Bouncy Balls

https://bouncyballs.org/ You literally just bounce balls around. It’s wonderful. You can also change the mode to bubbles or eyeballs to make it more fun.

Draw a Stick Man

http://www.drawastickman.com/ I’m sure a lot of you have this app on your phone or tablet but I love it. Especially if you get really stupid with it and just straw a penis and have that walk around.

Feed the Head

http://www.feedthehead.net/ This game is super weird, but at the same time you keep doing things in hopes something else will happen. The head actually does a lot of things. It just takes a lot of playing around to figure it out.

Flame Painter

http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/index.php Make pretty pictures, with colored flames.


http://neave.com/imagination/ If you are easily distracted by pretty colors like me, you will enjoy this. It’s relaxing and pretty at the same time.


http://www.incredibox.com/ Make music! Even if you can’t sing or can’t play an instrument this is your chance to actually attempt to make a song. Pretty entertaining.


http://neave.com/planetarium/ Not the most exciting out of the list, but it is interesting. You can pick your location and see the constellations above you.


http://weavesilk.com/ We’ve all probably played with this. It’s similar to imagination in the fact that PRETTY COLORS! All I got.


http://neave.com/strobe/ Ever wanted to have the effects of drugs without doing drugs? This site has been compared to being on mushrooms. It’s pretty trippy and fun. But it does come with a warning: Do not continue if you are sensitive to flashing lights or suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. Please don’t die. Only do this if you can handle it.


http://www.thisissand.com/ Saved the best for last. I wasted an hour trying to make pretty pictures. It’s very satisfying and relaxing. Especially when you make something pretty awesome at the end of it. Just a tip: when you are going in your color palette, hold on a color but do not release your click, then drag to another color and hover until it picks it up. This is how you get multi sands. I didn’t read the instructions and was very sad for awhile.



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