Forget ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Zombies, serial killers, vampires, and the random undead? Meh. If you want a good scare, try these websites on for size.  From leaky celebrity sites to virus infested services, the Internet is full of places where you don’t want to find yourself stranded late at night — or any other time. Here are 10 of the most terrifying.


1. Take This Lollipop
Imagine a sweaty psychopath has discovered your Facebook profile and decided to cyberstalk you. That’s the premise of Take This Lollipop, which pulls photos and other info from your Facebook to thoroughly freak you out about what could happen if you’re not careful about the kind of personal information you share online.
2. The Wicked Witch of the (Kim Kardashian) West
The inexhaustible popularity of the Kardashian Klan may well be a sign that the hour of the beast is upon us, but that’s not the only reason Kim K’s site is scary. Last may, a researcher revealed more than a dozen security flaws that could allow visitors to to be compromised. In September another Web security flaw leaked personal information of the nearly 900,000 people who downloaded a Kardshian app. See? Mindless celebrity worship really is bad for you.



3. Joy of Satan
There is no more perfect excuse than “the devil made me do it.” Visiting the visually hellish Joy of Satan blog will give you enough material to avoid responsibility for just about anything. If later you find yourself bathed in hellfire for all of eternity, don’t blame us.



4. 8chan
Imagine an online forum that’s too revolting for members of the 4chan image board – themselves purveyors of the nastiest things you’ll wish you never saw: That’s 8chan. Small wonder that members of the Gamergate misogyny movement and fans of kiddie porn receive a warm welcome here.
5. Staggering Beauty
No, this is not the psychedelic worm inside that bottle of tequila your cousin brought back from Tijuana; this one lives on the Web. Glide your mouse slowly across the screen and the worm undulates in a vaguely disturbing way. Shake your mouse violently and all hell breaks loose (be sure to turn down your speakers). Not recommended for those sensitive to rapidly flashing lights.
6. Death Clock
Everybody’s got to go some time; this classic site will tell you when. Plug in your vitals (birthdate, gender, smoking habits, height and weight); out comes the exact day you will shuffle off this mortal coil, based on actuarial tables and maybe a little bit of voodoo. Provided, of course, the world doesn’t end first in a fiery ball of radioactive ash (see Slide #10).
7. Clown Dating
You think you’ve have dated some clowns in your life? This dating site (yes, it’s real) is probably your best chance to hook up with someone who wears a size 99 shoe. Don’t blame us if your date picks you up in a car with 17 of his closest friends.
8. Plastic Surgery Disasters
The Interwebs offers seemingly infinite examples of celebrities who went under the knife and emerged as monsters, but this collection of 19 plastic surgery disasters is particularly likely to haunt your dreams. Suddenly, aging gracefully doesn’t seem so terrible after all.
9. Free Porn Sites
Yeah, you know who you are. Besides these sites’ off-the-charts disgusto factor, the odds of coming home with a particularly nasty piece of malware after visiting one are higher here than virtually anywhere else, say security experts. Just don’t do it. (Or if you must, be sure to bring protection.)
10. The Doomsday Clock
That ticking sound you hear is the countdown to Armageddon. Every year since 1947, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists estimates how close we are to blowing our planet into smithereens. This year the scientists reset the clock from 5 minutes before midnight to 3 minutes – the closest we’ve been to total annihilation since 1984. Sweet dreams.






10 Truly Terrifying Websites

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