sually, mascots are fun, exciting and entice the audience to cheer for their team or product. Some mascots, like Ronald McDonald (or Donald McDonald, as he’s known in Japan), have been around for decades and are known the world over. Others, like Krinkles the Clown, are all but forgotten now.From the king who paid $1 million dollars to be a boxer in Floyd Mayweather’s entourage to the lion who showed up to the game drunk on the job, here are 10 unbelievable stories of mascots.

The mascot who paid $1 million dollars to be in Mayweather’s entourage

The King is dead! Long live the King? After Burger King reportedly dumped the King as their mascot in 2011, he made his grand return – as part of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage as the fighter made his way to the ring in his fight against Manny Pacquiao in May 2015.

Sure, there were celebrities galore at the “Fight of the Century” that broke records in ticket and pay-per-view sales – Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg, Jay Z, Beryoncé, Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal to name a few –but none were more talked about than the Burger King mascot.

After seeing the King in Mayweather’s entourage, people took to social media wondering what he was doing in the court of the boxer. ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted that it likely cost the fast food giant about $1 million for his placement.

Although many people viewed it as a negative, Burger King “got over a week’s worth of publicity” according to Amobee Brand Intelligence. Now, that’s a whopper of a deal!
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The mascot who drank on the job

After Austria Vienna’s 2-1 victory over Wiener Neustadt, the team’s mascot for Austria, Super Leo, put on a display of public drunkenness that would make Foster Brooks and Dean Martin proud. The sweaty lion removed his costume head and went charging out from the touchlines, moving clumsily and yawing. He eventually collapsed in the middle of the pitch.

According to an Austrian newspaper, Super Leo turned up for work drunk after celebrating his birthday at Löwenfest (which means “lion festival”). How appropriate.
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The weatherman who was the first Ronald McDonald

Perhaps the most famous mascot in the world is none other than that of the fast food restaurant giant, McDonald’s – Ronald McDonald. Ronald, who has represented the company since the 1960s, got a makeover last year to make him more of an “active player in social media.”

The first Ronald McDonald was played by Today show weatherman and legendary TV personality, Willard Scott. Scott’s Ronald wore a paper cup as a nose, a cardboard food tray for a hat and a belt that magically produces hamburgers. This Ronald came across more creepy than enticing especially after proclaiming, “I like to do everything boys and girls like to do, especially when it comes to eating those delicious McDonald’s hamburgers.” Scott was dropped because the agency thought he was too heavy to play the part of an “extremely active” Ronald, according to the book McDonald’s: Behind the Arches.

Ronald’s 2015 look has him ditching the jumpsuit he once wore. He’ll now wear yellow cargo pants, a vest, and striped rugby shirts. For special occasions, he’ll be donning a red blazer and a bow tie. The same people behind the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast designed the wardrobe change.
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The mascot who had a lot of balls

You have to hand it to The Associação de Assistência às Pessoas com Câncer (Association for the Assistance of People with Cancer) in Viçosa, Brazil. The folks at the non-profit created the mascot, Senhor Testiculo (Mr. Testicle), to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

The mascot, complete with pubic hair, is said to be quite popular at public events posing with men, women and even children. In photos, Senhor Testiculo sports a curly head of hair, two teeth and is wearing black, policeman like boots.

Isn’t there a saying that any publicity is good publicity? Well, there’s no doubt the giant scrotum has gained a ton of media attention for the health organization.

Fellas, make Senhor Testiculo happy and check your own Mr. Testicles to be sure! (Source |Photo)

The anti-crime mascot who got busted for weed

Remember McGruff the Crime Dog? For those of you who don’t, the National Crime Prevention Council created this cartoon bloodhound in the 1980s to boost crime awareness among children. With the slogan, “Take a bite out of crime,” McGruff talked to kids about drugs, bullying, safety and the importance of staying in school.

In 2011, John R. Morales, an actor who played McGruff, learned the hard lessons about crime when he was pulled over by police in Texas who found blueprints for indoor marijuana-growing facilities and pot seeds in his car. Authorities then searched Morales’ home and discovered more than 1,000 pot plants and an entire arsenal of weaponry, including a grenade launcher! The 41-year-old former mascot pleaded guilty to charges against him and is now serving a 16-year sentence.

Morales insisted that he was not a violent man, but U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore stated, “Everything I read about you makes you seem like a scary person.” (Source | Photo)

The mascot who was kidnapped and held for ransom

When Dartmouth was left with no official mascot after the college decided to do away with the Indian in 1971, members of the college humor magazine, The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern,decided to fill the void. In 2003, they came up with an unofficial mascot of their own, Keggy the Keg!

After making its debut at the Homecoming game against Columbia University, Keggy became a national sensation. Keggy was lauded by ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption host Michael Wilbon as “some stupid beer thing,” interviewed by Playboy magazine, mentioned in the Washington Times, discussed by Sports Illustrated on Campus, and featured in college newspapers across the nation.

Not everybody was thrilled with Keggy, however. A group of students stole the Keggy costume from its home in the Sigma Nu fraternity library and sent threatening notes to Keggy’s creators, including photographs of the mascot bound and gagged with one black eye. The costume was eventually returned after a manhunt but suffered a badly torn eye and damaged nose. Keggy has made a comeback of sorts and has cheered on “The Big Green” sporadically since. (Source |Photo)

The seagull mascot who shouted obscenities at fans and tried to start a fight

Why can’t we all just get along? In October 2014, it was reported that the Torquay United football club’s seagull mascot ruffled many a feather by trying to start a fight and calling the fans “c***s.”

According to an attendee of the game against Grimsby, Gilbert the Gull was believed to be joking at first. However, the fan quickly realized Gilbert’s actions were quite real: “Around five minutes after Grimsby scored their third, Gilbert came over to us and shouted ‘where’s the drummer?’ We all thought he was having a laugh, but then he called us a bunch of ‘c**ts and c**ks.’ After a few words exchanged he waddled off back to the Family Stand.” He continued describing Gilbert as “provoking a fight” while hiding behind stewards.

Others attributed the angry bird’s outburst to the absence of the team’s drummer or the third goal putting Grimsby ahead, but many believe it was abuse from fans the sent him into a tailspin.

The mascot was reprimanded and allowed to cheer once again for Torquay. Gilbert admitted arguing but insisted he did not swear, claiming he got “a load of abuse” from the people in the stands and retreated to the other side of the pitch.

Gilbert’s actions didn’t help the team. Torquay lost the game 3-2. Either which way, that gull certainly has some gall! (Source | Photo)

The mascot who was arrested for throwing snowballs

My, how things get so quickly out of hand! In December 2010, M. Robert Garfield III was representing his football team, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, dressed as (what else?) a bearcat when he started throwing snowballs at the opposing team’s fans. Garfield was apparently upset that the Bearcats lost to Pittsburgh. He threw snowballs at fans from atop a stone pillar, but it quickly escalated into a major snowball fight.

UC Police Captain Jeff Corcoran said, “He was throwing them at the crowd and so of course, people threw back, missed him and hit other people.”

The police asked Garfield to stop, but he refused and shoved an officer. The police wrestled him to the ground and later escorted the shamed bearcat out of the stadium. (Of course, this was all captured on camera and quickly uploaded to the internet.) Garfield was given a citation for disorderly conduct.
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The clown who was the scariest mascot of all time

And the award for the scariest mascot of all time goes to – Krinkles the Clown. Krinkles gave Tim Curry’s Pennywise a run for his money – the real life clown scared the crap out of boys and girls everywhere.

Back in the mid-1950s (when it was okay to advertise that your foods were laden with sugar), Post Cereal decided to replace Sugar Krinkles’ original Asian mascot So-Hi with the scary-ass clown known as Krinkles.

A commercial from 1960 featuring our favorite creepy clown is all over the internet. Google Krinkles the Clown commercial. Go on. I dare you. But don’t blame me for your sugar-coated nightmare.
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The mascot arrested in a sex sting

In a story straight out of To Catch A Predator, Jay Hastings, the Grump mascot for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, was arrested on charges he used the Internet to solicit sex with a boy who actually was a police decoy.

Hastings was busted when he showed up to meet the fictitious 14-year-old at a local mall. After his arrest, he told police that he had a sexual relationship with another boy from Scranton who he also met online. He further admitted to having child porn on his computer and many pornographic movies in his home.

Hastings also told police he had access to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees van because he is the Grump and attends special appearances mainly at functions involving kids. (Source | Photo)


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