10 Things Guys Are Really Thinking During Sex

10 Things Guys Are Really Thinking During Sex

What is going on in your mind when you are having sex? The answer will change dramatically depending on any given session. Sometimes you may feel like you are the best lover in the entire world, and other times your attitude may be down in the dumps.

No matter how your sexual session goes, you should always hope that you are sleeping with someone that makes you feel loved and comfortable. Sex can be a tricky game and can involve a lot of awkwardness, but for every awkward moment comes the opportunity to make a unique and deep connection with your partner.

There are of course some unpleasant aspects that come with sexuality as well. It would be great to be able to have a session and not feel like your body is lacking 90% of its water intake but alas! Sex can be an exhausting activity, even if you do not feel like you have the energy for it.

You need to hope that for any guy, his thought process should be centered around how good everything feels. You don’t exactly pick your sexual partner based on potential to hurt your body and pride, and if things are not feeling good then hopefully you can talk about that.

Sex is an ever changing game and the thought process that you use with your partner of one year (such as how much you love them) may also be radically different than the approach that you use on someone that you recently picked up at the bar. Spoiler alert: They don’t dig being told that you love them after one date; not even Ted Mosby pulled that off.

There are humorous thoughts, sexy thoughts and sometimes thoughts that puzzle even the guy himself. For whatever is going to emerge, these are 10 of the thoughts that every guy has had several times in his life while having sex.

10. Why Is It So Sweaty?

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Now, to be fair, sex is a lot less sweaty if it’s over within the first few minutes. For other individuals, they may find their sexual relations lasting long enough to build up a solid sweat. Nothing says sexy for the guy like being terrified that his dangling bead of sweat is going to drip into his eye, causing pain and temporary blindness! Unfortunately, there isn’t really a sexy way to stop intercourse and say “hey, while it’s been super fun connecting genitals with one another, do you think I can go get a towel so I am less likely to slide off of you?”

 9. I Need A Drink!

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Maybe it’s because some individuals aren’t prepared for a certain level of cardio, but sex can sometimes be the most physical activity they do all day. What’s one of the biggest keys to any physical activity? Staying hydrated! As you are getting your boogy on, the guys mind may start to drift to an insatiable thirst not for your body but for the water sitting in the fridge. Not to mention that any form of kissing may only further increase the need to have a beverage. It should not be rude to have something to drink, but maybe keep it on the bedside table?

8. Am I Hard?

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Nothing says a confident lover like constantly worrying about your own state of arousal. Call me crazy, but I don’t remember any adult film where the lady is calling out for her man who is unable to please her. Unfortunately, worrying about whether you are hard is one of the quickest ways to make sure that you are not. Nothing is sexier than making sure that you are confident with your level of manhood, and realizing that even if the state of arousal went away, it would not be the end of the world. It may not stop you from worrying about it once in a while, but hopefully you have a partner who is making sure you feel reassured.

7. Oh God, What Was That Sound?

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Sexual relations can be a process that is not always under your entire control. Sometimes things can be said that you didn’t mean to, or sometimes you can just be left pondering “what was that sound?!” Perhaps it was the sound you emitted when you did not realize that you like being kissed on the neck. Other times it may be the actual sound of someone being pleased because of your own skills! (looks like reading Cosmo finally paid off, buddy!) Sometimes sounds can happen that are both ridiculous, but endearing all at the same time, and that can really be sexuality in a nutshell. It doesn’t always sound pretty, but with the right partner it’ll always be beautiful.

6. “I Love You”

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Sexual relations can be one of the most beautiful acts that you share with your partner. If done in a healthy and respectful way, it has the ability to draw both of you closer together. One of your most constant thoughts throughout any form of intimacy may be just how much you love your partner. It is a trusting thing to allow any form of physical connection, and you should feel blessed to be with a partner who makes you feel nothing but support. If you do not feel loved during sex or intimate moments, hopefully you feel confident enough to have an open communication with your partner on how to change that.

5. Am I In Shape?


“Oh Man I am looking totally ripped! Just look at my ab muscles as they flex with every gyration.” Now this may be overblown a bit, but it may not be uncommon for a guy to think about their state of physical appearance during sex. Sexual relations is not the easiest thing in the world if you lack the cardio to make the experience truly memorable. Whereas when a guy is in shape, they may be able to use certain techniques or positions that best display their athletic prowess. Plus, a person who’s in shape is much more likely to have the Gatorade in the fridge for the much needed post-sex thirst quencher.

4. Was That Hickey There Before?

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This is instantly the sign of an unhealthy relationship. One of the things that should be the furthest from your mind when you are being intimate is that your partner may have cheated on you. There may be physical signs (such as hickies) or other things that may cause concern (no underwear when you thought she left with some on!) If you are making love and you don’t trust your partner, perhaps a new trick or move may be linked to having learned it from the person they are having an affair with… Similarly, if they say a name that isn’t yours? Not a great sign, buddy.

 3. Sports

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I don’t want to sound like an incredibly stereotypical guy and say “sports”…but, sports. The truth is that sometimes during intimate moments your mind can drift to areas of life that are not always sexual. Sometimes it may be what type of food you want for dinner, other times it may be the frustration of the Seattle Seahawks. Hopefully with you and your partner, sex is something that is relaxing and fun. If odd phrases pop into your head or if you have a “lightbulb moment” right after intercourse, then it can just be a further sign that you’re comfortable with your partner. I’m not saying stare in her eyes and think about Russell Wilson, but it may not be 100% sexuality the entire time!

 2. Did She Just Finish?


“Wait? Did she just finish? What do I do now? Oh God…Do I stop? Keep going? Or….” For some individuals there can be no more puzzling thing then the female orgasm. Now, perhaps it is because of their lack of exposure to it, but worrying about whether your partner has finished or not is a quick way to make sure that they do not. Sexuality should not be built around the idea of an orgasm, but instead around the sharing of an intimate and physical moment with one another. If an orgasm happens, great, but it is not necessary to have a satisfying sex life.

 1. Oh Crap, I Finished…

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Nobody wants to be the gentleman who blows up before he really gets his chance to shine. However, much to men’s chagrin, constantly worrying about ejaculating too soon is a sure way to kill any sexual momentum that you had going. It can be helpful to make sure that both of you have a solid amount of foreplay, to lessen the pressure of actual intercourse as being the only source of satisfaction. Similarly, if you do finish before you intended, hopefully you’re not with a partner that makes you feel bad about it. Open communication is key to everything, and you will not perform at your sexual peak if you are feeling insecure.




10 Things Guys Are Really Thinking During Sex

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