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Wild animals can be a-holes. They like to get violent and start drama, much like the common frat boy. But unlike most bros, these animals were about to kill. Luckily, the following badass men and women were there and fought back with a vengeance.

Huge Shark Preys on Fishermen; Skipper Kills It With Knife
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
In 2003, the skipper of a Icelandic fishing boat saw a massive shark swimming toward his men. They were in the water pulling in a catch when Captain Sigurdur Petursson, nicknamed “The Iceman” because he doesn’t give a f—, grabbed the shark by the tail and dragged it to dry land. He then stabbed it with a knife. The shark was 660 pounds. One witness to the extremely manly act said, “He caught it just with his hands. There was a lot of blood in the sea and the shark came in and he thought it was dangerous.”

Russian Woman Kills Wolf With Ax
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
East of Chechnya in the confusingly named city of Makhachkala, a woman by the confusing name of Aishat Maksudova killed a wolf with an ax. The wolf bit the lady farmer and she cried for help, but no one was near. So she grabbed an ax and repeatedly struck the wolf. It died, and Maksudova became a hero in the community.

Man Stabs Huge Bear 20 Times During Attack
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
A man in Minnesota stabbed a 525-pound black bear 20 times as it mauled him. The bear died from its injuries. Here’s how the story went: The hunter and his friends were out hunting when they encountered the enormous bear. The man shot it with a bow and arrow. Slightly injured but not dead, the bear attacked the man and broke both of his arms, wounding his entire body from his face to his legs in the process. His friends heard him scream for nearly two minutes until he shivved the massive animal to death.

Senior Citizen Tears Out Leopard’s Tongue After It Messed With Him
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
“It let out a blood-curdling snarl that made the birds stop chirping. I froze for some seconds, then it dawned on me that death was staring me in the face,” said 73-year-old Daniel M’Mburugu of the leopard who attacked him as he was tending to his potato garden. He then dropped the machete he was using for some reason and instead put his fist into the animal’s mouth and tore out its tongue. It bled to death and M’Mburugu became a village hero. Old people rule.

Rabies-Crazed Mountain Lion Attacks Pit Bull, Receives Comeuppance From Owner
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
As the above photo indicates, 24-year-old Brandon Arnold is one crazy dude. In the summer of 2012, a mountain lion attacked his lab-pit bull mix. Would he just let nature take its course? Hell no! He ran outside and beat the puma with a skillet until it fainted. Arnold’s equally crazy friend then shot it just to be sure. “The first time I had a clear shot I just swung the pan and hit him right on the head,” Arnold stated. “It was like a cartoon — he just kind of stopped and I hit him again. He got stiff and fell over.” The mountain lion later tested positive for rabies. Fortunately Arnold’s dog was the only one who was scratched, but he had already had his rabies shot.

Another Crazy SOB Avenges His Tiny Dachshund
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
Shawn Hanson was fishing off the coast of Vancouver Island when he heard a yelp. It was his precious dachshund, Bailey. He dropped his reel and ran into the woods where he saw a mountain lion dragging his dog by the neck. “I see something out of the corner of my eye and a cougar jumped out about 10 to 15 feet away and just snatched the dog. It put her paw down and her mouth around her neck and started dragging her,” said Hanson. The 38-year-old punched the cougar in the face and it “went cross-eyed” and dropped Bailey. Once he brought his dachshund back to safety, he went back into the woods with his shotgun and plugged the mountain lion with two shots to be safe.

Dog-Eating Python Gets Shot Up in Rural Missouri
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
In a small town 50 miles west of St. Louis, a Warren County man bagged himself a 15-foot Burmese python. It was roaming the neighborhood and killing dogs and chickens. After discovering the 160-pound beast on his lawn, Pauline Horstdaniel woke her arms-bearing husband. He killed it with a shotgun. They say owners of pythons sometimes dump them in the wild once they’ve gotten too big. Real smart.

Texas Man Kills Gator After It Murdered His Friend
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
Deceased dumbass Tommie Woodward, 28, was drinking one night near a Texas bayou infested with alligators when he declared, “Fuck that alligator,” and jumped in. He was immediately killed (they later found his arm in the gator’s stomach). His neighbor Bear — yes, Bear — swiftly inflicted redneck justice. His explanation to the Houston Chronicle was simply, “He had to go. That’s what happens when you kill someone.” The story led to controversy, as it’s up for debate whether it’s proper to dispose of an animal because it killed your buddy.

68-Year-Old Kills Giant Grizzly with Mini Pocket Knife
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
In November of 1999, a hardcore badass by the name of Gene Moe was hunting on Kodiak Island in the Alaskan wild. He’d recently killed a deer and was in the process of skinning it when a giant 750-pound grizzly pounced on him. “You don’t see far in these woods here, and I was bent over, skinning this deer out, taking the hide off when all at once I heard ‘Raaahhh!,'” he said. The mammoth man-killer took a chunk out of his shoulder but Moe, badass that he is, took out his tiny pocket knife and began stabbing the bear like an inmate at San Quentin. Fighting ensued as the knife did little damage, and the bear came at him once more. Moe punched the grizzly in the nose and the grizzly went down like a sack of taters. Just for good measure, Moe shot it a few times until he knew it was dead. He fled to safety 50 miles away. Two skin grafts, months of rehab and 500 stitches later, Moe was fine.

9-Year-Old Child Chokes Out Pit Bull and Saves Girl
10 times animals attacked and lost, animals attack stories
No, that’s not young Forrest Gump; it’s nine-year-old Drew Heredia. In 2009, the Bakersfield, CA boy became a hero while walking a dachshund mix with his 12-year-old friend. When a pit bull who was much larger than the dachshund went apeshit and tried to kill the tiny dog and attack his female companion, Heredia saved the day (and the girl) by jumping on it and applying a choke hold he learned from Brazilian jujitsu class. He held the dog for 20 minutes until help came. “It was kind of a heart-pounding moment,” young Drew said. “It was very scary.” No kidding, kid.




Brandon uses skillet.

It’s super effective.

Mountain Lion faints.

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