Super Bowl time also means it’s time for sexy sports-related ads. Whether you’re a fan of the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, it’s completely irrelevant, since everybody is a fan of these sexy Super Bowl ads. Here we rank the best and sexiest ads ever broadcasted between the Super Bowl.

Cindy Crawford, Pepsi (1992)

This ’90s classic commercial with one-of-a-kind supermodel, Cindy Crawford, was the only thing Pepsi had against Coke back then. Well, that and the Terrifying Uses for Coca Cola. Maybe if they brought that the old cans…

Charlotte McKinney, Carl’s Jr. (2015)

Charlotte McKinney is one of several great Carl’s Jr. ads that hit around Super Bowl Time. This one in particular got a big response last year, as her slow bouncing boobs made quite a public splash. Here’s the extended cut of some cleverly disguised ta-tas.

Britney Spears, Pepsi (2001)

Back in the height of her prime, Britney Spears was invited to introduce the reinvention of Pepsi with those icy blue cans. This was back when she had the body of a goddess and took up most of our free time. This commercial would not go over well if it were shot today.

Megan Fox, Motorola (2010)

Right after the release of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” we got some pretty sexy Megan Fox in her prime. This was right before Michael Bay — of “Michael Bay Sucks” — fired and replaced Fox for his 2011 “Transformers” closer. Now she’s April for the new Michael Bay “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot. We’re confused, delighted and turned on all at once. Well played, Motorola.

Danica Patrick, GoDaddy (2014)

There was a whole series of Danica-led GoDaddy commercials (which ended in 2015), but this 2014 Super Bowl ad featuring a sexy body paint model was just fantastic.

PETA Veggie Love (2009)

This is, by far, the greatest collaboration between sexy body parts and fresh produce we’ve seen in commercial form. PETA is surprisingly the cleverest of sexy Super Bowl ads, giving us this 2009 gem once upon a time with a number of delectable babes.

Kate Upton, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s (2014)

If more drive-in movies were like this and included Kate Upton, they would’ve never gone out of style. Between delicious burgers, sexy blondes and fast cars, who needs the Super Bowl?

Hannah Ferguson & Paris Hilton, Carl’s Jr. (2015)

Not one, but two sexy blonde babes get our attention with this soapy, sudsy Texas BBQ Thicburger Carl’s Jr. ad — we promise, it’s the last one — featuring classic blonde Paris Hilton and new, trending sexy blonde,Hannah Ferguson. Is this how you wash your truck? It better be!

Adriana Lima, Kia (2012)

What starts out as a regular every-day ad quickly turns into every man’s dream. Stick with this one for a second and catch a glimpse of Adriana Lima like you’ve never seen her (cheering for you) along with a number of other sexy fan girls in this 2012 car ad for the Super Bowl.

Doritos Hot Girl (2014)

We searched and searched but all we could find out about her was her name: hot Doritos girl. A hilariously delicious ad, we got a little distracted from the game there, didn’t we?





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