10 Shocking Things You Can See On Google Maps



You might know Google Maps as “that thing which lets you virtually navigate your own street whenever you’re bored” (seriously, just go outside), or as “the essential application for anyone looking to track down famous celebrities in order to stalk them for an unprecedented amount of time” (whatever), but it’s also proven itself to be rather adept at capturing some surprisingly shocking and unexpected things that just so happened to be occurring at the exact moment when those Google cars decided to snap a few pictures of our good planet Earth.

That’s to say, given the fact that Google Maps’ purpose is to render the entire world in a series of still, inter-connecting virtual images, it’s entirely possible to stumble upon all kinds of bizarre scenarios, objects and – yes – unidentified anomalies as you randomly navigate the globe online.

The chances of you stumbling upon one of these instances on your own are pretty slim of course, unless you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at maps (in which case, get out more), which is why it’s good that someone else has put the hard work in and found 10 of the most shocking things that you can currently see on Google Maps.

Who knows what else is out there, just waiting to be found?

10. Manchester Alley

Oh, Manchester: your reputation precedes you. So here’s a lovely image of a prostitute hard at work in an alleyway in ol’ Cottonopolis, clearly giving a lucky customer a handjob in the broad daylight.

In a notable instance of perfect synchronization, this moment occurred at the exact time Google went by to capture the area – the prostitute even seems to be making eye contact with the car as it cruises past, but God forbid the sight of a moving vehicle might prevent her from finishing.

To be fair, the world seems to have just assumed that this image depicts a prostitute and her client. It might just be, you know, a resourceful couple making the most of this space.

9. Man On A Mission

Nobody is entirely sure where this image was taken, but it doesn’t look like it ended well for the guy driving around in the Google car photographing the area.

So here we can see a man walking towards the camera clinging onto what appears to be a handgun – though at first glance this looks like a scene out of a gritty Eastern European drama, it’s strange to think that this actually happened in real life at one point.

What’s the story? Thankfully, the guy in the background doesn’t appear to have been shot, but we’d really, really like to know what’s on his mind.

8. “Lake Blood”

Well, that’s kind of disturbing, isn’t it? This overhead image – technically discovered on Google Earth, but too weird not to include – comes from just outside Sadr City, and depicts what can only be described as a “bloody lake of death.”

So what is this thing, then, aside from being the place where the world’s murderers seem to be collectively stashing their victims? Well, the creepy thing is: nobody knows. As of yet, there’s no official explanation as to what this large, red pool of horror actually is.

Just don’t go swimming near Sadr City if you happen to be colourblind, then.

7. The Dead Body Of A 14-Year-Old Boy

Seriously. Jose Barrera, a man from San Francisco, recently contacted Google when he discovered an image of what he believes to be his deceased 14-year-old son, who was shot and killed back in 2009.

In the image, you can just make out what looks like a body – dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans – lying near a train track, surrounded by police officers (there’s also a police car). Barrera has asked Google to remove the image from their system, claiming that it brings back memories of the incident.

As of now, the boy’s mysterious death remains unsolved.

6. She (Or He) Just Couldn’t Hold It Any Longer…

We’re sorry that you actually have to see this, but we told you this list would be partly disgusting. Oh, we didn’t? Okay, well, consider that to be fair warning.

To be honest, this image from Madrid, Spain from the good year 2009, is rather self-explanatory: what sort of looks like a woman, but also looks sort of like a man, too, obviously couldn’t wait to get home to relieve themselves, and settled for squatting down behind a car in the street in – yes – broad daylight.

Stare in amazement as the urine trickles down the roadside, then. Oh, humanity – what has become of you?

5. Detroit Gunslinger

Gangs looking to advertise their presence to the world at large can’t do much better than getting themselves on Google Maps, which is what happened when these Detroit-based gunslingers assembled on their porch when the car came a calling.

You can see here, then, that one of the people in the photo is pointing what appears to be a semi-automatic weapon at the ground. Again: you have to wonder what the employee who was taking these images thought at the point when such things were happening.

Rather disturbingly, a 17-month old baby was apparently discovered dead in a closet on the street where this was taken just a few weeks earlier.

4. Out With The Mannequins!

This might only be shocking at first glance, but you have to admit there’s something incredibly spooky about all these mannequins being thrown away like that – this looks like a screenshot from the latest Silent Hill game, after all.

We’re not debating the fact that these mannequins shouldn’t have been done away with, of course (they’re creepy as hell), but the person responsible should have been a bit more careful about trying not to terrify the living heck out of all the unlucky people who presumably walked by and had an involuntary bowel movement upon spotting these monsters.

3. He Sleeps With The Fishes?

What comes to mind when you look at the above image? Let us read your thoughts: you’re imagining a scenario in which two guys – probably Mafia-aligned – are about to throw a dead body into a lake, right? I mean, sure, we probably implanted that scenario in your head with that Godfather reference in the title, but still… that’s almost definitely what’s going on here, don’t you think?

Well, for a while, that’s what the world thought, too, until they found out all that “blood” was just a water trail left on the dock by a wet dog. Um, not quite so shocking, but still, uh, “good”?

2. Plane Crash

Although this looks like it might have been whipped up on Photoshop or something, the image you’re seeing there is actually real – as in, it’s viewable on Google Maps. But it has to be a joke, right? A wreckage of an actual plane crash, caught on Google Maps… there’s gotta be a reason why we didn’t hear about it.

Well, yes: although the image is real and the objects you’re seeing really were there when the picture was taken, the plane crash itself was faked. It was part of a set for NBC’s Trauma back in 2009, which was filmed on location at a Navy base in Alameda Point in California.

So, for once, here’s a picture of a plane crash that you can genuinely enjoy.

1. Baby’s Day Out

Arguably the most shocking image on this list, then, is this one, which shows us a baby outside of a Gucci shop in some random corner of the world, seemingly abandoned and flying solo. This is one of those “fill-in-the-gaps” scenarios where you try to conjure up a plausible story in your head as to why this infant has been left alone in the middle of nowhere, and so close to the roadside (not to mention that there’s a big patch of what we can only presume is that Spanish woman’s urine from the earlier photo).

Still, neglected or not, this baby has some seriously good taste.

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