10 Scandalous Public Celebrity Meltdowns

Life must be hard as a celeb, with its wealth, fame, legions of adoring fans and just as many legions of detractors, jealous or otherwise. However, celebrity is a precarious tightrope of protocol and endless style over substance. Just a random gaffe from someone in the glare of the public eye and they are blinded by scrutiny and drowned by roars of criticism that were once cries of adulation.

But every now and then a celebrity abandons their painstakingly sculpted PR image and for a number of reasons, act like a feral beast when released from the cage of stardom and into the wilds of reality. The media consumers, us as the general public, are not particularly blameless when it comes to celebrities falling apart. Although many of us idolize these individuals to the point, we kind of harbour a sadistic inner kernel of spite that wishes to witness these individuals crash and burn too.

So this following article is a haven for such individuals. Gather around and observe some of the weirdest and more spectacular unraveling and showing us just what lies beneath the ever so immaculately coiffed and cultured superstar veneer they project our way.


10. Christian Bale: “What the f*** are you doing!?”


Christian Bale has been known to be somewhat of a ‘method actor.” Method actors are known for being quirky at best and downright loony at worst. Bale’s efforts to get into character are themselves stuff of Hollywood legends. From such extremes to beefing up for American Psycho and American Hustle, to his shocking weight loss for films such as The Machinist and The Fighter, Bale is dedicated as an actor, rigidly and strictly devoting himself to a role to exact the best from his performance and to make the most of the part for himself and the audience. Yet it seems that he is so method that Bale forgets that a film needs a crew to record his masterful work, especially the vaunted Director of Photography. On the set of Terminator Salvation, the actor’s rage began thrashing worse than the T-1000 when he fell in lava in Terminator 2! Apparently disturbed by the Director of Photography, Shane Haribut, Christian Bale launched into a tirade worthy of his American Psycho character, Patrick Bateman – minus the random, bloody murder.

9. Mel Gibson: “You have no f******g soul!”

Another superstar who formerly cultivated a flawless image and was adored by legions of (especially female) fans is Mel Gibson. The Braveheart star went Apocalypto on his career, by launching into a variety of rants on race and even making overt threats to his ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva, having the audacity to demand some ‘fun’ from her first. In 2006, Mad Max’s Thunderdome (oh dear) imploded when Mel made glaring anti-Semitic remarks towards the police officer who arrested him for driving drunk. He apologized for the remarks, yet they left an irreparable blot on his career, the What Women Want star unfortunately no longer what neither women nor producers want, at all.

8. Bjork’s BEATDOWN

By far, one of the most memorable celebrity meltdown moments comes from the Icelandic pop star, Bjork. After arriving in Bangkok, the singer seemed exhausted and stressed, but you need to be at a whole new level to flip out over a mere cordial greeting! Draped over her trolley, Bjork enters wearily, clearly pissed off. Her tenuous hold on her rage snaps as a reporter heartily greets: “Welcome to Bangkok!” Fatigue turns feral as the Icelander launches herself at the journalist, attacking rather viciously until security drags her away. In the arms of two burly guards, the diminutive songstress attempts round two (to be fair, the journalist did have the audacity to land a few well timed blows to Bjork’s head with her microphone!) Bjork’s record company responded to the controversy by saying that the reporter had been relentlessly following Bjork for several days.

7. Orson Welles: “That doesn’t make any sense!”



The acclaimed actor and filmmaker of the arguably one of the most important movies ever, Citizen Kane, blossomed into a full Rosebud of craziness while recording a voiceover for Findus frozen foods in 1970. The director clearly thought those on set needed a masterclass, or he just wanted to hijack the airwaves and re-enact the stunt that made him (in)famous, a live on-air reading of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds that the panicked masses mistook for an actual news report in 1938. One of the pitfalls of matching a great mind with the glitzy lure of advertising is that the mind might point out the vacuousness. This is what Welles does. He berates the director about the usage of language and grammar, how the prose is jumbled and rushed. Apparently, such merciless, plain and unabashed advertising and the legendary wit were not ‘two peas in a pod!’

6. Tom Cruise: “I’ve never agreed with psychiatry. Ever.”

It seems like getting through to Scientology guru Tom Cruise is a Mission Impossible. On a show with Matt Lauer, the film star went on a senseless diatribe against psychiatry, claiming it pseudo-science, all while firmly believing that ancient alien spirits have been trapped by an alien overlord in human bodies for millions of years. Allegedly, Cruise is the go to guy for a history of psychiatry and its drugs, a real man of many talents (perhaps delusions… we only hope he doesn’t think any of his roles were real!) Clearly he was influenced by Scientology but refused to acknowledge it, asserting that Matt’s opinions are inferior and his points are glib. In 2008, Cruise was interviewed by Matt Lauer again. He went on to apologize for ‘his arrogance.’ Existing for millions of years and from another planet, yet only learning humility in the space of a decade? Evidently, Tom’s Cruise’s lines of thought are doubtlessly a Risky Business

5. Jessica Savitch: “That’s not acceptable!”

When she burst, NBC New York anchor Jessica Savitch was clearly fed up with having to handle the same incompetence each week from her crew. According to her, none of the people surrounding her had gotten the bulletin that she was going live in a newscast. Her outburst arrives after she has to guess the countdown to when she goes on the air. She makes certain she lets everyone know just how inept this faux pas is! “This is live TV, folks!” she yells at the clueless individuals moving back and forth behind the cameras… Good thing they had the presence of mind to steer clear of her in the actual broadcast if they managed to piss her off this much on a dry run!

4. Tyra Banks: “How dare you?!”

Whilst hosting and judging the hit show America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks spared no pity for languishing contestant Tiffany, walking her down a runway with only a heavy dose of reality as her garment. Contestant Tiffany took her situation petulantly and Tyra didn’t take too well to her litany of excuses for failure, shouting her down and trashing the difficulties Tiffany had been through. It was then that Tyra Banks coined the indefatigable: “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” and “You don’t know where the hell I come from, you have no idea what I’ve been through.” A proper dressing down in the bitchiest of ‘fashions’ from the model!

3. Alec Baldwin: “I’m gonna straighten your a** out!”


Parents are known to get angry with their children, but the actor and member of the Baldwin acting dynasty, ex-husband to Oscar winner Kim Basinger, really tore into his daughter on a voicemail released by TMZ in 2007. Apparently his daughter Ireland had broken a phone date with him, letting the call going to voicemail. In the message he left her, Baldwin vents his frustrations to his young daughter, even going so far as to call her a: “rude, thoughtless pig” even though she was only 12! After directing further vitriol at her and her mother, he hangs up the phone. After the message was leaked, the Baldwin brother apologized, claiming it was more a rant at Kim Basinger than his daughter.

2. Kanye West: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”

No countdown is complete without featuring Kanye West at least once! In a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina, the rapper was making a live appeal with Austin Powers actor Mike Myers (it’s a mystery as to who thought they would make a good pairing to present something together, a comedy sketch would be misguided, let alone a live charity TV appeal!) Kanye West gets more and more frustrated throughout his speech, as his tone and words grow a little incoherent, further asserting that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people!” shocking Mike Myers and even leaving comedian and Rush Hour and Fifth Element actor Chris Tucker wide eyed and speechless for a split second!

1. Charlie Sheen: “I probably took more than anybody could survive…”

Charlie Sheen‘s meltdown was, in movie terms, epic. Engulfed in his drug addiction and running around with young women constantly draped on his arm, Charlie Sheen (who claimed he had the DNA of a tiger) had a very public meltdown in 2011. He seemed to be constantly on international news for most of that year. Apparently nonchalant from his firing from Two and a Half Men, he remained completely shameless in interviews, riding the headlines like a mad surfer rides the waves. He even landed a new role in a sitcom called Anger Management, which featured a cameo from his acrimoniously divorced ex-wife Denise Richards. It seems as though notoriety is the antidote to hatred!


10 Scandalous Public Celebrity Meltdowns

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Charlie is the man. I don’t think many could survive his life’s roller coaster.

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