10 Supposed Ways To Make Your Junk Bigger


For as long as guys have been guys, some of them have been trying to find ways to make their junk bigger. Whether they really need it to be bigger or just want it, men have tried multiple methods to enlarge or enhance their size. The top Google member-related search on the Internet is “how to make my penis bigger”, which returns about 1.65 million results! On top of those search results are advertisements to things like a penis exercise book and selected supplements. There is a lot of money to be made in this area because lots of guys are looking to do whatever they can and don’t stop and think about how ridiculous some of these “solutions” actually are.

Depending on where you look the average size of a guy’s junk usually starts with a 5 and ends in inches. Studies say that most men are within an inch of the average, and that most women are fine with average. In fact, 85% of women have reported being satisfied with their partner’s size, while only 55% of those men were satisfied with themselves. Some of these ways to make your junk bigger might be more reasonable than others.

10. Losing Weight


Losing weight might not actually increase the size of your gadget, but it will make it appear that way. The size of your member is compared against the size of your body, so the less you weigh, the bigger your junk will appear. Many men have a pad of fat that is located at the base of their member. This hides your junk and makes it look smaller. Dr. Harry Fisch, a clinical professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College says that “If you lose weight, you can actually gain an inch of two because the [pubic] fat would be less.”

9. Manscaping


Manscaping is another way to make your gadget look bigger, which actually does nothing to change the size. By trimming back the hedges the garden hose appears to be larger than it was before things were a lot busier down there. Only 15% of men admit to maintaining their lawn and it is said that doing a good job of weed whacking can actually make your member appear to be one to two inches larger. Some men prefer to shave everything while others just like to give it a nice trimming. Either way it may be worth trying if you need some more size.

8. Popping Pills


We have likely all seen many commercials for erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra and Cialis. These pills can help certain men keep it up, sometimes for longer than they might want it. There are also supplements such as antioxidants that increase vascular health to provide more blood flow down there. Be careful with pills because many are not regulated by the FDA and may contain harmful contaminants. An American Urological Association spokesman says that “there is no such thing as a penis pill that works.” The placebo effect may come in to play here and if you believe a pill works it may help you grow.

7. Pumping It Up


Pumps are suction devices that are fitted onto your gadget. They create vacuum pressure which causes blood to rush to your Johnson bar, which in turn engorges it and makes it bigger. Like most other items on this list there are some problems with the pump. It can cause vascular damage if you use it too vigorously and studies have shown that it causes no significant change in the size of your junk. It has been said that two 10-minute pumping sessions a day for 12 weeks can improve your length and angle of curvature.

6. Using Weights


Using weights to make your junk bigger is one of the oldest enlargement practices. This exercise was apparently used by the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt and by African tribes some 2,000 years ago. Weights are used to stretch the tunica albuginea and other tissues which allow more blood to flow. You need some type of device made of rope or a strap which is attached to the penis gland. Very light weights are then added. Men who have worn these weights for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for four and a half months have reported an extra inch.

5. Jelqing


Jelqing is a form of phallic massage and is an exercise designed to enhance girth. This can be done with just your hands and stimulates the blood circulation into the male member. Jelqing is said to encourage chambers which stimulates the growth of new cells to recreate themselves thicker and longer. Basically this seems to be the same principle involved in weight lifting to grow your muscles. Jelqing can increase your stamina. Some men claim that it can help you gain 1 to 3 inches in just two weeks, and legend has it that some Middle Eastern men have grown their members up to 20 inches from this technique.

4. Clamping Down


This option seems the scariest and is not intended for beginners because it can be quite risky and dangerous. This involves taking an everyday clamp that you can buy at a hardware store and attaching it to the base of an erect phallus. This procedure is said to work by trapping blood in there and restricting it from leaving. The procedure should be done for about five to ten minutes at a time. If your gadget starts going numb or tingling, or turns an extremely dark color, you should immediately remove the clamp and think about where your life may be headed.

3. Surgery


There are more than one type of penis enlargement surgery which can increase girth and length. Phalloplasty is said to be the most effective, but the drawbacks are that it can be expensive and painful. This procedure enhances girth but has a high dissatisfaction rate and can cost between $5 and $10 thousand. There are also many negative side effects including the loss of sexual function, impotence, or permanent numbness. Another option involves cutting a ligament to show the “hidden penis”, which is a third to a half of the member that actually exists inside of the body and cannot be seen without this procedure.

2. Using an Extender



An extender is a medical apparatus that keeps your junk in a constant state of traction. This causes its cells to divide and expand, but it is not a quick process. An extender should be worn every day for 5 to 8 hours at a time for a period of at least six months. At one time there was supposedly an article in Time magazine which suggested that this process can provide permanent results. Men that used this technique for at least six months reported gains of about one inch.

1. Foods


Certain foods are said to be good for helping your junk look bigger. Bananas contain lots of potassium which aids in heart health and helps with proper blood circulation. Blood flowing to the penis is what makes it larger, so that makes bananas very a-peel-ling. You can also try eating onions if you can avoid crying. Onions are essential for the healthy circulation of blood and the prevention of blood clots. Salmon is also rich in essential fatty oils and acts as a natural blood thinner and circulation aid. All of these foods are good for you anyway so why not give them a shot?


10 Supposed Ways To Make Your Junk Bigger

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