10 Questions Every Cam Model Gets Asked

10 Questions Every Cam Model Gets Asked

While answers may vary dramatically between every cam model, here is just a short list of questions that cam models always get when they talk about their job.


Aren’t you cheating if you’re a cam model?

While to some people, and particularly the individuals who are dating/with cam models- it very well could be considered cheating, however any experienced cam model can tell you that who they are on cam and who they are in real life are two totally different people. Being a cam model, you have to be able to disconnect from some of the more emotionally daunting sessions you have, as well as your customers. For most cam models, we don’t consider it “cheating” because of the lack of true emotional connection with the vast majority of customers.


Do you do webcam modeling because you are a sex addict?

For me personally, no. It’s mostly for the money.


Do you orgasm every time?

HAHAHAHAH- no. Everyone has different tricks, but to get around forcing your body to such great extremes, you can very well use coconut oil. It has the same look and consistency as cum, and VERY beneficial to your lady bits.

There is a lot more to camming than just masturbation –

Besides, do YOU cum every time you and your partner have sex?


Have you ever done something you regret?

Yes, but that comes with life.


Why are you a cam model?

I have a few reasons, a lot of it is due being able to have unlimited over time, and being able to make my own rules. If I don’t want to do something, I don’t have to. Cam modeling comes with so many perks that most other careers don’t.


What does your parents think about it? Does your family know?

My mom is SUPER supportive of what I do. In fact, almost every bit of my family knows what I do. Not everyone’s that lucky to have as sound of a support system as I do, though. How they found out, is what I regret though. I never told them face to face, I let them figure it out after someone from my family accidentally saw me on cam. After all the rumors spread around, I then decided to openly talk about it.


What if your future boss see’s it, or your kids?

As for potential employment- that has never been affected in the past with me camming. I normally keep it fairly vague and say that I did modeling- plus size, of course, and leave it at that. As for the whole aspect of kids, while I don’t have kids of my own, if I did, I would have that conversation when the time is right. Obviously I will have that conversation when they are old enough to understand the birds and the bees, and to understand that you can in fact purchase pornographic content. By the time I do have kids though, I don’t have intentions of being in the sex industry any longer.


How long do you plan on doing it? When do you plan on quitting?

After I complete my four year degree in Transportation and Logistics, then I will probably get out of it, until then though, I will enjoy what I do, and try to be the best that I can be.


Do you love your job?

Overall, yes. Some days are hard due to pain in the ass customers, but at least I get a block button. Besides, what other job can you tell rude customers to go get fucked with a smile on your face?


Weirdest fetish you have been asked to do?

One of my regular customers always comes in and asks me to smoke cigarettes, blow up pool inflatables, wear tight leggings and talk about the taste of cigarettes. While it’s super weird in general, I don’t mind it at all.


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Have you ever had another girl go elbow deep in your bum and made your belly button piercing dance with your fist? I’ve seen a cam girl do that.

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