10 Shocking Restaurant Receipts


A Kiwi chef in Brooklyn speaks out against Trump’s controversial immigration policies

A Brooklyn-based chef from New Zealand made his feelings about President Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies known by adding a note to the bottom of each receipt that leaves his restaurant.

Mark Simmons of Kiwiana Cafe printed the following message on all receipts: “Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today).” The message came after Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations, sparking outrage and protests the world over. (Source)


A waitress is denied a gratuity by a couple who “only tip citizens”

Adam Dart and his significant other declined to tip Sadie Karina, a waitress in Jess’ Lunch Downtown in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Why? Well, according to their receipt, they “only tip citizens.” Nice couple. (Though it doesn’t really matter, Karina was born in the U.S.)

Karina’s grandfather, John Elledge, posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook and wrote, “Adam Dart. You are a complete and total piece of dung.” He also promised he’d “happily do the jail time if I could get just one solid punch in the face of the son of a bitch who paid for his meal at the luncheonette where my granddaughter works.” (Source)


The customer who found Christmas music offensive

You gotta be a real Scrooge to hate Christmas music as much as this diner did—his complaint on a receipt left at Michael’s Tasting Room in St. Augustine, Florida in 2016 went viral, after being posted on Facebook by owner Chef Michael Lugo.

The receipt reads, “Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing ‘holiday’ music or less religious themed.” The post has since received over 1000 comments and dozens of shares, with many rallying in support of the restaurant manager’s decision to play Christmas music which he claims he will continue to do. (Source)


An Aboriginal man takes the high road when confronted with racism

Jarred Wall, an Aboriginal man from Perth, Western Australia, gave the perfect response to two senior women who sat beside him at a cafe and made some racist remarks.

Wall was dining with a friend (also of Aboriginal descent) when he overheard the offensive discussion of the ladies next to him. Instead of unleashing a “tirade of abuse” against them, he did something nice to show them the error of their ways. He bought them a pot of tea and identified himself and his friend on the receipt, in hopes the women “will be a little wiser and think before they speak.” (Source)


A popular waitress is denied a tip because of her looks

Taelor Beeck, a waitress at Zombie Burger in Des Moines Iowa, was shocked to see a negative note left on a receipt when she closed out one of her tables in March 2016. On a bill worth $17.26, the tip line was crossed out. In its place were the words “Tips are only for normal looking people.”

Taelor sports pink hair and describes herself as “weird.” She says she’ll keep flaunting the style that reflects her personality. Orchestrate Hospitality, the parent company of Zombie Burger, is standing behind its employee and says Taelor is one of the restaurant’s most popular waitresses.


The patrons who bonded with their waitress, despite their political differences

Not everything is bad—a note left for a waitress at the popular Washington D.C. restaurant Busboys and Poets is, in the establishments words, “a lovely act of kindness.”

Waitress Rosalynd Harris was working her shift at the restaurant when she sat a table of men that she would later learn were from Texas and in town to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration. The group hit if off with her, despite their political differences. After they left, she read the note they left behind. It said, “We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American. God Bless!” Then, she saw the $450 tip left on a $70 bill.

Harris later said, “This definitely reshaped my perspective. Republican, Democrat, liberal are all subcategories to what we are experiencing,” she said. “It instills a lot of hope.” (Source)


A controversial writer leaves an offensive note in a New Mexico resturant

Controversial Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos has creating even more of a negative buzz than usual after a message he and some buddies left on a credit card receipt before they left an Albuquerque restaurant in January 2017 went viral.

Yiannopoulos and a group of friends stopped to eat at a Buffalo Wild Wings on their way out of town. When he paid, he also left a message on the receipt for his $139.81 tab. Yiannopoulos took a photo of it, then posted it to Snapchat. It read, “Good evening to everyone except the gays.” The area designated to leave a tip was left blank. Then, written across in capital letters are the three words “no tip crew.” It’s also signed “God hates f*** sorry about it.” (Yiannopoulos is gay, making the whole thing even more perplexing.)

A manager at the restaurant said that someone from the group did end up leaving a cash tip on the table before leaving. (Source)


Patrons receive a discount after a rat sighting

A discount?! EVERYTHING should have been free at this Folsom, California restaurant, where a customer’s receipt revealed a $30.95 “SEEN RAT” discount.

A patron apparently spotted the rat running around near her feet at Fat’s Asian Bistro and notified staff. She never got to speak to a manager. Instead, she was handed a receipt by her server with the discount. Kevin Fat, CEO of Fat’s Restaurant Group, said the eatery’s staff acted appropriately and immediately contacted a pest control firm, which could not find any sign of rats in the building. The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department sent a health inspector, who also didn’t find any signs of infestation. It’s believed that the rat temporarily sought shelter in the restaurant during a spot of bad weather in the area. (Source)


A “hangry” man declares his love for a resturant

Sometimes you love something or someone so much that it makes you angry. This note posted to Imgur by user PerUsualGiven was given to him by his cousin, who works at Burger Antics just outside of Chicago. It turns out that their food is ruining this customer’s life, but in a good way. The stunned burger joint posted his hangry missive in April 2016, and it, of course, went viral. (Source)


A customer’s anti-LGBT “joke” is left on a receipt

If this your idea of Christianity, then you might need a refresher course. Kyle Griffith, a waiter at Buffalo Wild Wings (what is with this chain?) in Louisville, KY received a hateful message instead of a tip on a recent bill of sale. The message read: “Sorry I don’t tip faggots,” along with a hashtag, “#UNeedJesus.”

The crushed server posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook, in order to spread awareness of hate encountered by LGBT people, but took out the customer’s name from the image to prevent a backlash against her. The post was later removed, but not before going viral, and not before the customer who had written the offending message apologized. She claimed that the remarks had been a joke. (Source)


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