10 Steamy Scenes Famous Actors Regret Doing [NSFW] [NUDITY]

10 Steamy Scenes Famous Actors Regret Doing


In Hollywood, dropping trou is par for the course. Some actors seem to carry no hesitation when it comes to getting down and dirty, but others have to be convinced by a script, director, or certain amount of money. Nude scenes can certainly be daunting, and if you’re famous enough, you can even employ a body double to take your place in steamy scenarios. Younger, lesser-known stars, however, rarely have that choice, and are often pressured to do whatever it takes to get the scene right.

Many young actors will do just about anything they’re told to try to break out in the industry, and years later, much more famous, they regret having shown so much skin so early on in their careers.

From Oscar-winners to rom-com superstars, many stars now wish they hadn’t been so eager to bare it all just for a few minutes of fame. Whether in a moment of jest or in a steamy scene, sometimes, all that nudity ends up being not entirely necessary. These are A-listers who have now come to regret their most revealing moments, even if they continue to do them now (for the right script, that is).

Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds 
While Parker got down and dirty on many occasions over the course of Weeds‘ 8 seasons, she admits she felt pressured into appearing fully nude in a bathtub in Season 4. “I didn’t think I needed ot be naked, and I fought with the director about it, and now I’m bitter,” she told More magazine. “I knew it was going to be on the internet: ‘Mary-Louise Parker shows off her big nipples.’ I wish I hadn’t done that. I was goaded into it.”

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