10 People On Twitter Who Hacked Their Way to 3017 By Being Better At Life Than Us

10 people on Twitter who hacked their way to 3017 by being better at life than us

Let’s be honest, 2017 is no day at the beach. Because even if you’re at the beach, you’re still in 2017, which is a bummer. So it’s no wonder people are hopping in time machines and getting the hell out of this millennium faster than we can type “covfefe.”

Okay, not technically. But a new Twitter trend “living in 3017” highlights a few individuals whose forward-thinking innovations have catapulted them 1,000 years into the future. While the rest of us lag behind in 2017, desperately trying to fidget-spin our way outta here.

Here are 10 people living in a better, brighter, faster, more efficient future. Let’s try and catch up, shall we?

1.) William Thompson, whose dazzlingly innovative use of Facebook catapulted him 1,000-years into the future and into the Twitter Hall-of-Fame:

But don’t worry, he’s not hanging out in 3017 all alone. There are others:

He even has an “official” holiday designated in his name.

We have to wait for 3017 though to celebrate. So hurry up and get there.

2.) This guy “cooling” his chicken nugget is cooler than any of us 21st century luddites will ever be:

His methods are so advanced, 2017 can’t even wrap our old fashioned lil’ brains around it:


3. This guy isn’t in 3017 yet. But he’s in 2082. And we’re still in 2017 so he’s better than us.

According to this person on Twitter (where I get all my information), it’s actually all Koreans who are in 2082:

Congrats to both the Koreas on getting closer to 3017 than the rest of us, who are still eating our noodles like this:

4. Speaking of countries in Asia, the whole country of Japan is also living a millennium ahead of us. But we already knew that.

No one is that surprised. Japan has always made us all look Amish by comparison.

5. This guy who knows eating cereal out of a stupid bowl is sooooooooooo last century:

The rest of us are stuck in 2017 eating our cereal like this:

And tbh, we’re tired of having to mop the whole house every day after breakfast.

6. This guy whose grilling methods transported him into the year 2047. He’s still way closer to 3017 than us.

Excuse me, time machine conductor? Can you please make a pit stop at this guy’s BBQ on our way to 3017?

7. This guy who has mastered the seemingly impossible contradiction that is “business casual”:

Business and casual: together at last! We only have to wait 1,000 years.

8. Janelle Monae. Duh.

You were always way too good for this millennium, Janelle.

9. This guy, who finally solved the mystery of how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster without having to buy a new toaster each time:

10. And finally, our crowning champion of the future. This guy who has more game than all of us in 2017 combined:

And if you had any remaining doubt that this guy is the King of 3017:



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