10 Things That Will Kill Your Sex Drive Immediately

10 Things That Will Kill Your Drive Immediately

Intimacy is always a hot topic; it plays a major role in society as a natural occurrence that has benefits beyond the bedroom. Unfortunately, having a libido is not something that is a God given right, it is not even something that you should assume will always be there.

Having no drive to be intimate is a medical condition that has affected more people that one would assume, considering that in our everyday lives the topic of intimacy is thrown in our face through the media and other outlets, we would assume that no one anywhere is having a problem performing. We are inundated with adult entertainment and magazines that have photo covers so racy that they could be considered adult entertainment.

So what kills our drive? How can we stop this from happening? And what could we change in our everyday lives that may be affecting how intimate we can become with someone? These are questions that are not easy to answer. We could be affected by our environment, maybe our bodies are deficient in something essential, and maybe medically we are not up to par.

This is a problem that affects both men and women and not one that can be taken lightly. Ultimately having a low drive is one of the worst things that can happen to someone and while there are not many options out there to help you, it can sometimes help just by being aware of what is going on in your life. Here is a list of some small and some big things that could be affecting your drive.

10. Red Meat


Red meat and other foods that contain hormones are said to have a negative effect on your drive. Particularly in men, as it causes an imbalance and effects secretions like semen, urine, sweat and even how your breath smells. The hormones found in red meat and other foods cause an inequity in your brain that essentially blocks you from being aroused. This is one of the reasons why organic meats or even cutting out meat altogether has becomes a popular substitute in human beings lives. So if everything is not working down there consider a vegan diet for a bit, or stick to chicken and fish.

9. You’re An Over Thinker


Sometimes your mind is your worst enemy. When you are stressed out and over thinking everything, one of the first things that is affected is your drive. There is no doubt that your libido will be really lacking if you are excessively thinking about something that is negative. Sometime the thing you are over thinking is the sex itself; maybe you think you are not good enough, do not have the right moves or maybe your last go at it did not pan out so well. Either way over thinking can put a block on the connection your body and mind has and needs, ultimately this leads you to lacking in the intimacy department.

8. Kids


If you are not yet parents, then you do not have to worry about this but if you are a parent and you have realized that intimacy is not a part of your life anymore, BLAME THE KIDS. Not only is it tiring to have to run after kids all day long and make sure that they have what they need, but it is also tiring to try to keep up with your partner and continue to make each other happy. Kids take a lot out of you and your relationships, that by the time you sit down at the end of the day you are over worked and falling asleep in front of the television.

7. Snoring


Snoring is an indication of sleep apnea, and a lack of sleep can deplete your drive significantly; first, you are tired but internally, testosterone levels in both women and men decrease rapidly. Your desire to be intimate is no longer present and in some cases, a visit to the doctor is one of the few things that can help you. You have to have an official diagnosis of sleep apnea and you should also be feeling a lack in your love life. In addition, snoring is not only annoying it is distracting to the point where someone wants to sleep in another bed; you have to actually be in the same bed to be intimate.

6. Adult Films


Well, well, well it looks like adult entertainment is not one of the better choices when you are trying to get turned on. P*rn is normally associated with masturbation and sex; it is a great way to get turned on and maybe even learn some new tricks but apparently it is really screwing with people’s drives. It causes a small chemical imbalance in your brain when the neurotransmitter that triggers sexual pleasure is over used, and it becomes harder for the brain to react the correct way when you are trying to be intimate with your partner; if this begins to happen it is recommended that you hold off on the p*rn for a bit and reconnect with your body and find out what turns you on naturally.

5. Over Eating


Eating in excess is going to lead to weight gain for sure and weight gain is a definite drive killer for sure. You run out of energy, you lack motivation and everyone knows that after a good meal you just want to sleep or sit on the couch and vegetate. Having a good diet can lead to a great sex life; you are confident in your body even if you are not happy with your weight, knowing that you are eating well reminds you that you are working towards your ideal weight. So if you are on a romantic date or you are celebrating something that will most likely lead to the bedroom, stick to smaller portions.

4. The Ol’ Ball And Chain


A 2012 study found that in a long term relationship women tend to lose their drive to be intimate with their partner. A lot of things factor into this, the intimacy could be boring, the relationship itself could be dull or maybe the stress of a lackluster relationship is putting a strain on your drive. Apparently men in this study did not have this issue due to the fact that women have more social pressures; the study focused on women who were between the ages of 18-25 years old and stated that women in this age gap usually understate their sexuality and men in this age gap simply do not.

3. Depression


Depression may seem like an obvious reason for having a low sex drive but the truth is, no one knows exactly how depression affects the libido. A study showed that 70 percent of depressed and non-medicated patients experienced a loss of interest in sex. While it makes sense that someone who can barely climb out of bed also does not have the energy or drive to be intimate, it is unclear which part of the brain is associating itself with depression and intimacy. The study went on to explain that antidepressants do not help the overall situation and equally lower the libido.

2. No H2o


Water is not just good for aiding weight loss, it is also great for your libido. Dehydration affects the body in many ways; a lack of it can cause headaches, dry mouth and overheating. However, it can also cause annoying things like vaginal dryness in women and lack of energy in men. It is recommended that you take in at least six pints of water daily to keep the “juices flowing” but also just for the general wellness of your body and mind. If you absolutely hate the boringness that comes along with water you can always jazz it up by infusing it with fruits or adding some lemon, just do not skip on it.

1. Birth Control


A 2010 study found that oral contraceptives were lowering the libido of women all over the world; they were no longer feeling aroused and their own sexual desires were going down the drain. The study that was done on over 1,000 women proved that the pill is not the best choice of preventative care for all women. However, it does seem to be doing its job; no sex drive means no sex, no sex means no surprise babies, so at least it does what it says it is going to. But really, what is life like without a sex drive?


10 Things That Will Kill Your Sex Drive Immediately

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None of these affect me, except fathering kids and that only affects my libido for their mother.

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