10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Top 10 most crazy women that did unbelievable things to their boyfriends!

10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

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I have a way of making a woman feel “right for the first time in [her] life”. It’s a compulsion of mine and I’ve unfortunately through practice I have gotten good at it. But it’s an routine, it’s false. It’s not the real me, but a facade. My own emotions, though sincere, are not deep. Being reasonably good looking, successful and with a good name, career and societal recognition doesn’t hurt either. Women saw me as a saviour, a knight in shining armor, like the knight in La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

My best friend is the same, if not more extreme. We traveled the world for work together, acting as inadvertent wingmen for each other. We left a trail of destruction of epic proportions. There were suicides and countless abortions. Hearts were broken and minds pushed past the brink of insanity. Women ruined to the point of destroying their rebound lovers, or dead set on ending their pain. We didn’t set out to be sociopathic lady killers, we were trying to help, which made it worse, because we slipped past the bullshit filters.

Some of the women started out somewhat damaged goods, but all parted ways as complete psychos.

It’s us men that did it.

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