10 Things You Didn’t Know About A Woman’s Bust

The woman’s bust. The subject of song, poem, and much admiration. For centuries, the woman’s bust has been a mystery to many men. Even women may feel their breasts hold cryptic secrets not worth looking into. We google everything. We google what to do with leftover guacamole (just kidding, that doesn’t exist). Why don’t we google to learn about a woman’s bust?

It’s now or never.

Keep reading to learn more about a woman’s bust than you ever cared to know. From size to sagging, we’ve got you covered. What else gives nutrition and looks completely awesome in a tube top? Gentlemen, don’t answer that. If you’re a man who thinks breasts are the best, or a woman who thinks breasts are totally lame, read on to learn about why the man is right.

10. No Two Melons Look The Same

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Wait, what? You may be all for every woman’s bust looking different from the next gal’s, but shouldn’t her pair be two of a kind? The breasts are cousins, dear, not twins. Just like your eyes, it’s rare for two breasts to look exactly the same. Now, of course, we should specify that we are speaking about natural breasts only… plastic surgeons can make anything possible. Natural breasts can differ in size, perkiness, and shape. In fact, most women have a larger left breast than right, but you’d probably never notice!

9. The Average Breast Size is Larger Than You Think


Does the phrase “double Ds” mean anything to you? For a long time, it was used to refer to a woman with a DD bra cup size, considered very voluptuous. Now, it seems double Ds are the new black. In fact, in 2013, it was reported that 34DD is the most common American bra size. Not sure what that really means? Celebrities allegedly boasting a 34DD include Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks. So, we guess the average really means that America is super hot!

8. Sagging is a Part of Life (sigh)


The word “sag” is just so… unflattering. It’s hard to talk about breasts, especially large ones, without thinking of sagging. Women of a certain age often make self-deprecating remarks about having breasts down to their knees, which leads us to wonder, just how much do breasts sag? According to research, sagging breasts can be attributed to five main factors: age, smoking, pregnancies, weight, and cup size. So, if you’re a woman who wishes she had larger breasts or a man who would prefer larger breasts on his partner, just think: the sagging will be minimal.

7. The Bust is Only as Good as the Sum of its Parts


Let’s have an anatomy lesson, shall we? The bust refers to the two breasts on a woman’s chest. The breasts have three main parts: the breast skin, areola, and the nipple. The skin, most obviously, is the skin that encapsulates all of the breast tissue. The areola refers to the small circular area of darker-color skin which surrounds the nipple. The nipple is the small circular shaped part in the center of the areola. Sometimes, the areola and nipple are found on the upper half, center, or bottom of the breast. It all just depends on size and shape! While the entire breast is sensitive, the areola and, specifically, the nipple, are most sensitive to touch and temperature.

6. The Biggest Breasts in History

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America can feel proud: the largest breasts in the world are thought to belong to an American woman named Annie Hawkins-Turner. Her bra size is estimated to be around a 48V, the largest bra in history. In other words, her breasts and back have a circumference of about 70 inches. Annie says her breasts started growing when she was nine and just kept on going. You go, girl! On the not-so-natural side, the largest breast implants are said to belong to Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian-turned-Texan housewife. Sheyla’s recorded breast implant size is 34FFF, a large augmentation from her natural B-cups. Last we heard, Sheyla would like to enlarge her breasts again in the future. She definitely believes bigger is better.

5. People Want to #Freethenipple


Many people think that women should have all of the same rights as men, including being topless legally. A human rights movement founded the popular hashtag #freethenipple which supports women having the ability to show photos of their nipples, just as men can. The movement is a reaction to American media censoring the nipple (and almost anything else) for television, online, social, and print media. The topfree equality movement supports the same cause, saying that women should be able to exercise their right to bare their chest in public along with men. Where do you stand?

4. Exercise with Breasts Can Suck


When you have a large bust, exercise can feel a mortal enemy. Running, jogging, and jumping can cause discomfort in the chest, abdomen, and back. Furthermore, large breasts visibly move a lot during those exercises which can be embarrassing on top of the discomfort. In case exercising with pain and embarrassment isn’t enough, women with large breasts should know that aerobic exercise can stretch and tear breast ligaments which leads to sagging in the long run. Finding supportive, restrictive sports bras are the best way to achieve comfort and minimize bounce (and therefore sagging) during exercise. A good bra can also minimize nipple chafing. Triple win!

3. Breasts Can Get Excited


Female breasts have similarities to a man’s… member? You read that right. A woman’s breasts can show arousal in more ways than one. When sexually aroused, the nipple can be hard and the areola and nipple become increasingly sensitive. When that happens, things that may not normally feel pleasurable suddenly feel amazing. Also like the male member, breasts can show arousal by growing. Breasts can swell up to one size larger when a woman is excited. The breasts can become so aroused, up to one percent of females can climax from breast stimulation alone.

2. A Powerful Pair


Next time you ask a man, “What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?”, you can call his bluff when he says something non-descript about pearly whites. Studies show that breasts are the first thing men notice about a woman. Before you write men off as superficial, shallow human beings, there are scientific explanations of why female breasts are important to them. Evolutionarily speaking, breasts show signs of fertility and health, which men want for two reasons: so a woman can have their child and then live to feed and care for the child. Lucky girl!

1. Going Under The Knife


It’s no secret that breast cosmetic surgery procedures are some of the most popular in the field. Pamela Anderson is widely accredited as creating a boom in the breast augmentation industry, after she traded in herBaywatch chest to something more substantial. In 2014, more than 286,254 Americans underwent breast augmentation. For comparison, less than half that number of people had a facelift in the same year. In addition to breast augmentation, there are more procedures for women who wish to alter their breasts, including breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast lift, fat grafting implants, and breast implant correction. From Taylor Swiftto CoCo Austin, breast implants can come in many shapes and sizes!


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Boobs

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