If you thought the most highly anticipated films of 2015 had all come and gone already, you must be drunk, as fall movies are about to be in full swing. Here are the best and brightest, which you should be looking forward to, including some top indies, Sundance’s best and big blockbuster sequels.

Black Mass (September 18)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, black mass
Johnny Depp stars as vicious ’70s Boston gangster Whitey Bulger, who helps the FBI bring down the Italian mob. Based on the true story of one of the most notorious criminals of the modern day — who happens to be the brother of a state senator — Bulger does what he must to keep the mafia out of his South Boston territory.

Cooties (September 18)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, cooties
From the co-creator of “Glee” and the co-writer of “Saw” — what a combination — comes the Sundance comedy taking the zombie fad into cootie territory on the playground. The film stars Elijah Wood as a pushover teacher and Rainn Wilson as a hysterical gym coach. Madness ensues when the children take over recess.

Everest (September 25)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, everest
Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke are among the climbers in two expeditions heading to the top of Mount Everest. This true story revolves around a snowstorm that terrorizes the climbers as they cling to their lives amidst one of the world’s most notoriously unforgiving monuments.

The Martian (October 2)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, the martian
When a spaceship crew coming back from Mars leaves behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), he is presumed dead and must take matters into his own hands. Building a sustainable life for himself on a planet with little resources, he attempts to survive until his team can return to bring him home.

Legend (October 2)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, legend
Tom Hardy is back and hard as ever, playing identical twin brother gangsters the Krays. Things get “cray” when they go apeshit and decide to terrorize 1950s London. If you’re a fan of hardhitting Hardy, this should hold you over until his December film “The Revenant,” which costarts Leonardo DiCaprio, hits theaters.

Steve Jobs (October 9)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, steve jobs
Like we needed another Steve Jobs interpretation. All joking aside, Michael Fassbender’s take seems to be something marvelous and impressive, whereas Ashton Kutcher merely gave us a look into the youthful years of Jobs. This film begins with the 1998 launch of a number of products, giving a more dramatic account of Jobs and his iconic work ethic as an adult. It was also directed by Danny Boyle.

Crimson Peak (October 16)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, crimson peak
On the haunted mountaintop Crimson Peak resides a young man (Tom Hiddleston), his new bride and his sister (Jessica Chastain). Directed by Guillermo del Toro, the film brings the house to life as it recalls the past of a girl who’s trying to escape it. And this house is very unforgiving. Terrible accents will likely be provided by Charlie Hunnam.

Rock the Kasbah (October 23)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, rock the kasbah
Bill Murray stars as a burnt out and washed up roadie who gets left behind on tour in Afghanistan without a dime to his name. When he meets a girl with incredible talent, he works his charm with the locals to climb the rock ‘n’ roll food chain of the Afghanis. The film also stars the lovely Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel, as well as the badass Bruce Willis and Danny McBride. Just one more reason why everyone should be like Bill Murray.

Spectre (November 6)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, spectre 007 james bond
With Ralph Fiennes as the new M and Daniel Craig returning as James Bond, we have the latest 007 mission directed, once again, by Sam Mendes. With nothing but a cryptic message, Bond uncovers a dangerous organization — Christoph Waltz is our big bad guy — and must do some seriously heroic stunts as he learns the truth of Spectre. And get this, one of our favorite “Mission: Impossible” girls is making a crossover into the world of beautiful Bond Girls.

Creed (November 25)
fall films 2015, fall movies 2015, creed
You thought Rocky was done, but you were kidding yourself. He’s back and bad to the Stallone, only now he’s the new Paulie coaching a young stud. Michael B. Jordan plays the son of the late Apollo Creed, who searches out Coach Balboa on his rise to the top. Will he be the face of a new franchise? Will Sly get in there and do some fighting of his own? You’ll have to wait until November to find out.




Actually, these all look pretty good to me but the two that I’m most excited to see are the ‘Cooties’ and ‘Spectre’ movies.

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