistake when she was suddenly t-boned by a bus. In the video, there is a crunching noise and Sitora gives the screen a look of terror before it cuts to black.

Gunshots From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Caught On Snapchat

Amanda Alvear was one of 49 victims who were tragically killed in the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The 25-year-old is first shown in her videos enjoying the club with friends before gunshots erupt and disrupt the scene. In the very last Snapchat video she sent that night, the sound of gunshots can be heard in the background. Tragically, Alvear almost made it out alive, but returned to Pulse to attempt to rescue friends who were trapped inside.

Drivers Post Video Of Fatal Car Accident

In October of 2016, 19-year-old Jolie Bartolome and 22-year-old Pablo Cortes III posted a Snapchat video of their car speeding at over 115 mph in Tampa, Florida. The situation turned deadly when Cortes lost control of the car and collided with a Toyota minivan. The minivan caught fire and a total of five people were killed, including Cortes and Bartolome. This preventable accident serves as a chilling reminder to adhere to the speed limit and watch the road at all times.

Women Snapchat Themselves Speeding Before Fatal Crash

In 2015, just a few days before Christmas, three Philadelphia women died in an car accident when they collided with a tractor-trailer containing herbicide, their car promptly bursting into flames. Witnesses heard the women screaming, but could not get into the vehicle due to the fire. One victim, Gia Scavo, Snapchatted several updates on the group’s whereabouts just before the crash. In one Snapchat, she sent friends a picture of their car speeding at 73 mph.

Teen’s Last Moments Recorded On Snapchat

In August of 2016, aspiring musician Leoandro Osemeke was stabbed to death at a party one week after his sixteenth birthday. He arrived at a packed party in southeast London and was stabbed in the chest barely 30 seconds after arriving. Some party-goers filmed his horrific death on Snapchat. The killer, whose name has not been released, claimed that the act was in self-defense.

Woman Predicts Her Own Demise On Snapchat

Moments before being shot and killed in Pittsburg, 20-year-old Isha Tyree posted a chilling video to her Snapchat account. In the video, Tyree is sitting uncomfortably in a gray sedan waiting for her friend. She says, “He needs to come on… and why are all these cars flying past me like that, why are you flying past me like that, that makes me feel uncomfortable.” Both Tyree and her friend were shot dead that night.

Murderer’s Voice Caught On Snapchat

While the deaths themselves were not filmed, it’s possible that 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams captured their killer’s voice in their last Snapchat post. Their bodies were discovered in February of 2017 near an abandoned railroad bridge in rural Indiana. In a Snapchat audio recording, a man can be heard saying, “down the hill.” Police are currently investigating the recording to try to locate their killer.

Woman Snapchats Gun To Her Head Before Fatal Shooting

Stephanie Hernandez, a 21-year-old mother living in Arkansas, Snapchatted several selfies of her boyfriend holding a gun to her head in September of 2015. She was shot dead just a few hours later by her 20-year-old boyfriend, Rafael Gonzalez. Gonzalez was arrested the next day and charged with murder.

Man’s Killers Post His Death On Snapchat

When Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro attempted to steal a bong from Devin Katzfey and Sarah Zakzesky in their Milwaukee apartment, the decision proved fatal. Katzfey and Zakzesky violently beat Mendoza-Chaparro to death and uploaded three videos of the event to Mendoza-Chaparro’s own Snapchat account. In the videos, they reprimand him for stealing and show images of his bruised body. Zakzesky would go on to plead guilty to the crime.


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