The 10 Strangest Sex Fetishes People Just Don’t Get – ‘Unbirthing’ Is A Thing, People


Everyone is special and screws in their own way, but some ways are more special than others. A recent Reddit thread asked the internet “What is the one fetish that you will never understand?”and people delivered with some strange specifics.

 game of thrones fetish thats my fetish GIF

No judgment, but these fetishes are pretty f**king weird ways of f**king.

1. Paricia is for the living.

F*cking dead people. Like they are cold af, why would you want to stick your dick into that? Or have a cold stick in you?


2. captainmagictrousers prefers the usual pumping.

“Pedal pumping.” A girl gets her car stuck in the mud, or the car won’t start or whatever, and they pump the gas to try to get going again. …And that’s it. That’s all it is. There’s no mechanic who comes along and offers to fix the car in exchange for a BJ. The girls don’t get out of the car, fall in the mud, and start mud wrestling. It’s just the girl pumping the gas pedal. One of the few fetishes that’s so boring, you can put the videos on YouTube and they won’t get deleted, because nobody realizes it’s supposed to be sexy.

What the hell is hot about that?

3. It’s not all in the family for Darth_potato_head.

Straight up it’s the incest porn that seems to have become rampant lately. Can’t go onto Pornhub without seeing some pop up. Like I can barely stand being in the same room as my family nevermind ever having a sexual thought about them.

 fuck uk as not by GIF

4. Zer0_Karma would rather not see a yeast infection origin story.

The food/sex thing. The internet is filled with girls shoving cucumbers and other food items in their gimmers. I just don’t get the appeal.

5. Spallboy doesn’t want to be born again.

Unbirthing. I understand wanting to get up inside a ladies parts but wanting to be ‘un born’ then reborn again is bizarre.

6. No Sister Act for Back2Bach.

A friend’s fetish was to have the girl he was dating dress up as a nun.

He had several nuns’ habits hanging up in his bedroom closet for them to “try on for size.” (We used to think that he wanted to “get into the habit” himself.)

7. Edymnion is full of hot air.


There are people who get off on sticking an air tank hose in their mouths and inflating their stomachs like a gawdam balloon and then drumming on it.

What. The actual. Fuck. People?

 30 rock photoshoot tina fey oil belly GIF

8. IShouldaDownVotedYa isn’t ready for the future.

Mechanophilia – e.g. my car is my lover.

9. G-funk1017 sounds the alarm.

“Sounding” the name looks innocent at first glance right? But its when a woman shoves gradutated metal rods down a mans urethra… WTF

10. Baby_Dinosaur_Yoshi will stick to solids, thank you.

Anything involving bodily fluids (shit/piss/etc) or gore.


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