10 Scariest Cursed Items In Horror Movie History


Thinking about renovating your home anytime soon? Well, that’s nice and all, but don’t go to any second-hand shops, or garage sales, or old dusty attics, or anywhere else you can’t get yourself a solid sales receipt and a refund guarantee should there happen to be a centuries-old demon lurking inside. Because unfortunately – if films are anything to go by – pesky creatures from the underworld have a habit of infesting these things.

Unfortunately, the characters in these movies learned the hard way: if it’s a beautiful antique that will really set off your dining room, there’s probably something deeply, demonically wrong with it.

Over the years, there have been some incredibly powerful horror artefacts uncovered and more often than not, they lead to some seriously bad things happening…

10.  Lament Configuration – Hellraiser

Dimension Films

A box not dissimilar to a Rubik’s Cube, this charming little contraption is not for the faint-hearted. If you manage to solve the puzzle, instead of the warm feeling of pride as you chuck the thing to one side never to be touched again, you instead get a host of interdimensional demonic creatures intent on inflicting nothing but pain appearing in your living room.

The Cenobites and their leader Pinhead are intrinsically connected to the Lament Configuration, and cracking their code is enough to bring them forth from whatever plane they so happen to be inhabiting.

You’d think they would offer up a prize for managing to get them out, but the clue really is in the name here with ‘Lament.’ They could be clearer by calling it the ‘Tear You Apart With Hooks Puzzle You Shouldn’t Solve’, but that’s hardly as catchy.

9. The Video Game – Brainscan

Coral Productions

Turns out, video games can really rot your brain, so you should probably ring your mother up and apologise.

Brainscan’s premise is that of a video game that plays out its horrific violent actions in real life, meaning any murderous actions undertaken on screen actually happen to the people of a local town. Ruling over the game is Trickster, some creepy cyber-ghoul with a taste for nasty actions and sticking his fingers into electric sockets, who consistently pushes the player to continue wreaking havoc.

Once the disk gets a hold on you, it doesn’t let up, and neither does its eye-gouging, finger-breaking, demonic possessing host. Just don’t go hunting out hyper-realistic horror games and you should be safe from this one, unless Trickster gets a taste for Viva Pinata. Then we’re all f*cked.

8. The Tape – Ringu


Remember video tapes? Sadako does, and like any self-respecting retro hipster, she’s a real big fan.

Tying her consciousness to an old VHS and haunting anyone that comes into contact with it, watching the creepy images bound to the little black box results in death exactly 7 days later. The physical tape itself is nothing frightening on the surface, just a simple plastic box: but playing it results in an eerie collection of short clips both intriguing and disturbing in equal measure.

Honestly, there’s better home movies to be found on unmarked VHS tapes which I’m sure the seedier side of the internet could direct you to. It’s just unfortunate that this innocuous, unmarked tape has such dire consequences – but at the very least, the advent of streaming should keep us safe. Netflix will distract you from any creepy viral sensations if Rings is anything to go by.

7. The Monkey’s Paw – The Monkey’s Paw

TMP Films

Adapted to film both in 1948 and 2013, The Monkey’s Paw is a story that many will have experienced even if not on the cinema screen. From The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror, to Are You Afraid of the Dark?, to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the idea of a cursed monkey’s paw able to grant three wishes has appeared on screen for generations. And so has it’s crazy consequences.

The paw will give you anything you want, at the price of an unknown punishment for meddling with fate. Wishing someone back from the dead as people so often do in these stories seems to be the one that really goes wrong, with creatures not intended to walk the Earth climbing out their graves and upsetting everyone in the process.

That such an innocuous item has so much power is the scariest thought here, and that you never really know what price you’ll pay to get your wish. It really goes without saying: don’t trust a piece of magic monkey jerky.

6. 1958 Plymouth Fury – Christine

Columbia Pictures

If anyone can make a possessed car scary, it’s Stephen King, the writer who conceptualised the 1958 Plymouth Fury with a mind of its own. Christine in the film adaptation is a jealous lump of metal, taking out anyone that gets too close to her owner or defaces her showroom quality exterior, revealing herself to be more and more powerful as the movie unfolds.

Whilst a self-driving car intent on destruction actually seems like a nifty thing to have if you can control it, Christine’s owners all meet the same grisly fate after being pretty much *driven* insane. She’s a strong, independent car who don’t need no man, and as such, it’s far better to stay away from the evil vehicle unless you don’t really value your organs staying inside your body.

As impressive as the Plymouth Fur is, you’re better off riding a bike.

5. Room 1408 – 1408

Dimension Films

As far as items go, room 1408 is a big one. An entire hotel room in fact, on the 13th floor, who’s internal numbers add up to 13, and is therefore the most cursed and evil room ever to exist.

When professional skeptic Mike Enslin decides to test just how spooky 1408 can get, he obviously gets more than his money’s worth: meeting ghostly victims of the room as well as facing up against the traumas of his own past.

If the room isn’t attacking him with zombie corpses, trying to drown him in an ocean sprung from a painting, or offering him up his own noose – it’s supernaturally letting him think he’s escaped before pulling him right back into its dated decor once more. Take the cognac and go if you’re ever in this situation, dear reader, the credit card charges for flooding your room with a literal sea aren’t worth it.

4. The Mirror – Oculus

Relativity Media

A problematic mirror isn’t a new concept. Amityville: A New Generation, From Beyond The Grave, and of course the inventively titled Mirrors all toy with the idea of a mirror being a gateway to something insidious, and Oculus joins their ranks with an evil iteration that turns those reflected into the worst versions of themselves.

Supernaturally implanting hallucinations that cause them to lose their minds, the Russell family each succumb to the mirror’s dark intent – though it’s never actually clear what its presumably demonic origin is.

In any case, unless you’re dedicated to looking a mess, a haunted mirror really is an issue. For one so easily to reach out and warp the minds of those simply near it is pretty terrifying: even if it does really make the room look bigger and add some antique chic, it’s best to just get yourself a store-bought instead of a frame forged in the fires of hell.

3.  Necronomicon – Evil Dead

New Line Cinema

An item integral to potentially hundreds of horror movies over the years, the Necronomicon has gone by many names, but The Book of the Dead is its most appropriate.

A tome, a grimoire, a generic old and sacred text found in the grotty depths of basements the world over, the Necronomicon has appeared in plenty of horror movies over the years, with the Evil Dead franchise being its most infamous. Of course, it originally was born from the mind of writer H. P. Lovecraft, but has been bastardised in excellent fashion ever since.

Able to conjure up the living dead as well as being full of plenty of other icky business, the evil book causes nothing but trouble for those that decide to do some light reading from a giant leathery book with a literal screaming face on the front. Can’t really say it doesn’t warn you.

2. Dybbuk Box – The Possession


Like any self respecting scary movie, The Possession borrows from ‘a true story’ to tell its terrifying tale of a box containing an evil entity intent on taking over a little girls body. Unlike most scary movies however, this one is ACTUALLY true. Or at least, about as true as these things get.

The dybbuk box has long captured the attention of the amateur paranormal investigator community (yes, that’s a thing), cited as a wine cabinet that contains a malicious spirit, the dybbuk, that wants to possess the living. In The Possession, the creature from Jewish mythology is discovered by young Hannah at a garage sale, whispering through its confinement in a sealed box before attempting to inhabit her body as its own and infesting her house with moths.

Purposefully messing with the supernatural is one thing, but simply opening a kitschy box and having your body taken over by some unpleasant slippery creature is just unfortunate. If it’s too good to be getting as a second-hand discount, just don’t buy it.

1. Costume – Clown

Dimension Films

Now, this cursed item would is truly quite horrible to encounter. What appears to be a clown costume, worn by a desperate father trying to impress his son on his birthday, actually turns out to be the hair and skin of an ancient demon. Because of course it is.

Wearing the suit means that the creature becomes one with its wearer, fusing all parts of its outfit into one’s own skin as two become one. The only way to stop it is to consume five children, or get decapitated, neither of which is particularly appealing.

Clown plays out as the devolution of dad Kent as the costume takes over his mind and body, transforming his blood to rainbows and rendering suicide impossible. The contrast between no-one else taking him seriously in his outfit and his hunger for flesh is a chilling one – and a warning to not put anything you find in someone’s old basement on your face. If it’s not got people germs, it’s got a sadistic demon living in it.

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