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10 Strange Family Traditions


The mysterious father-son Poe Toaster

Photo from the last visit by the Poe Toaster in 2008 (Photo Source)

For 80 years, a shadowy figure dressed in black and white would visit the original grave of poet Edgar Allen Poe on his January 19th birthday and mark the event with a toast and some roses. It was reported to have started in the 1930s, with the person suddenly appearing, raising a glass of cognac, and leaving behind three roses in a specific arrangement. Who was behind this ritual was never revealed, but it was believed to be a tradition started by a father who passed it on to his son. As mysteriously as it began, the last official sighting of the Poe Toaster was in 2009. (Source)


Woman wears 11the generation wedding dress

Passing down a wedding gown is a common enough tradition, but for 11 generations—now that’s an unusual feat! The Victorian-styled dress was first worn by Mary Lowry Warren in 1895. It was passed down the maternal side of the family and first seen by Abigail Kingston, Mary’s great-great-granddaughter, in 1977. Abigail was just 5-years-old at the 6th wedding at which it was worn. By the time she was ready to marry, it had been worn by four other brides and was in terrible shape. With the help of a dry cleaner and over 200 hours of restoration, Abigail walked down the aisle on October 17, 2015. (Source | Via)


Man takes his dad’s false teeth to every Walsall football match for luck

This father-son tradition is one from beyond the grave—sort of. Jason Bailey and his father Christopher were huge fans of the Walsall football team, and would go to nearly every match together. After Christopher had passed away, Jason took his father’s dentures in a handkerchief to a playoff in 2001, where Walsall won against Reading. Ever since then, he’s brought dad’s gnashers to every match he attends. He made the news when he pledged to attend a Walsall match vs. Bristol City at Wembley with the teeth and even give them a kiss for extra luck. Sadly, it was to no avail, as Bristol City handily won the match. (Source 1 | Source 2 | Photo)


The Queen’s Pricking Tradition

It sounds rather naughty, but the Queen’s Pricking Tradition is a royal tradition for selecting the new High Sheriffs by choosing their name with a bare bodkin, or needle. Some say this custom goes back to the first Queen Elizabeth, who allegedly couldn’t find a pen to write with (ballpoints were several hundred years off) and instead pricked the selection with the bodkin. Other reports add that the title was often unpopular and that the pricking made it more difficult to alter. The High Sheriff is the oldest secular office in Britain, and there is one for each county in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. That’s a lot of pricks! (Source 1 | Source 2 | Via)


Brothers take photos with Santa for 30 years

Mike and Martin Gray have a Santa holiday photo tradition that rivals most. It started in 1980 with just Mike when he was one and in 1984 his new younger brother Evan joined the picture. Ever since then, they have taken a picture with jolly ol’ Saint Nick even as they got too big for his lap. Thirty years later, the brothers posed with their children in 2013, keeping the tradition alive for the next generation. (Source)


Teen refuses breast implant tradition

We’ll keep you abreast of the situation as it develops…

In 2012, Brittany Marshall decided not to follow in the footsteps of her mother and four older siblings. Unlike the other ladies, she is refusing to get breast implants.

The Marshall women have spent a total of £50,000 on silicone breasts. Brittany, who was just 14 at the time, said she was too young to be thinking about a boob job. Her mom, 53 and a 32 GG, says she’s just going through a “funny phase.” (Source | Via)


Family names children after whisky brands

The barrel head was a gift from the Jim Beam corporation

Jack Daniel’s Leathers was named after the iconic whisky drink because his father wanted to make his own father mad. Mr. Leathers pitched it to his wife who said “why not?” Jack Daniel’s Leathers (the apostrophe is on his birth certificate) was married to his wife Lynda by Judge Johnny Walker, and their first-born son was dubbed Jim Beam. If they have another boy, they say he’ll be named Evan Williams and if it’s a girl, she’ll be Sherry. (Source 1 | Source 2)


“Silly Shirt” tradition of world leaders at APEC conference

The three amigos…?

OK, this isn’t a family of relatives, but it’s weird enough to include on our list. Every year, world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (aka APEC) take a “family photo” wearing the traditional garb of the host country. It started in 1993 when President Clinton gave fellow leaders visiting the US bombardier jackets. The next year, leaders were given loud batik shirts by host country Indonesia. The “silly shirt” phenomena became quite popular with the press. In spite of attempts by both the US and Russia to end the tradition in 2011 and 2012, Indonesia brought out the batik shirts again in 2013. (Source)


Family shares same pants for graduation day

The Smith family, talking about their pants

This tradition was born out of necessity. In 1950, the Smith family was too poor to pay for a new pair of pants for their eldest son’s high school graduation, so Poppa Smith lent his pinstripe pants. He did the same thing for his other two sons, creating a Smith tradition that has lasted four generations. So far, 15 members of the Smith family have worn these same trousers, which have had quite a bit of wear-and-tear over the years. They are now in a closet until the next of the clan graduates in 2023. (Source)


Child wears 61-year-old sweater for picture day

(Smells of) Cheese!

School picture day has a special tradition for the Gose family of Brownsburg, Indiana. Since 1958, several men of the clan have worn the same simple blue and grey sweater for their class photo.

It started with Charles Gose when he lived in Maine. A couple of his cousins sported it for their pictures in the 1950s, and, in 1982, his son Chuck wore it—the event was even covered by the local newspaper. Now, the latest wearer is Chuck’s son, Brady, who was all smiles for his turn in front of the camera. (Source)

10 Strange Family Traditions




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