10 Tattoos Only the Kings of Douchenuggets Could Have Gotten

Getting a tattoo is a big committment. But getting a tattoo when you’re also the worlds largest shit generator? Man, I would buckle under that sort of pressure. Way to really stick to your guns, douche-ladels.

1. Yeah, you vape. WE KNOW GARY .

Douchey Tattoos Vape life

via  CaveDan

2. The words say bazinga but the minion’s face says “please end my suffering”.

Douchey Tattoos Minion

via  triceryclops

3. Way to get those forever relevant maymays permenantly tattooed on your arm.

Douchey Tattoos Memes

via  cringechannel

4. If you don’t cut yourself on the edge, you will die from the embarrasment you feel.

Douchey Tattoos Atheist

via  triceryclops

5. On a scale from one to extreme, how much do you hate your step-dad?

Douchey Tattoos Extreme

via  taringa

6. You know what would be REALLY gnar-gnar tho? Tapping out of this life.

Douchey Tattoos Tap Out

via  skinklovers

7. Will you please put your opinion up your butt?

Douchey Tattoos Middle Finger

via  metaldrummerx

8. Your family must be very proud of all the times you’ve accidentally inpregnanted a woman in your life.

Douchey Tattoos Trump

via  Fysika

9. Yeah, mainline that liquid douche straight into your blood stream.

Douchey Tattoos Jaeger IV

via guff

10. This gun show is almost as disappopinting as this guy’s birth.

Douchey Tattoos Gun Show Tickets

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