10 Shocking Failed Imposters

10 Shocking Failed Imposters


The phony plastic surgeon who performed face lifts

A man in Denver posed as a plastic surgeon and performed face lifts and tummy tucks without anesthesia and even took things a step further by sexually assaulting some patients.

Carlos Hernandez Fernandez, 36, was a surgical assistant, who decided to forgo legit training and just opened a practice on his own, charging women thousands for cosmetic surgeries. A lawyer for one victim said, “She felt the actual cutting of her skin. She felt every minute of it while it was going on and complained to the doctor.”

Fernandez was caught and pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and criminal impersonation. He faces a possible six years in prison and is forced to pay out $175,000 to his victims. (Source)


The David Lee Roth impersonator involved in a murderous Satanic love triangle

David Kuntz-Angel 52, was well-known in Ontario for impersonating Van Halen singer David Lee Roth. When he was stopped for speeding, he told officers he was Roth and was having an allergic reaction to nuts. He was sent to a hospital to recover, but was out later that night at a club, posing for photos and identifying himself, again, as Roth.

Now, apparently, the party is over. Imitation Diamond Dave has been charged with a long list of sexual assaults against a number of women and children, and his live-in girlfriend has been put away for stabbing a rival for Kuntz’s affection to death. The murderess claimed that Kuntz was a Satanist who used mind control to inspire her to proceed with the killing.

The imposter is awaiting trial. (Source)


The fake personal care aide who raped a brain damaged woman

A man posing as a PCA took advantage of a 31-year-old woman with a rare brain disease that he met at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. The woman, who uses a walker, a leg brace, and has the cognitive abilities of a 4th grader, met Corey Gordon, 42, at a rehab center for her therapy sessions. For months Gordon told the staff that he was a PCA, and would have sex with the brain damaged woman in private rooms at the center. Her family became suspicious after seeing texts from the imposter on the victim’s phone, and police arrested Gordon, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2014. (Source)


The fake fireman who set a fire to attack a woman

Notorious sex fiend Peter Braunstein, a man with an extensive list of creepy crimes to his name, once dressed up as a fireman for Halloween, set a fire, and then fooled a New York City woman into letting him into her apartment to put the fire out. Once inside, he snuffed her out with a rag doused with chloroform, then tied her up and videotaped himself molesting her for 13 hours. He became known as the “Halloween Rapist.” He was found in an ensuing manhunt, on a Memphis college campus. When police approached, Braunstein began stabbing himself in the neck but wasn’t able to kill himself. He now sits in prison, with multiple sex crime convictions. (Source)


The legendary imposter charged with even more swindling

Despite gaining a scandalous reputation from the film Chameleon Street, and decades of convictions for impersonating doctors, lawyers, and professional athletes, William Douglas Street, Jr. 64, apparently can’t rein in his strange compulsion. The scam artist assumed the identity of William Benn Stratton—who Street had read a news article about—that revealed the man’s credentials and began passing bad checks in his name. He had obtained diplomas, transcripts, a U.S. Military Academy class ring in Stratton’s name, and even a lab coat from a University of Michigan medical clinic. “He was at U of M, saw the lab coat laying around and he picked it up. He’s just an opportunist. If he sees something, he takes it and takes on that role,” says a detective. He now faces a few years in jail.  (Source | Photo)


The Justin Bieber impersonator who faces 931 sex charges

An Australian man posed as Justin Bieber online and lured at least 150 children into sending him sexually explicit photos.

Gordon Chalmers was charged in November 2016 for using the internet to procure and groom children for sex and to access child pornography.  A law lecturer at Queensland University, the 42-year-old Chalmers somehow convinced hundreds of minors for more than a decade that they were communicating with Bieber simply by using photos of the pop idol. After police had raided his home, Chalmers was hit with 931 charges, including rape.
(Source | Photo)


The fraud who desperately wanted to be a dentist

After developing a social media persona that made it appear that he was a dentist, Omar Anwar attempted to take dental exams at a Canadian University.

With an Instagram page filled with selfies of Anwar next to luxury cars, in a t-shirt that read “I am a Dental Surgeon, do you think a sane person would do this job?” and photos with hashtags like #dentist #surgery #hardwork, he cultivated the image of a successful dentist. Armed with forged medical school documents, and a ton of self-delusion, Omar applied for the exams but was quickly unmasked and arrested. “It’s very unusual, it’s not something we come across very often,”  said a dental board official. (Source)


The crazed felon out on bail posing as an Uber driver

In April 2016, Dartanyun Lamar Smith, a convicted felon out on bail, posed as an Uber driver and picked up a woman in downtown Los Angeles. He then drove a couple of blocks and began beating and sodomizing her, choking her into unconsciousness three times. Neighbors who heard the victim’s screams called the police. They smashed open the windows of the SUV and fired a shot at the rapist that missed. The man drove off, later dumping his prey and escaping capture. Eventually, he was caught, charged with rape and assault on a police officer, and now faces life in prison. (Source)


The test-taking student scheme gone wrong

In May 2017, three Chinese students were arrested when it was discovered that they had hired Yue Wang, another Chinese student at Hult International Business School, to take English exams that would gain them admission to prominent U.S. universities.

After failing their initial tests, the students paid Wang nearly $7000 to take another test for them. All three were admitted to the colleges before the fraud was uncovered. This was the latest incidence of test taking scams—it is similar to another from 2005 when 15 Chinese students were charged for the same scheme.


The creepy Justin Bieber imposter caught in a sting operation

In another Justin Bieber scam, a 34-year-old Toronto man, Lee Moir, used a fake Facebook page to lure a 12-year-old girl into webcam sex acts. When the girl stopped complying, Moir threatened to harm her family. The police were notified, and a sting was set up using an undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. After engaging in sexually graphic conversations with the “teenager,” Lee arranged a meeting and was instead greeted by police. If convicted, the fake Bieber faces more than 30 years in jail. (Source | Photo)


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