10 Stomach Churning Arm And Leg Breaks In MMA

As any MMA competitor knows,  danger is always present. The first rule of any MMA fight is to tap early and tap often. That’s how you learn and survive to fight another day.  Combat sports can be done safely, but sometimes, shit just goes off the rails.

These videos are REAL and GRAPHIC!

This Is What It Sounds Like When You Don’t Tap To A Heel Hook And Your Tibia and Fibula Snap

Guy gets heel hooked, leg breaks, and he refuses to tap. Decides to not tap after a second attack on the same leg and the ref intervenes.

Scarf Hold Arm Break


Heel hook breaks ankle at NAGA Tournament


Man Has Arm Badly Broken By Omoplata In Street Fight


Scissor takedown gone wrong




Nasty Kimura Arm Break


Shinya Aoki breaks Mizuto Hirota’s Arm


Anatomy of a Sakuraba arm break

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