10 Reasons The Adult-Only Film Business Is Bad For Society

It’s no secret that sex sells. Billboards and ads are plastered just about everywhere with scantily-clad men and women boasting promises of whatever product is being sold. As a result of this, society is pretty used to seeing half-naked people during day to day life. The naked human body isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but there’s no reason why it has to be hyper-sexualized on a regular basis.

Beyond provocative advertising, the online world is something completely different. It’s almost too easy to find just about whatever you want with a quick Google search. Unfortunately, Google has no age limit, so kids are able to find almost anything an adult could.

One very popular topic that contains tons of searches and hits on the internet, is p*rn. More men than women partake in searching for the stuff, and even though succumbing to desires every once in a while may seem harmless, the adult film business is actually a lot more dangerous to society than people like to think. The adult film business is probably not going anywhere any time soon, but there are reasons to start thinking about limiting the content that is produced. It isn’t just a quick way to satisfy yourself and get out – it’s detrimental to the way both men and women live, see each other, and interact with one another in relationships. This dirty business definitely isn’t one to be proud of. Here are ten reasons why you should think twice before clicking “play” on that video next time.

10. Unrealistic Situations


A lot of adult content starts off pretty strange. In real life, it’s not very common that a girl is going to order pizza, open the door naked, and invite you in to “help her” with something. Additionally, naughty nurses are probably not roaming the hallways of hospitals looking for sex and neglecting their jobs. The adult film business creates the illusion of completely unrealistic, ridiculous situations that make both men and women associate everyday places or tasks with sex. While it may be more humorous than dangerous to associate corny beginnings to these films, attractive nurses and young women ordering pizza shouldn’t be associated with that “one film that one time”.

9. Expectations For Men


While men might be the main contributor to views on adult sites, women aren’t innocent when it comes to searching for some videos for their own pleasure. The adult film industry only employs attractive people, so naturally, women start to desire all men to have chiseled abs, toned muscles, and a Hollywood smile. Unfortunately, your average Joe isn’t going to look anything like that. Going out to bars and clubs isn’t going to land you a 10 – you’re probably safe to expect a solid five or six. It’s also important to remember that your plumber isn’t going to show up with his jumpsuit halfway undone and perfectly disheveled hair, either.

8. Expectations For Women


Due to society’s already-withstanding harsh criticism of women, the way that this business portrays women doesn’t help. Female performers are usually gifted with big breasts, a perky butt, slim stomachs, and long legs. Women in real life often have curves, scars, all different kinds of sizes when it comes to breasts and butts, and a stretch mark here or there. It’s important for men to remember to appreciate the women in reality and try hard not to compare them to the women made up of plastic and fake beauty. Men often preach about how they love “natural beauty,” but setting adult stars up on a pedestal isn’t exactly backing that claim up.

7. Too Easy To Find


In this day and age, kids don’t need any help growing up. Kids are not only becoming smarter and smarter as the years pass, but they’re also becoming very mature at very young ages. Kids as young as four years old are walking around with their own tablets, while eight year-olds have their own iPhone 6. With these devices, kids can look up just about anything they want – or they can stumble on a virus or ad that wasn’t created for them. Adult websites should definitely have some kind of filter before visitors are allowed full access to the site. Whether a subscription model is applied to all sites, or an age filter is required to be filled out, something has to be done about young boys and girls being able to access this content. Children should definitely have proper sex education, but not until it’s needed and approached in a positive, safe way – and adult content isn’t the way children should be discovering what sex is.

6. Productivity


Think back on all the time spent watching p*rn, or looking for the right video – what else could be accomplished with all that time? According to GQ, the scientists at the University of Cambridge studied the brains of addicts, and found that men who committed to a no-p*rn, no-playing with oneself plan saw an increase of 67% in their productivity. While it may seem like something fun and essential in the moment, try and think of all the other things that need to be done; house work, overtime, hanging out with friends, or taking your spouse out for a nice date should trump watching a video with some lotion.

5. Addiction


Of all the things to be addicted to, this probably isn’t as serious, but it’s still a problem. According to an article byfamilyshare.com, adult flicks actually trigger the same addiction cycle in the brain where drugs and alcohol can be registered as addictions. When it becomes an actual addiction, people literally can’t stop visiting sites and watching videos under their own will. Such as a drug or alcohol addict, p*rn addicts have to go through a rehab process. Instead of letting it get to that point, maybe exercise viewing it in moderation or not at all. Having an addiction has a huge impact on not only the addict’s life, but the lives of those around them.

4. It’s Not The Same As The Real Thing


For women and men who have a significant other, or who hook up with people on a regular basis, it’s easy to admit that watching p*rn isn’t the same as the real thing. Sex can be intimate, or it can be fun, but it really depends on human connection and having somebody who wants to satisfy you as much as they want to satisfy themselves. Movies aren’t your girlfriend, or your boyfriend, or any real person. It isn’t created to intensify a bond that you have with somebody else, or even to make you happy – it’s created to make money, get views, and have little to no disregard for those who watch these films.

3. Fetishes


One of the more serious side effects to viewing adult films regularly is developing unhealthy fetishes. It’s okay to have fantasies and to like certain things, but fetishes can often become dangerous and degrading. A quick Google search is all it takes to find numerous nasty, potentially hazardous fetishes. Dangerous tastes like these should not be catered to, and the adult film business shouldn’t get away with creating renditions of such situations. Fetishes like pubephilia shouldn’t be regarded as fetishes, as body hair is completely normal, and labeling somebody as a “fetish” because of the way they live or who they are is degrading and inhumane.

2. It Could Be Dangerous


Many people have interest in sex that involves BDSM, safe words, and limited violence. With the right person who has a mutual interest in the same sexual activities, it’s not such a big deal. However, there are lots of people who are violent during sex in a controlling, scary way, and this type of video that promotes this makes men and women believe it’s something that is acceptable in regular sex lives. It may be a fantasy or fetish that many would consider disgusting, and it’s another topic that the adult film business should do away with altogether. It is a very serious issue in many countries, and putting on a show and making it seem “sexy” is potentially dangerous for everybody.

1. Concerns About Children’s Safety


Anybody who’s been on one of these sites before know it’s common for videos to be titled suggestively with hints at young women being involved. The reason why these videos and situations are created is because there’s a market for it, and catering to this market only intensifies the interest and arousal. Men who are watching videos of “teen” girls. Outside of that, while it is illegal, there are people who are interested in watching videos featuring children, and having “barely legal teen” videos promoted on adult sites isn’t a far step from that. While the adult film industry has lots of things to work on, erasing any traces or nods towards kids is something that needs to be addressed immediately.


10 Reasons The Adult-Only Film Business Is Bad For Society

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