10 Strange Ways Women Have Had Accidental Orgasms

10 Strange Ways Women Have Had Accidental Orgasms



It turns out women can have accidental orgasms. They pop out of nowhere, but only a secondary stimulus can elicit it–meaning something you can’t control.

Here are some of the different ways women have experienced accidental orgasms.


Horseback Riding

Some women report orgasming as they have trotted around on these regal creatures. It varies from woman to woman, and some say horseback riding is more uncomfortable than orgasm inducing.



The link between orgasms and sneezing is actually a medical condition, which is due to a strange connection in the autonomic nervous system. That’s the system that exercises unconscious control of heart rate, digestion, and pupil dilation.




Much like ab workouts have induced accidental orgasms, there are other types of physical exercise associated with exercise-induced orgasms or EIO. Bicycling clocks in at 15.8 percent effective according to a 2012 study by Indiana University.




In that same Indiana University study, 20 percent of women who experience EIO have it happen during yoga.

This one is a little bit harder to fathom.


Ab workouts

The accidental orgasm from a core workout has actually been studied and written up in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Women can climax when working out–especially when doing abdominal exercise. Up to 15 percent of women can experience orgasms from physical activity.



Full disclosure: I had to look kegels up, and it got weird. Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises consisting of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.

Women do them to strengthen their downstairs area which supposedly helps them orgasm better, or more frequently, during sex and some actually report they orgasm while they do kegels.



This one makes some sense. The vibrating engine of a powerful motorcycle has induced orgasms, according to some women.

Makes you want to get a Harley, huh?


Wet Dreams/Sexual Fantasies

Some women can have such intensely imagined sexual fantasies that they orgasm just thinking about them. This can happen when they are wide awake or when sleeping–essentially a wet dream.



This one isn’t too far fetched. Most tales of women orgasming during massages tend to involve when the massage therapist works on the back–especially the lower part. Some women experience them during foot massages and/or pedicures.

If the pedicures come with a vibrating chair it heightens the possibility!

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I knew a hooker who could only orgasm through kissing, which she didn’t do with customers. I guess the female orgasm can be as much about mental state as physical stimulation.

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