Doesn’t matter if you’re flying coach and thumbing through a duty-free catalog or hitting up the website of the Outlet of the Sharper Image Outlet, you might come across one of these novelty products from 2015. So before you light your smokeless cigarette in your onesie, check out this list of the top 10 most ridiculous ones of the bunch.

Fart Filtering Jeans
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Fart Filtering Jeans
What’s the ultimate way to avoid smelly jeans? If you guessed washing them you’re, like, totally in the Stone Age, buddy. The answer: fart filtering jeans. According to Denimhunters, Shreddies, a UK company, found a way to make denim that conceals odors. The garments feature an “activated carbon lining that traps and neutralizes” the stench from farts, “and that same carbon lining can be reactivated if the clothing is washed properly.” They even offer tips on how to sit or stand properly while farting to get the most out of their products. As far as stopping the noise from breaking your wind? Well, you’re on your own there, pal.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Gangstaclaus
Ugly Christmas sweaters are a perennial holiday party favorite, but nothing turns up the volume on a festive gathering more than a swagged-out Gangstaclaus suit. We found out about this bad boy since one of our editors at Mandatory, who shall remain nameless, recommended this suit to wear at a Christmas party andlinked this in an instant message. If Snoop Doggy Dogg‘s “Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto” song was filmed in 2015, he surely would have rocked this for the music video.

Unicorn Meat
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Unicorn Meat
Skip preparing a tired, old meatloaf and instead eat unicorn. Buying a few cans of this will make your meals at dinnertime a lot more interesting. According to ThinkGeek, the meat specifications state “Not yet approved by the USDA or FDA, but the nuns have eaten it for centuries and they’re healthy as horses” — just inform your guests of this before they open the Spam-looking cans and record their reactions. Don’t worry, inside the can isn’t actual meat, just a stuffed toy unicorn chopped up into cruel little pieces.

Lexus Hoverboard
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Lexus Hoverboard
Eighties film buffs will know that 2015 was the fictional year in “Back To The Future Part II” where we were all supposed to be flying around on Hoverboards and wearing self-lacing shoes. Technically, both came true. Luxury auto maker Lexus found a clever way to bring the idea to life. According to Wired, a real, live hoverboard that relies on “superconductors and magnets, work against gravity to lift a rider off the ground” which emanate a cool-looking steam from the sides as you ride. The craft was actually demonstrated by professional skateboarder Ross McGouran in a short film clip. Even though it’s a working model, it’s ridiculously overpriced and cumbersome when you can actually do better tricks this day and age on a hoverboard with wheels.

Wallet Drone
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Wallet Drone
For those of us who don’t have hundreds of dollars to shell out for hoverboards, you can instead have a wallet-sized drone fly in the air. According to CNN Money, the self-dubbed “world’s smallest quadcopter” is the 1.5-inch by 1.5-inch flying machine and comes with a kit, which doubles as a controller and charger, that fits into your pocket. The original Indiegogo project exceeded its fund goals by 576% in June 2015; and the first wave shipped in October 2015 has long since sold out. No word yet if this gadget will be banned by aviation officials.

Wu-Tang Clan Cookie Cutter
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Wu-Tang Clan Cookies
There is only one copy of the highly coveted Wu-Tang Clan first album, and it already sold for $2 million dollars. Not to fear, Wu-Tang fans, you can still bake a bunch of Shaolin-inspired cookies as well in the shape of the band’s famed logo.

Beer Soap
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Beer Soap
If you have a fraternity brother in your family (or feel like one yourself) you can definitely treat them to a bar of beer soap. It comes in a variety of flavors, including Guiness Extra Stout above. Hey, it’s only $4.99, why not? Nothing impresses someone you’re flirting with a party more than smelling like you drank 100 times the legal limit.

Curious Cub Bottle Holder
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Curious Cub Bottle Holder
Speaking of drinking-inspired novelty gifts, this Curious Cub Bottle Holder is a cute option — just not for underage minors. We’ve all seen the famous cola advertisements with polar bears guzzling acid-filled soft drinks, but how about polar bear cubs guzzling a bottle of wine, vodka or whatever alcoholic beverage you put in it’s mouth. For the record, we are not encouraging underage polar bear cubs to drink.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Handerpants
Make sure you have a whip handy fellas, because you surely won’t be able to tames the ladies clamoring after you once they see your palms these in handiegloves. This version is in tighty whitie form, so when you’re dressing to impress, these are sure to stand out. Just make sure you’re not holding a cup of coffee or tea, or you’ll look like you stained yourself, if you catch our drift. But the use is a lot more pracitcal. According to ABC News, the pants are supposed to worn under gloves like underwear worn under pants to prevent chaffing. Ah, I see.

Stress Sausages
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Stress Sausage
Here’s something Lorena Bobbitt could’ve used back in the ’90s as cure-all for her anger management issues. I’m not sure if a woman or a man designed this phallic-looking object featured on, but we’re just thankful it’s only a toy and not an actual person’s member. (For the record, ladies, although theideal penis size for women may vary, it’s more than stressful if you squeeze and yank and man’s penis like this.)



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