10 TV Shows That Didn’t Make It To 2018 And 5 That Are On The Way Out

Every television show, good or bad, comedy, drama, crime, etc., they all have one thing in common. They all come to an end. Well, with the exception of Saturday Night Live that is. Some shows seem to know when their time is up such as FRIENDS and go out on a high note. Some shows do not realize it is time to say goodbye and overstay their welcome causing them to drastically go downhill (We’re looking at you last season of Scrubs). And some shows are cut down way before their time (yes, we are still bitter about Happy Endings). But all must come to an end at some point.

2017 was no exception to this time tested rule. Last year saw the end of many shows that will not make it into 2018 with us. And even though it has just began, it has already been decided that 2018 will be the final resting place for some select shows as well. As time goes on the list of shows cancelled in 2018 will only grow. For the time being, however, here is a list of ten shows that did not make it to 2018 and five more that will end this year.

15. Didn’t Make It: Bones


Not many shows are lucky enough to have twelve seasons. Bones was a rarity with its devoted fans and usually fresh storylines. Bones focused on a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brennan who had the nickname “Bones” (go figure) and a F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth as they investigate murders. The two usually only had massively decomposed corpses or (wait for it) bones to work with. In a world where you can always find a crime drama or crime comedy on television, this fun and fresh (except for the corpses) show was a stand out. David Boreanaz, who played Booth, was no stranger to the small screen prior to his turn in Bones. He played Angel in the hit television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer which lasted for seven seasons and reprised that role in the spinoff starring and named after his character that lasted for five seasons. All of those years combined equals his time on Bones, however; showing just how big the show was. Boreanaz can now be seen on the show Seal Team on CBS.

14. Didn’t Make It: Workaholics

Comedy Central

Comedy Central has had a lot of misses with the television shows they have developed over the years, but hey, what studio hasn’t. One show that the network put out that did not fall flat was Workaholics. The single-camera show followed the lives of three best friends in their mid-twenties who live and work together. Over the course of seven seasons, eighty-six episodes, and six years audiences got a peek inside the inner workings of a telemarketing company and the home life of three guys stuck between trying to hold on to their college days while also starting their lives. The show was also a launching point for Adam Devine who has since appeared on Modern Family, Pitch Perfect, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Lego Batman, and more. We will miss this show as it found its end in 2017. We will always remember to stay fresh.

13. Ending In 2018: Adventure Time


Cartoons come and go all the time but few cartoons have had such a wide fan base as Adventure Time. The cartoon is a colorful and imaginative world where a human named Finn and his best friends and adoptive brother Jake the Dog fight to protect the Land of Ooo from different foes. The show has captured the hearts and minds of children, Millennials, and even Generation Xers (but probably not Baby Boomers because they hate everything). It has been on air since 2010 amassing nine seasons and an astounding 251 episodes with most episodes gaining high ratings. Adventure Time has been nominated for forty-three awards while wining another seventeen, seven of which were Primetime Emmys. The last season of this beloved cartoon is currently running and will end in 2018. It is safe to say new stories will be missed but reruns will never be far away.

12. Didn’t Make It: Last Man Standing


Few shows on this list were cut down in their prime. Most of these shows either didn’t perform how studios thought they would or were simply winding down in the ratings and were cut to make room for new material. Last Man Standing is the exception to this list. Even though the show suffered early on from recasting and character rewrites, the show had steadily grew in the ratings prior to its end. The comedy followed Mike Baxter (played by Tim Allen) who is a marketing director for a sporting goods store in Colorado who is surrounded by his wife and three daughters. Even though the show began as Baxter being the odd man out trying to make sure his grandson became a man’s man in a family full of women, the tone changed as recasting and character development set the main character against his daughter and her baby-daddy who were rather liberal. The character of Mike, and thus the tone of the show, was conservative causing some to speculate that the support of Trump was the reason the show was cancelled.

11. Didn’t Make It: Grimm


In the last seven years there have been two shows that stood out for their crime drama take on the supernatural and classic storytelling, and they were both cancelled in 2017. Sleepy Hollow gave a fresh modern take on the story of the headless horsemen, but is not the focus of this post because it did not last as long or receive as high ratings as Grimm. Grimm ran for six seasons and followed the life of a Portland detective named Nick Burkhardt. Nick starts to see visions of people transforming into monsters. He thereafter finds out he is actually a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces. He is a Grimm. With the help of a reformed wolfman, Nick fights the evil from classic fairytales. Grimm and Sleepy Hollow were both preceded and outlasted by Supernatural which is still currently airing on the CW.

10. Ending In 2018: Game Of Thrones


Some shows clean up at award season. It seems like in the past few years all we have heard announced is Game of Thrones. Not only that, but Game of Thrones has also been the standard for pop culture conversation for years. It is an interesting day when something with this much impact comes to an end and audiences are left wondering what will come to take its place. 2018 will show us just that as Game of Thrones concludes. The show that has set standards for what television show scales, budgets, and graphics can achieve will finally come to an end after an abbreviated season this year. With the pop culture phenomenon that controlled social media posts, internet articles, and friend circle conversations out of the way we are left to wonder what we will discuss. This also opens the door for awards. Game of Thrones has been nominated for an insane four hundred and forty-one awards and has won two hundred and fifty-four.

9. Didn’t Make It: Bates Motel


Prequels are often dangerous territory. That being said, a contemporary prequel television show to a movie that was released in 1960 is a pretty big gamble. The movie Psycho followed the story of a young woman who embezzles $40,000 and goes on the run. She checks into a hotel ran by a man named Norman Bates who seems to have a troubled past with his mother. Well, we get a peek into that past with Bates Motel that gives a glimpse of how Norman’s mind works and what his relationship with his mother truly is. The show was no stranger to acclaim with fans consistently praising it and accumulating sixty award nominations including three prime time Emmy nods. The show ended in 2017 but star Freddie Highmore continues his stardom of the small screen landing the leading role in the new series The Good Doctor.

8. Didn’t Make It: The Great Indoors

TV Series Finale

As mentioned before, some shows are cut down in their prime and some outlast their time. One show in history has actually fallen into both categories. Community was good, ended, came back and was not as good, ended, came back again and was worse. In the center of all of it was Joel McHale. After all the ups and downs with Community, McHale found a new home at CBS with The Great Indoors where he played Jack, an adventure writer for a magazine. Jack is forced out of his usual outdoor adventures and into an indoor desk job surrounded by millennials. The show worked to set Jack apart from his coworkers with opposing views on what life should be about and what should be politically correct relying on a lot of “you can’t say that anymore” jokes and a forced laugh track. This combo lead to the show only having one season. The fact that the show also had Stephen Fry, McLovin himself, and a writer for Tosh.0 and The Ellen DeGeneres Show couldn’t save it.

7. Ending In 2018: Veep


Another show that we hear a lot around award season is Veep. This series follows former Senator Selina Meyer as she becomes the vice president. The HBO comedy shows the VP putting out political fires, juggling her public and private life, and build political relationships. The show has been around for five years accumulating seven seasons and fifty-eight episodes. Veep is wonderfully written and directed with amazing performances by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Gary Cole, Kevin Dunn and many more. As previously stated, the show is no stranger to awards with one hundred seventy-five nominations and fifty-six wins. Once this show’s last season is over this year it will be interesting to see what comedy takes its place. Luckily, this show isn’t being canceled due to dropping ratings or bad storytelling; just the opposite in fact. The creators are canceling the show now to avoid repeating storylines or sloppy writing. That is knowing how to quit while you’re ahead.

6. Didn’t Make It: Making History


Unfortunately, Happy Endings Alums have had little luck since with shows like Weird Loners, Marry Me, and One Big Happy all being cancelled after one season. Adam Pally fell into the one and done trap this year as well with the Fox show Making History. The show followed the story of Dan, a facilities manager at a college, who has no friends and seemingly no future. Luckily, he has access to the past through a duffle bag and transports himself to the 1700s in order to make friends and get a girlfriend. This does, of course, have consequences on the present. While not exactly original, the concept of the show was interesting. The show itself was not. This lead to a story that audiences just didn’t care about. Making History aired in March and was cancelled after nine episodes.

5. Didn’t Make It: Bloodline

Screen Rant

Netflix usually does things its own way. Fans find out that shows have been cancelled when a new season just never comes out. This was changed with the show Bloodline. Bloodline gave us the story of a wealthy family in the Florida Keys that seems to have the perfect life. Audiences are quickly shown that “perfection” comes with a price and the Rayburns have very dark secrets within their ranks. Viewers are forced to wonder just how far family members will go to protect their lives and keep their secrets buried. Bloodline also boasts an amazing cast with Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek, Ben Mendelsohn, John Leguizamo, and many more. With interesting plot twists, excellent acting, and a story that keeps us on our toes it is sad that the series had to come to an end. We are grateful that even though the show is over it is still accessible on Netflix. We may want to revisit this one.

4. Ending In 2018: House Of Cards

Digital Trends

Probably the most controversial show on this list, House of Cards will end after its sixth season in 2018. The show was a big win for Netflix in creating original content and such amazing talent like Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey definitely set the show up for success. Unfortunately, this has also become the show’s demise. After the allegations posed against Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct Netflix decided to pull the show after its sixth season that will release in 2018. Spacey will not be involved in the new season in any capacity and the focus will be on Robin Wright’s character. This is not the only project pulled for sexual misconduct though. Wisdom of the Crowd starring Jeremy Piven aired its first episode in October of 2017 and has been pulled for allegations against Piven. Spacey’s performance in All the Money in the World was also retconned and replaced with Christopher Plummer.

3. Didn’t Make It: 24: Legacy


The television series 24 took the world by storm. With A-lister Kiefer Sutherland stepping into the lead role the show focused on Jack Bauer, the director of Field Ops for a Counter-Terrorist Unit. Each season takes place within a 24 hours day. This concept lead to the show receiving eight seasons over nine years accumulating two hundred and five award nominations and sixty-eight award wins. Two of which were Golden Globes. In 2017 the show got a spinoff entitled 24: Legacy wherein a military hero named Eric Carter returns home. When he realizes that trouble followed him to US soil he must turn to the Counter-Terrorist Unit (sans Kiefer Sutherland) for help. The show failed to hold up to the original and fell flat. The series was cancelled after one season and only covered one day.

2. Didn’t Make It: Training Day


2001’s Training Day starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke is an interesting and intriguing view into the relationship between a cop riding the line to serve justice and a cop new to the job trying to figure out how to do his job. With the race roles reversed and movie writer David Ayer returning for two episodes the Training Day television show had promise. The story line and philosophical viewpoints started off interesting and timely and the show boasted good acting for the most part. As the first season progressed though, the rating alongside the viewership started to drop causing the show to move from its coveted Thursday spot to Saturdays. This, coupled with the untimely death of the lead actor Bill Paxton led to one obvious conclusion. 2017 saw the beginning and the end of the Training Day television series.

1. Ending In 2018: New Girl


Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston have been stealing our hearts since 2011 when Jess, a bubbly teacher who occasionally bursts out into song, became roommates with three guys through Craigslist. The adventures that the crew find themselves on and the dialogue from the entire cast (especially Schmidt) will be greatly missed when the show closes out its final season set to air this year. Jake Johnson has already gone on to be in big budget movies such as Jurassic World and The Mummy, with another movie in post-production where he will star alongside Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, Rashida Jones, and Ed Helms. Zooey Deschanel already has an impeccable filmography including 500 Days of Summer and Elf but nothing currently in the works. Max Greenfield has a role in the second season of American Crime Story, and Lamorne Morris has a role in the upcoming movie Game Night alongside Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, and Kyle Chandler. We are looking forward to watching all these actors in all their future roles.

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