The 10 Most Ridiculously Hilarious Gaming Glitches

As long as video games exist, there will always be glitches. Really, it’s true. Whether it’s the original Super Mario Bros. orMadden NFL 16, there’s always some bug, some erroneous bit of code that leads to graphical, sound, or gameplay glitches. Some are amusing and temporary while others can be corrupting and game-breaking if you’re not careful, able to erase your save data in the blink of an eye.

That’s why it’s generally recommended that you avoid glitches, because by their very nature they’re accidents, mistakes, and errors that prevent you from enjoying a smooth gaming experience. However, that’s no fun. After all, if dedicated gamers didn’t purposely seek out glitches, we wouldn’t get to see other sides of our favourite games, even if we weren’t ever supposed to see those sides to begin with. Sometimes it doesn’t even take dedication. Sometimes you’re just enjoying a brand new title and you stumble upon a glitch.

With as many video game genres that exist, glitches almost have genres themselves. Some are totally creepy and scary, others are sexual in nature, and some are just plain hilarious. It’s the latter that we’ll focus on. We’ve found 10 ridiculous and very funny game glitches for you to enjoy.

10. Riding a Jet Ski… Minus the Jet Ski in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, the sixth game in the Resident Evil series, has you playing as Leon Kennedy as you venture through Europe to save the president’s helpless daughter. This classic had minor glitches, but it’s the Ditman glitch that it’s most known for. If you have the Striker gun, start to shoot it, and then quickly toggle your inventory, you trigger this glitch, which lets you move at hyper speed (okay, so it’s 1.5 times faster than usual). When exploited, you can enjoy such side-splitting results as Leon riding away on an invisible jet ski while he leaves the real watercraft behind. Oh yes, and the aforementioned president’s daughter who you’re rescuing in a timed mission to get out of an exploding building? Too bad for her.

9. Sexy Soccer in FIFA 12

Even if you’ve never played a FIFA game in your life, you still know what the basic premise is: two soccer teams go head-to-head to determine which is victorious. While sure, FIFA 12 has plenty of ball-kicking, goal-earning action, the game also has another kind of action, the X-rated kind. A lot can happen on the field, like two players tripping over each other, falling down, and making out on the green. Okay, so none of that was supposed to happen, but it certainly…erm…spiced up your basic soccer game. Maybe someone at EA had a vendetta to settle against Andy Carroll of Liverpool and Gunners’ goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, because in a glitch in the game, those two players kiss.

8. Infinite Cats in Minecraft

The reason that Minecraft is such a beloved, insanely popular title is because it gives you complete and total creative freedom. You can build literally whatever you mind can envision in Lego-like 3D blocks. Of course, characters also populate the world. Even with such a simple concept, there are indeed Minecraft glitches, but few are funnier than the infinite waterfall of cats that you can make. Any cat pals you’ve generated will shadow you in the game’s creative mode, and they have teleporting abilities. All you have to do is construct a building almost as tall as the game allows you to go. Make sure there’s space for the cats to reach the top, and voila, sit back and enjoy the endless cat explosion, complete with meowing.

7. The Flying Outfielder in Major League Baseball 2K6

No, we’re not giving Major League Baseball 2K6 a pass just because it was released way back in 2006. This baseball title was supposed to be as realistic as an actual game of America’s favourite pastime. You know, like how if a player really wants to catch a ball, he can just will himself to leap up to the highest stands in the stadium and grab it with his glove. Oh wait, you mean that’s not how it happens in real life? Someone better let 2K Sports know that, because that is exactly how some of the players behaved in the game in this very amusing glitch. Imagine playing and thinking you’re safe because you batted the ball ridiculously high. Then imagine your opponent doing the unthinkable and scaling a whole stadium to catch your ball. More games need glitches like that.

6. No One Really Dies in Call of Duty 3

In any video game, from the early days of crushing Goombas in Super Mario to shooting enemies in the hottest new shooting game, you expect your opponents to stay dead. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they do. Well, except for in Call of Duty: 3. This 2006 first-person shooter game features a pretty amusing glitch where your dead enemies insist on moving their mouths, twisting their heads about worse than in the Fallout video above, bending themselves uncomfortably (although we suppose they feel no pain because they’re corpses), and generally doing things that only people who are very much alive can do. Go ahead, shoot them, even right in the face. It doesn’t matter. They don’t stop.

5. Forget Physics in EA Sports UFC

Sports games are hard to make. You have to create a bunch of virtual male athletes, and then they have to interact with each other in just the right way. As EA Sports discovered with its 2014 title EA Sports UFC for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Android and IOS devices, it’s much funnier when physics, gravity, and basic human anatomy are tossed out the window. In any basic fight, competitors will twist their bodies like pretzels, twitch and convulse awkwardly, launch themselves through the air, and get stuck in random positions. As you can imagine, it’s nearly impossible to win a fight, especially when your opponent is spread-eagle on the mat but won’t move, but at least it’s fun to watch.

4. Spinning Heads in Fallout: New Vegas

In the Fallout games, you’ve survived an apocalypse and you’re trying to acclimate to your new life. The 2010 titleFallout: New Vegas does take place in Nevada, as well as wastelands like Arizona and California. Unlike a lot of the games on this list, where you typically have to invest some serious hours to enjoy the fruits of your glitchy labor, you can see a glitch almost as soon as you pop the game into your console. While you’re entering your character’s name, Doc Mitchell starts slowly rotating his heads like he’s in a remake of the Exorcist. The spooky music in the background almost makes this creepy, but it’s kind of cool too. Of course, creators Bethesda have since patched the glitch, so you’ll just have to settle for this video.

3. Cutthroat Cutscene in Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III is the 2012 instalment of one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. In this title, you play as Desmond Miles, who goes back in time to relive his ancestors’ fate. That’s all fine and good, but due to the nature of the game, your environment is always interacting with you, so that even if a character is talking to you and you can’t do anything but reply to button prompts, an enemy can decide that this is the perfect time to stab, attack, or otherwise kill you. And they can kill you; you can die even in the middle of a cut scene. The only way to avoid this grisly fate? Button mash like hell.

2. The Rapture of Wrestlers in WWE 2K16

The annual WWE games have been marred with glitches for years now. Your favourite wrestlers, when digitized, have been known to ignore physics (what is it with sports games and ignoring physics?), going through turnbuckles and ropes and having their limbs stretch and bend in the weirdest of ways. WWE 2K16 takes wrestling game glitches to new heights though, literally. If you have a Last Man Standing match and go outside the ring and toss in the ring steps as the referee counts to 10, during their winning animation, the the tossing wrestler will ascend slowly upward like they’re being raptured. Sadly, 2K Games patched the glitch, but that’s what videos are for!

1. The Tiny Football Player in Madden NFL 15

Do you remember in the days of GameSharks and cheat codes where you would input a string of numbers and letters to alter your characters, perhaps shrinking or increasing the size of their heads? Hilarity would ensue. Well, perhaps the game developers at EA Sports (yes, them again) were feeling a little nostalgic, because they accidentally turned Christian Kirksey into the world’s smallest football player. The glitch happens during the game’s Tennessee Titans Solo Challenge, within Madden Ultimate Team. Somehow, he shrinks down to just a little over a foot tall. He’s still perfectly playable and is just as powerful as he’d be at his normal size. EA laughed off the mistake and even embraced it, releasing a trailer featuring the glitch.




The 10 Most Ridiculously Hilarious Gaming Glitches

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