10 Things You Can Get For Free With A Tattoo

10 Things You Can Get For Free With A Tattoo


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So the Australian eatery that promised free burgers for life for any customer that got a life-size tattoo of a hamburger is starting to regret their decision – apparently way too many people took them up on the deal and profits are sinking fast. But don’t give up hope, friends – there are plenty of other places in the world where having the right tattoo can get you stuff for free. In this feature, we’ll spotlight ten situations in which skin art can keep you fed, entertained and even get you laid. But hopefully, you won’t have to get a terrible face tattoo.

Sandwiches For Life



This deal is capped at one sandwich a week, but it’s still a pretty fine deal. Clawson’s Deli in Nashville celebrated a year in business in November of 2015 with an offer to 30 loyal patrons. Come in, pay $20 and get a tattoo of the deli’s logo – a beer mug surrounded by swirling lines – and you can show it once a week for a sandwich from the menu. Not being able to build your own sammie is a strike against Clawson’s, but the tattoo is still definitely worth it, especially if you work in the area.

Rocket From The Crypt Concerts


Festival Supreme 2015

Photo: Mike Windle (Getty)

San Diego’s postpunk indie rockers Rocket from the Crypt have been bashing out their high-energy rock music since 1989. If you haven’t heard their lunkheaded 1992 album Circa: Now! you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. Early in the band’s career, they made a pledge that they have honored to this day: get a tattoo of the group’s logo and it’ll grant you free admission to any RFTC concert, anywhere in the world. Almost 5,000 people have taken them up on that offer, making touring an unprofitable proposition. No wonder they spent the years from 2005-2011 on hiatus, only reforming to play on Yo Gabba Gabba.

All The Chicken Wings You Can Eat



Photo: Pepe Nilsson (Getty)

This one’s only good for one day out of the year, but it’s quite a deal. July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day, and last year the 40NORTH restaurant empire, which operates a number of eateries in the Tri-state area offered unlimited wings to any customer with a tattoo of a chicken wing (or a whole chicken). It’s not the most common thing in the world to get ink of, so chances are they didn’t take a massive loss on free wings. We’re not sure if they’ll repeat the offer next year, but you might as well get a Buffalo wing tat now just to be safe. What’s the worst that could happen?

Lobster For A Year


City Harvest's Summer In The City 2016

Photo: Paul Zimmerman for City Harvest (Getty)

Most of the food items on this list offered in exchange for tattoos are pretty inexpensive. You can give away a free burger every day and not take too serious a hit to your bottom line. But lobster? That’s the risk New York restaurant Burger and Lobster took when they offered customers free meals for a year in exchange for a tattoo of the place’s logo. Given how fast eateries in the Big Apple go out of business, this seems like a risky bet. The tattoo, which must be at least an inch square, entitles the bearer to one free meal and drink per visit for 365 days. Only a few people have done it, and the owners say they don’t come in that often.

Baseball Tickets For Life



Getting a tattoo of a sports team’s logo is a rite of passage for many fans, a way to demonstrate allegiance to your hometown boys. The  Syracuse Chiefs made an offer to the biggest ones in 2014: if you get the team’s stylized C with a  railroad engine logo inked on yourself, you can walk into any damn home game you want for free. They opened up 36 slots and were amazed when they filled up within minutes. Fans got the tattoos on shoulders, ankles and backs and most felt pretty good about the deal.

Pizza For Life



Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty)

Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing, and fast food restaurants thrive on it. So when Houston’s Anthony Calleo, the man behind the Pi Pizza truck, wanted to celebrate his second anniversary he decided to throw a massive party where attendees could get pizza-themed tattoos that would earn them free slices for a year. They had to pay for the tattoo, of course – at a couple hundred bucks – but when you amortize it out into slices it worked out pretty well. He brought back the promotion for a third year, but this time had to restrict the number of people who could apply through a lottery.

A Tough Mudder


Tough Mudder - London South

Photo: Dan Istitene / Staff (Getty)

The Tough Mudder race is one of the ultimate tests of manhood, a brutal slog through 10-12 miles of nasty terrain and unpleasant obstacles to emerge on the other end with your dignity intact. The entrance fees for the event are usually pretty stiff – the Arctic Enema doesn’t fill itself with ice water, you know – but if you’re willing to go under the needle and get a Tough Mudder tattoo, it’ll secure you a free run. You’ve gotta be all responsible and take a picture of your receipt and send it into the website, though. Don’t just show up at the starting line with blood still on your ink. That’s not sanitary.

Parquet Courts Concerts


2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2

Photo: Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic (Getty)

New York indie band Parquet Courts got in on the tattoo craze in 2015 when they announced on their blog that any fan with a tattoo of the band’s logo would be granted free admission to any show they played for the life of the band. There were caveats, of course – the tattoo deal didn’t apply to “side-projects, solo performances, weddings, open mic nights, “talks,” etc.” We also question if you could use this to get into big festivals that the group is playing at. It’s a pretty nice offer from SPIN Magazine’s 2014 Band of the Year, and the logo design isn’t outrageously awful.

Tacos For Life


A Taco

Photo: Tom Kelley (Getty)

Is there any foodstuff more satisfying than the simple taco? It’s portable, delicious and cheap. But sometimes even cheap isn’t cheap enough, and for customers of Casa Sanchez in San Francisco’s Mission District a tattoo of their logo (a sombrero-wearing man riding a corn cob named Jimmy the Cornman) can get them a free lunch any day they want. Approximately 50 people took the restaurant up on the offer in 1999, and Casa Sanchez has been making good on it ever since. In 2010, the owners decided to re-open the promotion for a new generation of taco lovers.

Whorehouse Admission


Twin Peaks UK Festival

Photo: Amy T. Zielinski/ (Getty)

Let’s close this one out with a tattoo that might make some people in your life look at you a little funny. In 2008, the owner of Cologne sex club Pascha, on a whim, decided to make an indecent proposal. Get the logo for his brothel tattooed on your body in large blue letters and he’ll let you in to ogle the girls for free. With an entry price of five euros, that’s a significant savings, especially for the dedicated perverts out there. Around 40 men took him up on the deal, and although they still have to pay the prostitutes for their services, they feel like they got a hell of a deal. Their wives are less than crazy about it, though.


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