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If you’re looking for a sexy Snapchat scandal, we’ve got 10 of them here for you. From edited Snaps to leaked Snapchat sex videos to teachers getting hauled out for their dirty snaps, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Whether you’re into celebrity scandal, P.E. teachers getting frisky or nipple piercings, it’s highly unlikely you’ll leave this Snapchat scandal roundup unhappy.

College Students Snap Stadium Sex Session
Snapchat Scandals
Two students at the University of Tennessee broke into their school’s football stadium on Valentine’s Day and had sex, which they put on Snapchat, in the box seating. Tennessee fans must’ve been proud, especially when they saw the great pun that was used (the Tennessee Vols is their team name). How about our use of the term “box seating?” Pretty good, huh?

Professor Fired for “Snapping It On”
Snapchat Scandals
Yeah, we just came up with that term. A college professor was fired after he snapped himself getting it onwith one of his students. From the stills and small amount of sexy video we have of her backside, we can at least say it was probably worth it. If it were a high school teacher, it’d be the worst thing ever, but this…this isn’t so bad. They probably threw him a party.

Gigi Hadid Allegedly Doing Drugs
Snapchat Scandals
During a 2015 Victoria’s Secret PINK Show, Gigi Hadid was snapped by Cody Simpson (her boyfriend who was hosting the Miami Spring Break event) doing what appears to be drugs behind a DJ booth. Hadid was outraged, claiming she is not a drug user. We’re not sure what other activity involves that posture, but if she says she’s not into the booger sugar, we might as well believe her.

Florida P.E. Teacher Learns the Hard Way
Snapchat Scandals
Dionne Younce was a 28-year-old physical education teacher at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida, who was suspended in January and fired in February for sending inappropriate photos to more than one of her male students. As of January, she was not yet arrested during the investigation but is possibly facing multiple felony charges.

Kylie Jenner “High AF” and Nipple Piercings
Snapchat Scandals
The Jenners are all about grabbing people’s attention. Kylie Jenner, in particular, has been known to do and say just about anything on Snapchat photos. One leaked video caught her allegedly talking about how she was “high as f*ck,” but she claims she was saying “good as f*ck” in reference to food she was eating at the time. She also debuted her nipple piercings, along with more than a dozen other scandalous Snapchat moments, back in 2015. Careful, she was only 17 at the time.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Bachelorette” Fail
Snapchat Scandals
Anyone who’s anyone knows that in season 11 of “The Bachelorette,” Shawn B. won the final rose. But many fans got the spoiler ahead of time when they accidentally snapped some leaked photos of them to their producer. It seems they wasted everyone’s time, but then again, everyone loves a good Snapchat scandal. We’re not sure who’s dumber: the people who screwed that up or the people who care.

Calum Hood’s Peen
Snapchat Scandals
The 5 Seconds of Summer bassist gave Snapchat folks 6 seconds of peen in 2014. Instead of making lame excuses, he owned it and responded to the pandemonium with “at least you know what it looks like now.” See, this is what bassists have to do for attention nowadays.

Zoella in Her Skivvies
Snapchat Scandals
This hot YouTube girl snapped herself in bed in a white jumper, which eventually ended in her showing off some wholesome Calvin Klein underwear. Despite having a fairly clean track record and the photo itself not being too revealing, fans were outraged based on the low end of the age range of the YouTuber’s fan base.

DJ Tigerlily’s Edited Snap
Snapchat Scandals
In recent “news,” Australian DJ Tigerlily was a little upset when her playfully censored flash, which cleverly placed emojis on the inappropriate areas, was edited and uploaded without the censors. She responded angrily about the sexual violation, then donated $5,000 to charity, but we already got our charity when we got a taste of the real Tigerlily.

Ole Miss Scandal
Snapchat Scandals
In winter of 2014, a Snapchat username for @olemiss_snaps was uploading several photos and videos of nudity and drug use during finals. The police began investigating, which ended in the account being suspended. In attempts to save face, the account was then changed to OM_snaps. Way to cover up, guys.


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