10 Super Creepy Stories From Seances That Got A Little Too Real

10 Super Creepy Stories From Seances That Got A Little Too Real

Almost everyone is curious about what happens beyond the grave. Which is why it makes sense humans try to reach the other side before they die. Seances are a means of communicating with spirits that have passed. These ceremonies, led by a medium or other spiritual guide, claim to connect people with ghosts or other entities to learn about their unfinished business, their life after death, or how to go on without them. Sometimes they’re conducted through a spirit board or other means of communication, while others are simply done by a spiritually sensitive person inviting a spirit to overtake their body.

Seances have a long history in cultures around the world, but not every attempt at communication with the afterlife goes according to plan. Even experienced mediums may run into a nasty spirit from time to time, and those who have no experience whatsoever may find themselves overwhelmed by a strong-willed entity with an inclination to do harm.

These true, creepy stories from seances show that communication with those who have died is not always in our best interests. From accidentally unleashing a demon on your girlfriend to cursing your band’s next album, dabbling too heavily in spirit communication can be terrifying. And while some people say they’ve communicated with spirits on the other side to avoid their problems, these stories are actually real. These true seance stories will make you think twice about lighting a few candles and busting out that dusty old Ouija board in your closet.

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