In the realm of rich YouTube stars and online streaming, there exist a small but highly appreciated class of hot girls on Twitch. The social streaming phenomenon for gamer geeks and cosplay freaks has a number of popular girls, and we’re here to show you 10 of the hottest Twitch girls out there. Don’t be surprised if these sexy girls are lacking tans, as gaming is their life, but don’t be surprised if they flash some boobs, either.

Suushisam (66K)
This San Franciscan girl is all about Minecraft, twerking videos and charming the pants off all the gamer boys, but more importantly, she’s a big fan of mixing the booze and the gaming for one big party, as well as virtual reality. She’s all over Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch so what on earth on you still reading this for when you could check her out.

Sheever (84K)
A connoisseur of the free-to-play multiplayer arena sport, DOTA, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heigden is all over the online community talking professionally about DOTA 2 as an interviewer, host and gamer enthusiast. A lover of animals and the face of online gaming, Sheever is the hot female sportscaster of the gaming world, based in the Netherlands.

ZombiUnicorn (132K)
You may recognize her wildly colorful hair, her crazy voices or her singing, but the YouTube star, online gaming vlogger and Twitch babe has become a bit of a sexy sensation for the gaming junkies. Not only is she a hoot on the live stream, she’s a badass when it comes to Counter Strike.

Deernadia (187K)
One of the cute girls you should probably be following, Nadia is a weekday streamer and lifetime gamer, especially when it comes to Hearthstone and sexy cosplay. If you’re geeking out over her, you’re not alone, kids. This girl can move with the best of them and look hot doing it.

Alinity (267K)
Alinity Divine is all about gaming, streaming, cats and “hardstyle,” whatever that means. In amongst the video of the her classic gaming, “Mario Kart” and “Donkey Kong Country,” Alinity also has a number of dance and cosplay (Wonder Woman and Lara Croft dress-up!) videos to bring all the boys to her yard. Never seen a kitty bath? Well, this girl does it all.

Dinglederper (350K)
Aside from being a busty babe, Tory is a top-rated streamer and accepting chocolate addict. The Las Vegas gamer ditched the games and went to California for a sexy shoot with Playboy.

2MGoverCSquared (411K)
The name might not be easy to remember, but when it comes to sexy girls with tattoos, this gamer girl is the way to go. An avid player of “Grand Theft Auto” and blogger with a good sense of humor, there’s a number of reasons this cute cosplay lover has more than 400K in followers. Just don’t be surprised if she steals your car.

DizzyKitten (428K)
Short, cute, busty with a love for gaming? Does it get any better than this for gamers? A down-to-earthTwitch babe who loves to rock some Counter Strike, Dizzy is not only adorable, she’ll kick your ass and then make a sexy cosplay video afterwards. She’s essentially the unicorn for gaming nerds the world over.

LegendaryLea (562K)
Sweet Lea May, the girl who got banned for flashing, is a sexy blonde with blue eyes that could turn any responsible man into a mindless gamer for life. A warrior in “World of Warcraft,” Lea brings fashion, gaming and absolute hotness to the forefront of online credibility.

We think we speak for everyone when we say girls like Lea should be allowed to flash all they want in the great state of California. If Venice can have topless beaches, why can’t LegendaryLea get hers? It’s amazing she doesn’t have more followers, considering she’s a gamer’s dream girl.

OMGItsFireFoxx (746K)
A self-proclaimed full-time dragon slayer and “ex-vodka enthusiast,” it doesn’t take a rocket genius to see this funny Portland-based vlogger/cosplay commentator is the #1 Most Followed Female Caster on Twitch. Named Forbes Hot 30 Under 30 2016, Sonja has hit milestones of huge online streaming for single sessions, and she’s no stranger to “sexy story time.”


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