10 Things You Didn’t Know About Area 51

Most of the things about Area 51 are very secretive. Just the fact that the acknowledge of existence occurred just few years ago in 2013 it is enough said. Here are some things that leaked out.

Paradise Ranch

1 paradise ranch

During its building area 51 was called “Paradise Ranch” later shorted to “The Ranch”. This was to make it more attractive to construction workers.

” Camo Dudes “

2 warning area 51

Motion sensors are placed around perimeter of the base. Paroles are, by contractors in 4x4s, nicknamed “camo dudes” due to their desert camouflage.

Sci- Fi Brothel

3 lady stormtrooper

There is a Sci- Fi brothel near to the area 51. Clients are able to dress like Darth Vader and spend the night with a lady storm trooper.

Acknowledge of Area 51 Existence

4 area 51

The US finally acknowledged the existence of area 51 in 2013. The CIA claims it was a test facility for aerial and surveillance technology.

Lobster Cargo

5 area 51

To test military aircraft, planes were sent cross country from area 51. Flying to Maine, pilots would bring back cargo loads of lobster for the base canteen.

Area 51 Airspace

6 area 51 mesures

Area 51’s airspace known as R-4808, measures 37 by 40 kilometers. Any unauthorized pilot that knowingly flies through it faces court martial, dishonorable discharge and time in prison.


7 baseball

Entertainment here is consisted of a cement tennis court and a bowling alley. Radio waves only made it through the mountains in the evening and there is no TV.

Nuclear Testing

8 area 51

The largest nuclear atmospheric test in continental USA occurred in the nearby Yucca flats test site. The blast had a yield 5 times larger than the Hiroshima bomb.

Movie Independence Day

9 movie

The US military were going to provide costumes, personnel and equipment for the film Independence Day. They pulled out due to area 51 references in the script.

Building Decoys

10 area 5

Intelligence stated that the Soviets hat gathered details of a classified plane from infrared satellites. To confuse the satellites, area 51 crews built decoys from cardboard.


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