10 Stars Who Will Do Anything For Attention On Social Media

10 Stars Who Will Do Anything For Attention On Social Media

Social media has become so handy as of lately; what started out as something for friends to use to re-connect, has turned into a way to market yourself, express your deepest feelings, exploit your children and rant about things that no one really cares about. Even celebrities have picked up on this brilliant idea and like normal human beings, they too have become obsessed with how much trouble something like Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook can get them into. Regrettably for us, they have also found out that their following can fade quickly and that having a popular social media page is not guaranteed; it takes work, commitment and disclosing information that any sane person would probably want to keep to themselves. Whatever happened to having a PR team that ran your website and taught you how to communicate with the public? Is PR not a thing anymore? We now have some celebrities who will do just about anything to get a “like” on their page, like pimping out their unborn baby, posting “tasteful” nudes taken at home only to throw out accusations of being robbed, hacked or both. It is understandable that being a public figure requires a certain amount of face time with the public but what happened to meet and greets at a mall? Or even a poster signing (while on that subject, do they even make posters anymore?). The act of doing anything for attention on social media is either a super smart business plan or we are going to have a lot of Britney Spears circa 2007 coming out of the wood works. Read on to see a list of celebs that have no boundaries when it comes to social media.

10. Rihanna

RiRi loves interacting with her fans on social media; it looks as though nothing can keep her away from it. She posts an obscene amount of pictures (usually with her missing distinct pieces of clothing), she tells people off, comments, likes and pokes whatever she finds interesting. The question is where does she find all of this time to interact? She is a pretty big star and keeps herself busy with performances, guest appearances and always being in the recording studio. She also likes to involve herself in random feuds by leaving hilarious yet, insulting posts on people’s (usually fellow celebrity) timelines.

9. Taylor Swift

This one likes to show off how many girls she can add to her crew. Taylor Swift loves to post picture after picture of her and her girls in bikinis soaking up the sun, having slumber parties, at Hollywood events and it seems as though every time she posts a picture a new girl has been added to the crew. Swift has even used her social media pages to post videos she thought were “super cool”. Swift recently did an interview where she admitted to hating the feeling of not being involved and liked; this could be the reason why she collects friends like people collect stray cats, then forces them to pose in pictures with her that she immediately posts on Twitter and Instagram. Okay Taylor, we know you have friends honey.

8. LeAnn Rimes

It seems as though former singer turned drama queen LeAnn Rimes, uses her social media pages to one up Brandi Glanville in her bid to prove she is the better parent. Rimes who once had a respectful music career, now seems to be more interested in how many likes she can get on her bikini clad pictures and her super thin frame. Rimes is focused on trying to co-parent her step kids but always ends up getting caught in feuds that include her defending accusations made against her by Glanville and Twitter haters who have nothing better to do than insult people while hiding behind a computer screen. Rimes does not help the situation though, as she always feels the need to retaliate to every last insult then go on a Twitter rant and hashtag everything.

7. Farrah Abraham

Every time little Sophia takes a poop, her teen mom-turned adult star-turned reality TV star wants to document it for the world to see. Abraham has no shame and will do just about anything to get a little bit of attention on social media (which includes pimping out her little girl and posting old videos of her that caused a stir before and causes yet another stir when she re-posts it). Recently Abraham’s stint on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother has garnered a lot of attention (because she fought everyone except fellow adult star Jenna Jameson) so naturally, she is posting video after video of treating people like garbage.

6. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is one desperate chick; since the hit MTV show The Hills ended in 2009, she has been on a poorly thought-out crusade to hang onto that last 15 minutes of fame, but unfortunately what she continues to fail to realize is that she lost those 15 minutes before The Hills even finished (she was barely in the final season). Her only hope now is social media, posting scantily clad pictures and doing interviews with low-budget websites and magazines. Why do we know more about her financial situation than our own? She even Tweeted at Michael Bay for a job… and we are making her relevant again by putting her on this list; damn.

5. Chrissy Teigen

Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen thinks marrying John Legend is every girl’s dream and she continues to post about it on her social media pages. Teigen shot to fame after being on the cover of one magazine and she has not made a splash on anything big like that since then. Now, she is pregnant so she likes to post updates on her pregnancy and “clap-back” at guys and gals that have anything productive to say that she does not agree with. She has even taken to posting photos of her almost naked husband sleeping while she plays Sonic for DS (because every girl who identifies as “hot” likes to claim that they are video game nerds).

4. Nicole “Coco” Austin

Coco Austin is so fit and so cute pregnant but that does not mean that everything has to be documented, maybe you keep some things private for you and your husband, like maybe we should not know what your boobs look like or your butt. Lately she has toned down her insanely revealing look (because she is 8 months pregnant with a girl!!) however, chances are when she pops that baby out she will post some revealing hospital room pictures or even the first time she meets the kids (which should probably be private); but kudos to her for being the least offensive person on this list.

3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has so much going on in her life and she seems to have a hard time keeping it under wraps; one part is due to the fact that the media is nosey and will always find out at least the partial truth and partially because she feels the need to share her life story on social media through pictures and posts. We do not need to know every time you and your on again/off again man Justin Bieber, are fighting because you thought you were sending out a coded post; we do not need to know how much you cannot stand Demi Lovato anymore because you were 5 when you became friends, and you do not understand that people sometimes just grow apart.

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ life is crazy and she knows it, so why not document every last thing you do on your social media pages? Cyrus’ social media pages always include nudes, compromising position, and anything unhygienic (like that photoshoot/music video she did where she throws up glitter). Cyrus is eccentric for sure but a lot of what she does is for shock value and not only is it all over her social media pages but it is now pouring out of the computer screen and into real time; one example is her MTV music awards hosting gig; at least her crazy antics are usually for a great cause.

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has built her whole career based off of her social media posts; that is not necessarily a bad thing, however, no one cares that you can lip sync to a rap song or that you would not admit to dating a rapper (because he was breaking the law) yet you continued to post pictures of you and him in compromising positions. As talented and business savvy as Jenner is, she loves to get attention by engaging in fights with Blac Chyna and comparing the gifts that Tyga has gotten or re-gifted to one of them. It seems as though as long as it gets her attention, she will follow it to an extent.





10 Stars Who Will Do Anything For Attention On Social Media

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