10 Tasty Vegan Burns That Could Cook A Juicy Steak

Being vegan isn’t a bad thing (hey, go on, save the planet, leave us more meat for the rest of us), but when you talk about it nonstop at every BBQ you shouldn’t have been invited to, then it becomes just the most annoying.

Don’t be that vegan.

Be the vegan who no one knows is vegan because you don’t talk about it and you bring your own soy veggie lump to the cookout so you have something to eat. 

1. Look at what vegans are doing to the planet!!

via Sickmemeladesh

2. Nice try Vegan, but you are the weakest link.

via RichT93

3. It’s basically the same thing if you really think about it!

via jcb9009

4. Tonight, we dine on celery!!

via B0ardsnwheels

5. Knowledge power and so is eating meat.

via vlambak

6. Chelsea Peretti fucking GETS. IT.

via m0rris0nhotel

7. Karen for the last fucking time stop coming to my desk you work in the building next door.

via mortimis

8. He would totally share, but, you know…

via nationalpost

9. Mmm, ice cream with a CRUNCH!

via zazracnedieta

10. Waking up must be so depressing when all you eat is lettuce.

via thepenisbIue
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