Comedian Bill Maher famously said, “Not all Republicans are racist. But if you are a racist these days, you’re probably a Republican.” We’re not sure we buy into that hyperbole exactly, but it doesn’t help combat that perception when in an effort to wear their racism — and bigotry, xenophobia and anti-Semitism — on their sleeve, some Republicans have turned to the T-shirt to do it. Political party pride can definitely turn into a hot button issue, so maybe it does make sense to wholeheartedly embrace it with one of these super chill racist tees.

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How do you make a great campaign slogan greater? Mix in a healthy dose of white supremacy. A world without people of color in positions of power is the way it should be, right? At least that’s what the 2016 Academy Awards have taught us. (photo via Redbubble)

racist republican shirts, most racist republican t-shirts, put the white back in the white house romney shirt
If we’ve learned anything about fashion over the years, it’s that it’s cyclical. That extends to racist Republican T-shirts, as well. Four years later, pining for a white man in the White House has not gone out of style, whether the alternative is a stuffy Mormon or a bloated businessman.

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Puns always make for great T-shirts. We saw one once that read “Camping is In-Tents” and now we can’t go into an REI without getting the giggles. Also, the three separate fonts here are quite innovative. It’s hard to be lighthearted and impactful, but this tee blends them both commendably.

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Everyone loves Curious George. Everyone loves bananas. Many people love Obama, especially back when he was an idealistic junior senator. So really, what’s the controversy here? It’s basically a triad of appealing concepts married together into one glorious garment, right?

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How is this a Republican T-shirt? Well, the website that sells it has scores of anti-Obama designs, too, and you know what they say about the company you keep. So if Nike or Hurley logos have become too commonplace for you and you want to stand out in a crowd, this little number might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re line dancing, goose stepping or taking a Sunday stroll, here’s a tee that proves you walk the walk. And you’ve got to admit, it’s a beautiful shade of red.

racist republican shirts, most racist republican t-shirts, alien invasion mexicans shirt
This T-shirt is simplemente fantastico. After all, what’s more frightening than world-dominating aliens from outer space? Mexicans, that’s what. The typography and hovering sombreros recall the kick a Tim Burton film would give us back in the day. But better act now — at $8.99, they’ll need a continental-sized wall to keep them on the shelves.

racist republican shirts, most racist republican t-shirts, go home deport illegals shirt
Nothing’s cooler than wearing a corporate logo tee. But take that logo for a bigoted spin and you’ve got yourself something really special. Though one might contemplate the void left by a visit to a Home Depot without any illegals greeting you at its parking lot entrance — a mind-bending proposition that reinforces the existential gravity of this seemingly simple shirt.

racist republican shirts, most racist republican t-shirts, trayvon martin middle finger shirt
Republicans are a brave bunch. Believing teenager Trayvon Martin deserved to die might seem like an opinion one would only keep to his or herself (or save for a quiet admission among their closest friends and colleagues at the golf course or statehouse). But if you believe strongly enough about something, then why be coy? And besides, if the good Lord didn’t want us to showcase our middle finger every now and again, he would have given us six of them. (photo via Tightrope Records)

racist republican shirts, most racist republican t-shirts, obama is my slave shirt
Yes, we imagine the pride brought about by this T-shirt would bring a smile to any wearer’s face. Though it might be difficult to argue that the Civil War was mostly just about heritage and states’ rights while sporting it. Surely you don’t need a mullet to look like a million bucks in this baby. But honestly we can’t think of a better accessory.

racist republican shirts, most racist republican t-shirts, obama 2012 monkey shirt
Like evolution itself, it all comes back to the monkey. And though Republicans don’t believe in evolution, they’re all in on the representation of Obama as a primate. Looking back from a future century, the history books will disprove that this came from an 1812 campaign or even 1912. The annals will instead show that as recently as four years ago this sentiment endured. Maybe through enlightenment and progressive understanding, 2112 will be different. Or maybe the immortality of intolerance will make monkeys of us all.



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