10 Steps The Body Goes Through To Experience The Big “O”

When you are looking to reach your “fullest potential” you basically have to learn how to do it yourself; can you imagine how awkward it would be to ask your sex education teacher, your sibling or ever your closest friend, to describe their technique so you too can reach maximum capacity? There are several steps that a woman takes to reach the big “O”. Physically, a lot of touching is involved (obviously), but mentally you go on a whole new journey that can send you to new heights. There is probably nothing like a high you will feel when your body goes through the motions of preparing for that one moment and because we as human beings are always looking to have better sex, better outcomes and a greater time, we never really examine our feelings as we go through the motions. The small but significant changes that our bodies go through during this time is definitely one to be documented; when you take a step back and truly think about how your body felt, you come to realize how quickly your physical and emotional state can change. For women, we feel it all.

What kind of steps does your body go through when you are experiencing the big “O”? Is it anything like the ones mentioned below? Or maybe you have a better way of describing it, comment below.

10. The Beginning


The warm-up stage is always the longest and the most intense; while you get your juices flowing, take the time to explore yourself, learn about what makes you tick. The beginning can start off being a bit of a tease, as you are so motivated and so tempted that you just want to get it over with quickly because you know instant satisfaction awaits and that is good on the odd day, but when you have the time, slow movements and calculated touches is what will get you to the next phase. This is the time where your back muscles relax into your bed and you have full range of motion.

9. The Excitement


This step involves a vivid imagination if you are on your own or a very thorough significant other. Not every girl experiences this step; the excitement stage usually stems from being really turned on (for whatever reason) at that point. Your own personal excitement encourages rhythmic movements and a euphoric feel of calmness as you begin to realize that your body is warming up and you are finally doing something right. That warm sensation begins to fall over you, and this means all the blood is rushing to the right places. Every touch is more pronounced, and more meaningful.

8. Minor Contractions


Oh yes, the minor contractions; in case you are lost and have no clue what the minor contractions are, this is when your body begins to tick and even involuntarily spasm for short quick periods of time. Nothing feels better than knowing that you have gotten over the excitement hump and landed successfully into the minor contractions phase. This phase is an indicator that not only are you really turned on, but you are almost at the breaking point. Just the thought of sliding into home base is driving you crazy, keep up the good work you are almost there.

7. The Panting Phase


When you can no longer catch your breath and you feel like there is no more air in the room, this is called the panting phase. Those short, quick breaths are an indication of how hard you are working. Depending on the speed and how quickly you are using those handy digits, the panting phase can be an intense one, or one that is only partially controlled but quickly moving into the uncontrolled stage. The panting phase means there are a few things going on with your body; some body parts begin to enlarge, some soften up and you are getting all kinds of worked up.

6. The Touchy-Feely Phase


This is the phase where you just cannot seem to keep your hands off of yourself or the significant other (if there is one in the picture at the moment). Being all touchy feely is an obvious sign of the ultimate arousal. You have no idea where you are placing your hands as long as it is in contact with a warm piece of flesh that is flushed, clammy and hot to the touch. You have an increased heart rate and the panting is only getting more intense. This is the phase where you really begin to realize what is happening and you simply cannot wait.

5. The Walk Through


This is the part where you begin to get very vocal about what you want. This part usually only occurs when there is a significant other around, you do not mean to give instructions but you just cannot help yourself. He knows what you want, you know what you want but the talking comes from sheer anticipation and wanting there to be absolutely no slip ups. You gradually walk yourself or your significant other through what is happening, almost like a play by play, however it usually ends up coming off as you rambling and muttering random things that neither of you understand.

4. Going Cross-eyed

shutterstock_125525369 (1)

This phase is the calm before the storm; keep in mind you do not literally go cross-eyed though, that is just a saying. However, you do have a hard time keeping your eyes open because you are concentrating so hard on what is about to take place. You are mentally preparing yourself and while you are there physically, mentally you are in a place of fierce concentration and a loyal work ethic to make sure that all your hard work does not go down the drain. Sometimes this phase is also called ‘the eye roll’ because your eyes have an involuntary habit of rolling into the back of your head.

3. Losing Control


That feeling of losing control is going to hit you right… about… now! The split second between going cross-eyed and losing control is small yet vital. If you miss your moment and you do not touch what needs to be touched in that split second you can totally screw up everything you worked for. Normally losing control is a bad thing but at this moment it is everything you want and more, rendering this control to a significant other or your unconscious mind is one of the hardest things to do but totally worth it if it can push into the edge phase.

2. The Edge


The edge is just what it is called; it is that exhilarated feeling when you are just about to be free and feel like you could not get any higher, only you can and it is coming up. Your body is in shake mode. You toss the covers off because you are so warm and have no idea what is happening because you cannot put a coherent thought together. You spend these brief seconds letting your fingers and your over active imagination do all the work (which it does so well). The longer you edge the better the end results (Google it).

1. Full Body Showdown


This is it; the floodgates have opened and the ultimate body showdown begins. It is as if there is a fight going on within your body, every muscle in your body is contracting and there is no way to stop it. The involuntary muscle movement is only one of the glorious feelings you experience; you also feel like you are on a natural high, yet your brain is scrambled and you have no idea why. All of a sudden the steps begin to align and suddenly everything makes sense; every sensation, every pulse and every bit of hard (but fun) work that went into it.




10 Steps The Body Goes Through To Experience The Big “O”

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